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rebekahA Millie

Hello !!
I Hope you are in good health?
Dear,i wish we could be friendly
in good lovely relationship ,
if you could be nicely and lovely,
well i do cherish your profile
age and distance no problem,
privately send me a
reply to my email address
while i get back at you including
my picture. I shall hope...
Aug 16 2011 01:44 AM

seominnimyA Millie

annyeonghaseyo. . gomawo for confirm :)
Jun 26 2011 11:56 PM

Lady DevilA Millie

I Love So Nyuh Shi Dae lots !! I watched nearly all of their variety shows… but those are becoming so outdated now ? ? I want more and more newest ones…but once I clicked the release soshi subs to download …. The board message appears ? it says like I can’t download cuz the error occurs ? I asked my friend how to download … he said.. I have to post more than 50 posts with more than 120 ...
Apr 14 2011 03:24 AM

tasyabelseranA Millie

Hi! Nice to know you SONE and kpopers ;)
Feb 09 2011 08:48 PM