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“Almost didn’t debut as a member of SNSD.”
Taeyeon, the leader of the popular female group SNSD, revealed an incident that happened during her
trainee days.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Golden Bell’ that will be aired on March 1st, Taeyeon mentioned that she ran away
because she was tired of the hard training before debut and also said “there was a member within SNSD
that vanished before debut.” She then went on and surprised all the guests on the show when she
revealed that it was herself.

Taeyeon said that during her trainee days, she moved up to Seoul from the country side. But she secretly
sneaked out of her dorm and went back home because of the tough practices and training. Tiffany, who
appeared on the show together, said, “At that time, I was roommates with Taeyeon and I was surprised
when I came into the room and saw that all of Taeyeon’s belongings were cleaned out.”

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How tough the trainings must’ve been for Taeyeon to run away back home…
and how surprised Fany must’ve been when Taeyeon wasn’t there XD