SOURCE: Newsen, TRANSLATION: heygingersnap@soshified

Girls’ Generation Vol.1 Repackage “Baby Baby” Activities Will Start
March 11, 2008

Girls’ Generation Vol.1 repackage album “Baby Baby” has been announced and will show a new look to the public.

‘The World We Meet Again,’ ‘Girls’ Generation,’ and ‘Kissing You,’ has been continuous hits, and on March 13th’s Mnet ‘MCountdown,’ Girls’ Generation’s Vol.1 Repackage title ‘Baby Baby’ will be performed for the first time on stage.

Girls’ Generation Vol.1 repackage album ‘Baby Baby,’ which will be released on March 13, includes the song ‘Baby Baby’, which is about girls’ shy love confession, and of course from the ‘Girls’ Generation Remix Contest’ the special ‘Kissing you_Skool rock remix.’

‘Kissing you_Skool rock remix’ has a fresh and lively feeling of pop rock sound, and bass and distortion (the guitar’s playing techniques shows a strong feeling) were used lightheartedly for this arrangement song.

Girls’ Generation meets together once again for the special medley song ‘Let’s go 소녀시대!!’. ‘Let’s go 소녀시대!!’ is a song starting from the debut song ‘The World We Meet Again,’ until ‘Girls’ Generation,’ ‘Ooh La-La!,’ ‘Baby Baby,’ ‘Honey,’ and ‘Kissing you,’ which are all collected and highlighted in a 9-minute version and a 6-minute version.

Together with ‘Baby Baby,’ the title on the jacket, Girls’ Generation shows a new soft/tender image. Baby pink and baby blue and soft pastel colors, along with simple costumes and poses, Girls’ Generation’s looks have a different charm from their previous Vol.1 jacket, which featured them like dolls.

Girls’ Generation’s ‘Baby Baby’ activities will finish Vol.1’s activities in April.

SOURCE: Newsen, TRANSLATION: heygingersnap@soshified