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#241996 [RADIO] 080721 Byul Bam [Taeyeon & Jessica]

Posted by ak6c on 21 July 2008 - 09:36 AM

I didn't translate all of it and did a quick translation of it, so they might not be 100% accurate ^^;


Guy: We have two members of SNSD here today. Would you like to introduce yourself?

SNSD: Hello, we're SNSD.

Jessica: I'm SNSD's Jessica.

Taeyeon: Hello. I'm ChinChin's DJ as well as SNSD's Taeyeon.

Guy: Nice to meet you.
We'll talk a bit about how you two think of each other.
First of all, Jessica, what do you first think of when you look at Taeyeon?

Jessica: A chick! ...... because as you can see, she's a little yellow. Brightly yellow!
And because her eyes are round as well, like this! She looks like a chick.

Guy: I see. Okay. How about you Taeyeon?
What do you first think of when you look at Jessica?

Taeyeon: Uh.... what should I say? (laughter)
Jessica? When I look at Jessica, I think of an earring.
Like they come alive when Jessica's wearing them?
I think each of the accessories brings out Jessica's looks.
So Jessica just reminds me of a neat earring.

Guy: Yes... a chick and an earring.
Really an odd answer.


Guy: A lot of Koreans nowadays are sad and depressed because of various problems in their lives.
They need someone to cheer them up and revitalize them and I believe our SNSD can take on that role.
Is there anything SNSD can do to revitalize them?
Ah, Taeyeon just raised her hand.

Posted Image

Taeyeon: I'll try and do an imitation of 'Bono Bono'
*Ahem* "Hey Poroli~~~~~"
I'm sorry.

Jessica: Aigo! Aigo! What now?

Guy: I wasn't expecting that.
For those that has never heard of 'Bono Bono' before, we've prepared an audio clip of the actual cartoon.
"Hey Nubuli~~~ Hey Poroli~~~~"

Taeyeon: "Hey Poroli~~~ Hey Nubuli~~~" (laughter)
I did it just now.

Guy: Taeyeon, are you okay?
I didn't think you were like this. You're pretty funny.
Jessica, you can't lose right?
What can you do to cheer everyone up?

Posted Image

Jessica: I'll do an imitation of '짱구'

Taeyeon: This is the first time I'm seeing this too! Go!

Jessica: "Mom! Action mask!"

Taeyeon: Wow... just because we can't see her face right now... (Jessica laughing)
I've never seen Jessica doing something like this!
Just for Byul Bam radio... we had '짱구' (Jjang Goo) and 'Bono Bono' on the show today.

Guy: I see. Thank you girls for your hard effort...


Guy: They say nowadays that if you don't relieve your anger, it may harm your body.
What do SNSD's Taeyeon and Jessica do to relieve your angers?
What do you say exactly to relieve your angers?

Taeyeon: Uh... Jja Jang Myun (Black Bean Noodles)! Jja Jang Myun!
Instead of saying 'Jja Jeung Na (So Annoying)', I say 'Jja Jang Myun'.
"Ah what the heck! Jja Jang Myun...."

Guy: I see. How did you feel when Jessica did an imitation of '짱구' (Jjang Goo) earlier?

Taeyeon: "Ah what the heck! Jja Jang Myun.... Ah Jja Jang Myun...."

Guy: What do you say Jessica?

Jessica: Jessica will say 'Oh my god'.

Taeyeon: Someone spilt coffee all over your clothes.

Jessica: "Oh My God"

Guy: I see. Thank you for your honest answers.


Guy: Shall we talk about your future now?

Taeyeon: I want to keep on doing 'Girls' Generation' forever. Please let me do so. (Laughs)
I don't think SNSD as a group will ever be broken apart.... even after many years have gone by....
even after we have married.... I don't think it'll be broken apart.
Even if we do our own individual activities, our group as a whole won't be broken apart.

Jessica: That's right. We'll protect 'Girls' Generation' forever.


Guy: You each have a personal item that you wanted to give away? Can you introduce them for us?

Taeyeon: It's an item I always use when I wash-up back at our dorm after my schedules are finished.
It's a hair-band.... which I use whenever I wash-up and so.
Because I always use it everyday, it's a personal item that is full of my affection.

Jessica: For myself, it's a cellphone (line) accessory that I used for a while.
I wanted to use it for a while longer, but the new cellphone I got, didn't have a hole where I cut tie it onto to... so I wasn't able to use it for a while.
It's a cellphone accessory with a really cute character on it.


