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I have questions about this forum. Who should i pm/ask? You are encouraged to ask any mods if you have any questions. If you really need help asap, look at the list of online members and PM any of those usernames that are colored purple or yellow.
Can i sign up to be a staff member We open up applications for positions time to time. Keep and eye on the announcements at the top.
How can i get the soshified donor status? To get a soshified donor status, go here
Why arent my pms to the admins being answered? They are very busy people. Only PM them if the matter is important or serious. Matters such as stumbling upon an anti's profile/ spamming/ forum difficulties/streaming problems or generally asking the admins questions that can be answered by any of the mods/spfs, you should just PM the mods or spfs.
Staff contact list (username @soshified.com ) Soshified Staff
Please use this email for general enquiries about the the forum.

(will update the new list soon ^_^ )
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