SNSD competes with ballerinas on High Five

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Female group SNSD is coming out on KBS Happy Sunday – High Five dressed as ballerinas and is going to compete with the High Five members.

For their 26th job/profession, High Five is challenging ballerinas and they did this at the Universal Ballet in Seoul. They recieved coaching from top ballerina, Kang Aena.

On this day, the producer only told MC Ji SukJin the theme and kept it a secret to the other members until the filming. After the theme was revealed the members were shocked that they had to wear a ballet outfit. After finding out that they will be filming with the pretty and skinny SNSD members they were shocked and embarassed.

The High Five members scolded the SNSD members due to jealousy and envy. SNSD said “This is the first time we got treated like this. But its very fun.”

The Ballerina challenge with the High Five members and SNSD will be aired on March 30th and April 6th as 2 parts.

Translation credits: sanbi
credits: soshified