SNSD TaeYeon featured in ‘The One’ Album 3 years ago

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It was revealed that SNSD TaeYeon featured in The One’s 2nd album song ‘You Bring me joy’ in 2004.

TaeYeon is gaining popularity with her song ‘If…’, the OST of KBS Hong Gil Dong. When she recorded the song for The One she was 15. This was way before she went into SM Entertainment.

A Lojit Entertainment Representative said “An Entertainment official introduced us to her as a talented and great singer so we featured her. She had a great voice for a 15 year old back then and i am happy that she is doing well in SNSD.”

The One 2nd album is out of stock so its hard to find a copy offline but it is gaining popularity online and it can be purchased online as well.

Recently TaeYeon sang the KBS 2TV Drama Hong Gil Dong OST ‘If…’ and gained popularity. She is doing activities with SNSD and gaining popularity.

Translation credits: sanbi
Credits: soshified