Pretty much, the girls have put a price on their personal items and whoever guesses the closest to the actual price the girls decided on, gets to have the personal item. All money is going to be donated to Unicef I believe.

Translations: ak6c @ Soshified.com/forums
Audio Download (MF): http://www.mediafire.com/?ejdddt1yjze

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#98970 [UFO] Jessica's Top 10 Best UFO Replies

Posted by ak6c on 18 April 2008 - 08:24 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image

------ Credits: Sosiz & ak6c (translations)

another one I stole from milkye

Posted Image
Posted Image

Noona, what are you doing? I am text msging in class.

No!!!!! Students text msging in school!!!!
Well done lol

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#63045 [UFO] SNSD UFO Best Replies Collection (2nd week of Mar)

Posted by ak6c on 20 March 2008 - 12:38 PM

Posted Image

----------- credits: GGDC & ak6c @ soshified (translations)
----------- please credit if taken out

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#25780 [UFO] SNSD UFO Best Replies Collection (2nd week of Feb)

Posted by ak6c on 17 February 2008 - 11:09 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image

1st one's the original file. and 2nd one's the one with translations added.
I have to say, I'm really envious of Minho. lol lots of jealous fans in the snsd online board at Minho. :huh:
Taeyeon's reply was so casual as if they've known each other for a long time or something... gahhh

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#13489 [ARTICLE] Oct. Vogue Girl Magazine - SNSD

Posted by ak6c on 08 February 2008 - 12:59 AM

(Oct) Vogue Girl Magazine

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

< translations for the interview of each SNSD members >


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
T: TIffany, 19 years old, training for 3 1/2 years, born in LA and was spotted while singing in a Korean

VG: How was it to move away from LA and live in Korea?
T: There were a lot of times when people misunderstood me because I am poor in Korean. That's why I
feel comfortable around my SNSD members. Because we've been together for so long, if I'm having
trouble with the language, they notice it first and helps me.

VG: Weren't you worried at a young age coming to Korea on your own?
T: Usually, it takes a long time from Audition to the final casting but for me, the results were out in less
than a month. I didn't have any worries because this was what I wanted to do for a long time. My father
however was against it because he wanted me to continue studying. At the LA Airport before leaving for
Seoul, I went with my dad and brother and both of them had tears in their eyes. If I think about it now, I
think I kind of know what those tears meant.

VG: What are some of the positives and negatives of having a 9-membered group?
T: All the girls (SNSD) are at an age where they want to decorate themselves and look pretty. It's like a
war-zone in the morning with everyone trying to shower and change at once. Positive side is that you're
never bored or lonely.

VG: You must be self conscious of what the netizens reply about SNSD since you guys debuted recently.
T: I just like to think that they write what they write because they're interested. Replies that pinpoint your
weakspots sometimes drive you to work even harder. If someone talks about our live singing being
insufficient after a stage, we would rush into and practice it next early morning.

VG: Anything else you are interested in besides music?
T: I would like to challenge myself in acting someday. In the states, I made a drama club with my friends
and performed small plays on stage. My ultimate goal is acting in America, just like Kim Yoon-Jin (김윤진)


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
Ta: Taeyeon, 19 years old, training for 3 years, became a leader due to the fact that I had the earliest

VG: If you can choose the most toughest time during training?
Ta: It was physically tough on the body practicing so much. But the most difficult part was moving away
from my family in Junju (전주) and living on my own. It was heartbreaking not being able to see the people
you want to see. However I feel happy now being able to show everyone the result of our tough practices.

VG: You don't have any regrets?
Ta: I wanted to become like BoA after seeing her working/promoting in Japan on TV. So I went for the
audition without much thought and luckily became a trainee after winning #1 in the singing area. I have no
regrets because it's something I started doing because I liked it.

VG: How do you feel about SNSD's anti-fans?
Ta: Before our debut, we posted a video clip of each of the members every day to the public. There were
a lot of people who misunderstood us back then. Most of them speculated that it would just be another one
of the many past girls group with a pure & innocent concept, just from looking at our group name 'Girls
Generation'. However, the number of antis decreased after we performed on stage. I think it was because
we didn't approach the fans with a calm, quiet image but an active, bright, early teen image. We also hear
that they have a feeling of closeness like people their age with SNSD. (What we show) is not fake but
nothing but the real us. When we meet up, we chit-chat a lot and go wild over spicy rice cake (떡볶이) just
like a normal teenage girl.

