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#339015 [FAN ACCNT] "My 2.5 hour trip to Jeonju with Taeyeon's Mom" (Updated...

Posted by lucyz on 12 September 2008 - 06:12 PM

Two girls from SNSDChina went to Taeyeon's parent's shop.

I find this really touching and Taeyeon is just an amazing girl and so strong. I translated this so it's not 100% accurate but it's similar. If you take this out, please credit because this took me a long time to translate. Cool is the other girl's username at SNSDChina.

Note: This is a verryyyyy long report.


We arrived at Jeonju at 11:30 and directly called Taeyeon's parents' eyeglasses store. We first went to confirm whether Taeyeon's parents were there or not, the coworkers said that Taeyeon's dad was having a meeting, her mom would come at around 2 in the afternoon.

So we first went to buy some food and drinks for Taeyeon's parents and to also write the letter we (her and her friend) wrote yesterday onto paper.

After having a simple lunch, we went back at around 1. The coworkers have already told Taeyeon's dad about a meeting with Chinese fans and said that he will meet us after the meeting. So like that we waited and sat on the sofa, I was reading magazines but Cool was getting all nervous (Oh you old girl). After waiting for about 30 minutes, Taeyeon's father finally appeared. But because there were other costumers, we just gave a simple greeting and talked about random things.

After the costumers left, Taeyeon's dad came up to us with a more formal greeting and then we introduced ourselves to him and then began our hour and a half conversation at the store.

First we gave the letters, gifts and food from Chinese fans to him. Then we told him our main objective for coming here, we told him that our forum supported the Shanghai concert, and being a representative of the forum and a Chinese SNSD fan, we welcome their arrival. Of course we also talked about how we hope that certain people won't affect the girls' impression on China. There are a lot of fans in China that are supporting them and cheering for them. After hearing this Taeyeon's dad thanked us endlessly. He said that he didn't know that there were so many SNSD fans in China since SNSD never officially had activities in China, and he said that he himself never thought that there would be so many fans in China, haha, Taeyeon's dad is very modest, Taeyeon is so cute, not liking her is something we need to ask why.

Taeyeon's dad said that all 9 girls are very kind and respectful, and their relationship is very close. For Tiffany's case, she would directly call Taeyeon's parents "Dad, Mom" (Taeny fans, this info is worth to be excited about) And then we later talked about some nonsense people in Korea (antifans), he said as a father, he really doesn't understand what ideas the antifans have in their minds when they attack the girls. He also said if Taeyeon or any of the girls had no talent, or really done something bad, he had nothing to say, but they're all 9 really good girls, and so hard-working, why do they need to find something bad to talk about them? We then gave him our thoughts, and of course our thoughts were like Taeyeon's dad's.

We also gave Taeyeon's dad our new forum link, the girls' accounts and passwords hoping Taeyeon and the girls can come on the forum and write messages for Chinese S♥NEs. In addition, we opened the forum on a computer at the store. Taeyeon's dad bookmarked the forum so it can be easier to find later.

Then later Taeyeon's mom came and greeted us very warmly. Because she came late, Taeyeon's dad explained to her very simply about why we're here and Taeyeon's mom was thanking us, and telling us that she just had a video phone call with Taeyeon and in the afternoon the girls and 2PM were filming a school CF cover. We then continued to talk about Taeyeon. Taeyeon's mom was also hurt because of those antis. She said that the SM staff commented on how SM has trained so many artists and yet they never saw anyone as polite and kind-hearted as the 9 girls. Seeing those antis hating the girls because of jealousy hurts her and feel hopeless but being parents, they just hope Taeyeon and SNSD will continue to work hard and one day those people will be able to understand.

Taeyeon is afraid of her parents seeing those posts online and being hurt so she tells her mom to not read them, but how can a mother just stand there and do nothing? Taeyeon mom's tone had a sorrow yet gratified feeling. She's thankful that there's still so many fans especially Chinese fans from afar. When talking about fans, Taeyeon's mom said that Taeyeon is sensitive on some issues especially when it has something to do with fans. Sometimes the fans are like detectives and try and get information 24/7.

Being only 20 years old, the pressure on Taeyeon and the other girls is something we can't imagine and it can even go to a frightening stage. Taeyeon's mom hopes that the fans can have their own skyline, and to not forget their parents' hardwork because of the girls. Yes, Taeyeon's mother standing on other parents' side and thinking for the fans. Taeyeon's mother also hopes that everyone will be by Taeyeon's side like the beginning and Taeyeon will also do the same and always be with the fans.

When we were getting ready to go, we got permission by Taeyeon's parents to take some pictures of the store (Even though we could've taken the pictures without asking but showing manners was important)

Then we went on Taeyeon's mom's car and drove towards Jeonju Art School. I sat at the front and Taeyeon's mom was talking about Taeyeon's life and about Chinese fans support towards Taeyeon and SNSD. Suddenly her mom let us listen to Taeyeon's songs and then later Taeyeon's "Please" (Note: If you don't know what "Please" sounds like, go here. A very emotional performance.) was played. This song was sung by Taeyeon on the radio and Taeyeon's mom really likes Taeyeon singing this song. After hearing this, our obedient Taeyeon gave her a CD when her mom visited Seoul and said "This is mom's present." It turned out that Taeyeon especially recorded the song for her mom. Taeyeon's mom said, Taeyeon and herself like rainy days, and likes to listen to this song on rainy days. The car slowly started to have Taeyeon's voice and the three of us began to quiet down and along with Taeyeon's voice, my mind was filled with Taeyeon being thoughtful and obedient.

After going through numerous roads we finally arrived at Taeyeon's school which was located in the mountains. In order to not bother Taeyeon's mom's time, we told her that we'll leave after taking some pictures but her mom said to take our time and she introduced us to Taeyeon's classroom building, her graduation cermony building, Taeyeon's admission exam building. We stayed at the school for about 10 minutes and then left.

Then Taeyeon's mom drove us towards a station and throughout the drive told us about Taeyeon. Because of her radio schedule for the past days, it was really hard for her to practice ShinHwa's "T.O.P" with the other members. She would usually practice at really late times. Because Taeyeon can't go home often, it was inevitable that she won't be able to spend time with her brother and sister. In order for the three children to not feel ignored the other, or have no common ideas, no similarities, Taeyeon's mom would always tell Taeyeon things about her sister and brother and tell her brother and sister things about Taeyeon. You can tell that Taeyeon keeps contact with her mom very much.

Taeyeon's mom said Taeyeon sometimes feels sorry for her because she can't go back to Jeonju. Even if there was time, it was only possible for her mom to visit her at Seoul. Even though Taeyeon feels sorry for her mom, but everytime when she sees her mom, she becomes more happy. Taeyeon actually admires the other members, because compared to the other members, her family is far away from her thus meeting each other is much less.

After arriving at the station, we said bye to Taeyeon's mom. Taeyeon's mom once again thanked us Chinese fans supporting Taeyeon and SNSD. This is how we ended the day, having a two and a half interaction with Taeyeon's parents. I'm sure many after reading this will have a more understanding of Taeyeon and SNSD. My biggest impression today was that Taeyeon is so obedient. Her being strong is to not let her parent's hard work go into waste and also because of us S♥NE. Taeyeon is the world's biggest present.

At the end, Cool asked a question to end today's trip.

Cool asked: I don't know how SNSD will be like 5 or 6 years from now.
I said: I don't know either but I know that 5 or 6 years from now I will be a S♥NE that will support them like how I did from the beginning, a Taeyeon S♥NE.

Credit: SNSDChina, lucyz for translations.


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