Eru “My Ideal woman is SNSD Yuri.”

“My Ideal woman is SNSD Yuri.”

Singer Eru told us the truth about his ideal woman at MBC Every1 ‘showcase’ which is airing on March 4th.

MC Kim ChangRyul said “You have a lot of ideal woman like Park SoHyun, Choi SeungHyun, Suh Hyunjin announcer etc…I’m curious about your real ideal woman.” Eru replied “When i recieve questions about my ideal woman 10 times my answer is different everytime as well. It differs based on the mood and situation.”

“Honestly, very pretty girls are a burden to me. So my ideal women are woman who i can’t meet very often.”

Then the MC said “Which celebrity looks pretty to you these days?” Eru answered “These days SNSD’s Yuri looks pretty to me. I only have male siblings so when i see SNSD or Wonder Girls sometimes i wish i had a sister like them.”

MC Yoon JoongShin said “A soccer team has been created with Eru’s ideal women.”

Showcase is aired on Tuesdays at 6:55pm on MBC every1.

Translation credits: sanbi
credits: Yahoo Korea + Soshified