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[TIFFANY] Tiffany briefly visits Soshified 110819

19 August 2011 - 07:10 AM

Tiffany didn't go on sbox but she was browsing through [FANYISM] Fashionista Fany
We hope she wasn't too frustrated when the site crashed ^^;

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01 April 2011 - 03:58 AM

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[OTHER] Thoughts from a Chinese fan

19 September 2010 - 08:18 PM

I found this translation worth sharing in Translated Goodies. A wonderful read from a great fan's perspective.
Credit to Jewel-8291 for translating and previously sharing in Fany's Spazz thread.


Hmmmmm, I'm gonna share an article written by a China SONE I guess.
I have translated them from Chinese into English already.
I myself was crying after reading the article,
I don't know how about you-all,
but I guess it's worthy to be shared.

To those who can read Chinese,
just read the original article then. LOL.

Sorry if there is any grammar mistake.
cr: 人人网, SNSDChina

Translated by me.
Please put credits for my translations if you're gonna share it. ^^


So Nyuh Shi Dae.

When they first debuted, nine of them were always holding hands, and wanted to finish up the extremely long slogan every time: 'Right now it's Girls' Generation! From now on it's Girls' Generation! Forever Girls' Generation!'

See, it's "Forever".

When they first debuted, they had a special dream, more enthusiastic than anyone, more innocent than anyone.

Maybe it is because when you are still a trainee, all you can hope for is to debut. Once you have debuted, it is like half of your dream has been fulfilled. For them, when they were only eighteen or nineteen, 'DEBUT' is everything for them. They did not actually think of 'forever', did they?

Therefore, in 2007, the slogan was so fluently spoken by them. Right now, from now on, forever.

Did you notice? For now, SNSD of 2010, they did not speak the last 2 sentences of the slogan anymore.

"Right now it's Girls' Generation!"
Merely with this slogan, it made SNSD and SONEs nearly in tears. What they can guarantee for us, is only "right now".

Of course, you can say they are just debuted for too long, they will not chant the long slogan every time. But who can guarantee a 'forever' in entertainment industry? Especially for groups/bands, especially for girl groups. You know, I know, they know. It is just we are closing our mouth, we dare not to reveal the truth.

And hence, they have changed from 'We will still be singing together even if we grew up to ahjummas', to 'We will still be SNSD even if we get married, we will still be SNSD even if we are not living together', slowly.

The girls in 2007 had grown up, and became adults, became matured and realistic/knowing* women.

*The word '世故' in Chinese has the meaning of 'knowing', literally means 'experienced or shrewd prematurely (chiefly derogatory)', but I think the author is trying to say our girls have learned through many difficulties and therefore become more careful and prudent before taking any actions.

Their dreams were not merely 'debuting' anymore,
they want their ordinary dreams to be fulfilled too.
They want to be in a relationship,
they want to get married,
they want to give birth to child,
they want to build their own families.

Someone wants to be an actress,
someone wants to do variety shows.

The road in future, actually we know, we understand, we can even see the so-called future.

every SONE wishes to reverse the time,
to accompany our girls more, and more.

I always listen from SONEs that they regret for knowing SNSD too late, they hope they could know SNSD in 2007, and accompany SNSD to pull through the difficulties in 2008......

"Let the time to be reversed."
Or even there are people saying "Let the time stops at year 2007, the year when our girls still having no worries and annoyance."

Yes, I did think of it too.

I have been seeing others said that us, SONEs got scared by antis, until we are so cautious and careful in doing anything else.....

Yes, we are doing things as if we are skating on thin ice, but it does not mean we are cowards. We endure, just because our SNSD is enduring too.

Oh, this world, the world which cannot tolerates honesty, such a small circle, with various types of people.
Kim Tae Yeon, who was getting disturbed by her sunbae on phone at nights, can you imagine how she endures it?

Here saying "no manners", there saying "they are just depending on their popular sunbaes*", it is so difficult for our girls to behave, and thus SONEs can sense, our girls are more careful than before when they are talking, and they are so careful until we feel it is so cruel for them.

*In the original article, it's '抱大腿', literally means 'hugging someone's thigh', in Chinese it brings the meaning 'depending on interpersonal networks or relations'.

There are many words that did not get spilt out, we can see through it from their eyes, a lot of disputes, a lot of afflicts, they wanted to say, but because of fears, they just endured it like there is nothing happening.

And because of that, we wish to get them back to the space time even more.

The time that there are only members.
The time that there is only 'debuting'.
The time that there is only 'Into The New World'.
The time that there is only laughter of SoShi, when they first moved into their dorms and making noises for having a party.

Just that you know, I know.
It cannot be. It cannot be.

If SoShi stops at 'Into The New World' era, we would not get a chance to know about them;

If SoShi always laughs like there is nothing for them to worry about, they would not be like how they did on "Deep Talk with Park Junghoon", when they are facing those difficult questions, giving neat answers, with easy smiles.

If SoShi did not move on, SoShi and us would have to be separated, they would be still living in the past, while we are being in future. We cannot have interactions with each other, forever.

Don't be infatuated with the past.

LOLI* needs to grow up, certainly our SNSD needs to grow up too. SONEs, too.

*In Japan, the term 'LOLI' describes an attraction to underage/childlike girls, or an individual with such an attraction.

You have the rights to love Taeyeon with black hair in 2007,
or to love such a real TaeYul in 2007,
or to love Sooyoung in 2007 with darker skin as if they are totally different persons compared to today.

But, please,
do not tell them "You-all were better before.*"

*Author's meaning should be 'I love SNSD in the past more'.

So Nyuh Shi Dae has already debuted for 1000 days,
and these thousand days,
they used up their tears, they worked up a sweat, and got through it step by step.
If you say, they are 'better' in 2007, it is seriously a heartless remark, and denied all efforts they've been paid so far.

So Nyuh Shi Dae, always has nothing 'the best' currently, because they want to show their best in the coming-soon-future.

They did not back off.

In 2008, they did not stop when they were anti-ed, and now they still did not stop when they are receiving loves from many people, they are still moving on.

They are going to Japan, do not ask them "Stay back here!", you should know or improve or retard.
When they are still finding a point that they can break through from a girl to a woman, do not stop them.

The youth they have spent, we did receive it, didn't we?

If we are contented with 'Into The New World', 'Gee' would not exist.

If we are contented with the 9 consecutive crowns achieved by 'Gee', do we still have future?

We love SoShi in 2007, because they are innocent and pure,
We love SoShi in 2008, because they are endurable and strong,
We love SoShi in 2009, because they are humble and mature,
We love SoShi in 2010, because they are moving on.

If I have been said, oh my time, please stop,
right now I wish to tell you, oh my time, please move on.
The things in the past will be dust and sand*.
The things happening now will be my memories forever.
The things happen in future, I am anticipating you(time) to make it true.

*It means that the past will always be the past, we cannot help but just to move on because the past cannot be changed, just let it be.

When we say we will be with SNSD forever,
how can we be contented with what we are having now?
SONEs with SoShi forever.
Where SoShi is, where SONEs will be.

I Hope SNSD will be making progress in debuting successfully in Japan.
I pray for you.


Original article

[10.08.31] 致要去日本的少时,致因此而纠结的SONE

转自 人人网