VG: How do you feel about the idea that a singer is just a process you go through to become an actress/actor, MC, etc.?
Ta: Not only did we practice on our singing as a trainee, we had to learn about acting, dancing, and other
diverse areas. It's like a homework given to a trainee. It's so that after you debut, you can be confident
and ready in whatever situation you are in.

VG: Which area are you interested in TaeYeon?
Ta: If given the opportunity, I would like to DJ or MC. If I try acting, I think a sitcom (comedy drama)
would be more interesting than a traditional drama.


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
J: Jessica, 19 years old, born in SanFransisco, Casted in a mall while I visited Korea once and after having
an audition, I became a trainee.

VG: Was there any moment you felt slumped during your training days?
J: There were times when it was hard cause the practice hours were very long but the thought of quitting
never crossed my mind, even when I felt frustrated when I couldn't dance or sing like I wanted to. I felt
really happy seeing myself become better a little or hearing that my singing or acting got better from

VG: It must've been hard being verbally abused before your debut.
J: I have been practicing with members of DBSG and Super Junior ever since I was young. I think of them
as a close next-door oppa and they think of me as a close next-door younger sister. The messages that I
left in their homepages started being noticed by the fans of DBSG and Super Junior after they debuted. At
first, I laughed about it but now I'm being very careful. Therefore, I hope people won't have any
misconceptions about me.

VG: If you didn't become an entertainer, what other jobs would you've done?
J: I really like to write, and ever since my mother gave me my first diary in kindergarten, Ive been writing
everyday on my diary until now. Even when I'm tired, I would write on it even if it's short. Reading the
past journals are fun and I laugh and feel sorry at myself at some of the worries I had when I was a kid.
If given the opportunity, after building up my writing skills, I would like to publish a book with my writings.


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
S: Sooyoung, 18 years old, started my debut first at Japan after being picked in a Kor-Japanese Idol Duo
Audition. Been training for 7 years too.

VG: Does the experience you gained, working in Japan, help you right now?
S: I can speak Japanese very fluently now. Also, having a lot of experiences in Live Broadcast shows
helped me react/think fast too.

VG: Most of the stages in Japan are sang live, your live singing skills must've become better too.
S: Just because the system is like that doesn't mean your live skills get better too (laughs). I'm endlessly
working hard on my live but I can't sing them perfectly yet.

VG: What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of having experienced both the Japanese and
Korean Entertainment world?

S: The schedule organization is very different between the two. In Japan, they never plan more than 2
schedules a day. For minors, it is stated by law that you can't have any schedules after 10pm, so you get
a lot of sleep and have a very organized life. We're so busy and tired with our schedules (in Korea) that I
often think that the days in Japan were the good days. However, I'm not able to communicate my
feelings/thoughts perfectly in Japan so I like Korea better since I can do that here.

VG: Wasn't it hard having to live on your own ever since you were little?
S: The hardest thing to endure was loneliness. Compared to other SNSD members, because I lived on my
own ever since I debuted in Japan, the way I talk and act is more mature. I even traveled to Japan and
Korea back and forth on my own. I think my mother was a bit disappointed to see her little daughter act
so mature. However, there is no chance to feel lonely having 8 friends around now.

VG: Were there any moments when you wanted to give up?
S: Never, because this is the path I chose to walk. When I'm tired, I just try my best to enjoy that
situation. When I feel depressed, rather than listening to a up-beat song to switch my mood, I listen to a
depressing song and try to enjoy that feeling that moment. If I have an important ShowCase coming up, I
would go into a small room and sing and memorize lines until I was satisfied with myself. It really feels
good to overcome that high obstacle. I sort of carry a strong pride on myself.


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
Su: Sunny, 19 years old, I was being trained at an another company and then got recommended through
an audition this year and became part of SNSD.

VG: If you can choose a toughest moment during your training days?
Su: When I had to switch over to a different company and adjust to the different teaching methods and
atmosphere. Each company has their own way of training, and because I recently joined, it was very
tough on me compared to the other members, who were used to it by then.

VG: I heard you were called the 'literature girl' because you like books?
Su: I read anything from novels to mangas. I'm currently reading the 'Glass Hammer' by Kishi Yusuke. It
was even made into a movie. I really like novels that you have to figure out.


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
Se: SeoHyun, 17 years old, team's maknae (youngest). Randomly casted 5 years ago, in grade 5, in a

VG: Did you wanted to become an entertainer before being casted?
Se: I only thought (the singers) were great on TV but never had the thought of becoming like them. When
I passed my audition, I had to beg my worried parents to allow me to get trained. After a while, I decided
to continue following this path because it was a lot of fun.

