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SNSDâ??s Jessica, frightened by horror, cried tears during a recording session.

The program on which Jessica showed her tears was â??Park Kyunglimâ??s Wonderful Outing Season 2â?? which airs every Saturday at 3:00 P.M. on â??MBC every1,â?? during a corner called â??Horror Video â?? Find the Hiding Ghost,â?? where you must watch a horror clip and find the hiding ghost within.

SNSD, who have all attended a Stay-Cool-At-Night Special for the first time after their debut, were frightened when they saw a ghost the production team had positioned underneath a table on set. Since SNSD was previously shown a video where a ghost was caught on tape, the mood of unease that had already been set in place was elevated to an even higher level with the stunt. There are lingering rumors that Jessica, who is especially known to become easily afraid, was so frightened that she got up from her seat and began to shed large quantities of tears.

All of this can be confirmed this coming Saturday on the 12th, where SNSD will also be talking about the different ghost incidents they experienced as trainees.

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