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In Topic: [COMIC] Hello We're SNSD!! Chapter 19, Hyoyeon's Might

11 March 2010 - 03:22 PM

Just a heads up, Chapter 20 (click!) is out. We won't be translating it, though. From now on, we will only be translating when the release is like really funny.

In Topic: [COMIC] Hello We're SNSD!! Sunny's Part, Chapter 3

27 November 2009 - 09:46 PM

Oh shoot, sorry! I forgot to PS the other frame T_T I just updated the picture, it's okie dokie now. Sorry guys! D:

In Topic: [COMIC] Hello We're SNSD!! Tiffany's Part, Chapter 1

02 October 2009 - 06:03 AM

Just a reminder to everyone, please don't take things too seriously as these are merely harmless comics. DO NOT jump to conclusions and say that the author has something against Fany or even the other girls for that matter.

Thanks! Happy reading! :)

In Topic: [COMIC] Hello We're SNSD!! Taeyeon's Part, Chapter 1

14 August 2009 - 06:39 PM

O.O Tae Yeon's part?? Does this means there will be other members' parts as well? if that so I'm really looking forward to those..... hehe

Thx for sharing and translation......^^

I'm not sure, since so far only 3 chapters have been posted and they're all Taeyeon's parts. But there probably will be ones for the other members too, hehe. Looking forward to those as well! :)

In Topic: [COMIC] Hello We're SNSD!! Taeyeon's Part, Chapter 2

14 August 2009 - 06:23 PM

hahah this one was ok... but the first one was a bit better~ lol either way i loved it! ^^ thnx to whoever made it... actually who made this? somone would like to tel me? although in this 28 pages of posts equal to about 140 , i wouldn't think someone would atleast read mines ^^ hahhaha but if there is and someone knows please post! thnx for trans yet again!!!

Haha these were done by some Korean fan(s) that go by the name of Crossing Art/철호 I think, umm I dunno if it's just one person or it's a team though.

HAHAHAHAHAH :lol: :lol: :lol:
could you tell me where the original is?
please show chapter 3
i hope whoever made these comics doesn't stop.

http://cfile223.uf.d...D4A7B013395EA0D :)