VG: What is your latest matter of concern?
Se: Working hard as SNSD and learning various languages. I learned Chinese and it was very fun. Next, I
would like to learn English and Japanese one after the another.

VG: Do you ever miss living an ordinary life while enjoying your school life?
Se: My friends are all worried about their entrance examinations while I am enjoying working and I feel
sorry about that a lot. A few friends, who aren't so sure of their future, are also very envious of me. All I
have to do is just work hard and keep on heading towards my dream, since it's been decided and has
come true already.


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
H: HyoYeon, 19 years old, been training for 7 years.

VG: Wasn't training hard for an elementary student who should be busy playing outside?
H: We just say it's 7 years, but that doesn't mean we spent the entire 7 years not sleeping and practicing
into the night. Until I was grade 8, I only used to come in once or twice a week to get trained. Last year,
we had to train everyday. Traveling back and forth from my house, In-Cheon (인천), was tough and
getting trained at a young age was hard too. But because it was something I liked to do, I couldn't
complain to anyone.

VG: What is something you can say that you are better at than the other members?
H: I'm more confident in dancing than singing. I was casted while dancing in the streets too. I used to
attend dance schools 3~4 years ago after I became interested in poppin' and girls hiphop. I was also
taught by a man named Tako(?), who is famous for his Michael Jackson dances. I try to get used to the
dance routines with my eyes first rather than try and follow them right away. As well as feeling the rythm
to the dance.

VG: Is there any musician you want to be like?
H: Missy Elliot. I would like to dance, not to a set-dance routine, but just move the body naturally to a
song, like Missy Elliot.


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
Yu: Yuri, 19 years old, training for 6 years.

VG: Any memorable moments during your training days?
Yu: The company would borrow a stage every now and then and run a Show Case Event with the
trainees. It's sort of an evaluating stage, so with the teams you're assigned, your performance has to be
perfect as if you're on a real stage. I remember practicing the entire night for more than a week because
these are the stages that determine whether you will debut later on or not. It was really tough trying to
dance with 7cm high-heels.

VG: Are you interested in any other areas rather than singing?
Yu: Recently, I filmed a CF and starred in a movie too. It was fun acting but I realized I was insufficient a lot. I would like to try being a MC or DJ too, definitely between 10pm and 12am. Ah, I also like to play
sports. Did you see me throw a pitch recently at a baseball game? I had a lot of compliments saying my
pose was very cool (laughs).


VG: If you can introduce yourself?
YO: Yoona, 18 years old, training for 5 years.

VG: Wasn't it hard being a student at school and a trainee at the same time?
YO: I became a trainee in elementary and after our debut, I started being late or absent for my classes a
lot. This one time, I couldn't understand anything being taught during class after I missed a day of school.
I have no idea where to start studying if I do go to school.

VG: What were some of your hardest moments as a trainee?
YO: When we first did the contract, my father gave me an option. He told me that being a singer was a
very hard job and that if I wanted to quit now, I could. I kept on telling him that it won't be hard until the
very end.

VG: Do you understand some of the stuff your father was worried about now?
YO: After debuting, I started to feel/understand what he meant. Also I had a huge slump early last year. I
thought then that I only chose this job by looking at it from the outside. 'Not because I really wanted to
sing or act, or couldn't do anything besides this, that I just started this while yearning to be an
entertainer'. I was really upset. If I look back, I don't think I practiced with a 'do or die' mind.

VG: How did you overcome it?
YO: I just came to a conclusion that this was what I really wanted to do no matter how much I thought.

VG: What are some bias view towards SNSD that you would like to change?
YO: People think that the company trained us from head to toe. Even when we go and say thanks to the
staff we worked with, they would think that we've been trained well. Everyone thinks that the company
harshly train us like a Military School. In truth, the company only teaches us for 1~2 hours and the rest of
the time, we practice/train on our own. We just try to do our best one step at a time in whatever given

------------------------------- credits: sosiz & ak6c@soshified

:) So other areas TaeYeon's interested in is DJing or MCing. I think she'll do great in both since she's so
out-going and friendly. I can picture her in a sitcom more than a normal drama since she's so dorky :p

Jessica wants to publish a book in the future. I really hope she does.

Reading these interviews make me appreciate the girls a lot more too. Go soshi~

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