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14 June 2016 - 02:47 PM

Hip-Pop Hotel

SM Station’s latest release can be taken as a continuation of Tiffany’s foray into the solo scene. With AOMG’s Simon Dominic featuring in it I expected an RnB/Hip-Hop song but was pleased to find that it’s in fact a crossover between Tiffany’s favourite genre Mainstream Pop and AOMG’s signature RnB/Hip-Hop.


This further solidifies SM Entertainment’s intentions to give their artists more freedom in pursuing their passion while underlining SM Station’s original intentions in big bold letters, which is dabbling with crossovers. With the current roster overflowing, talent like BoA, Bada, GG backed up, and TVXQ + SJ members to still come out of military conscription, SM has a lot on their plate. But they are doing a good job of balancing things out and taking care of their artists.





I’m a big fan of the chime sounds that set the track off. Tiffany’s been allowed to maintain her mid-range vocals, with the occasional piano undertones mixed around the repetitive clap beat which gives the entire track a crossover Hip-Pop feel. The slow piano and chimes representing the Hip-Hop/RnB pat of the track, and the regular clap beat representing the Mainstream Pop genre that Tiffany proudly fangirled about to none other than Park Jin-Young of JYP fame on a recent episode of KBS’ Sister Slam Dunk.


The soothing chorus is crisply delivered and the English lyrics of the track blend in well, something that is difficult to accomplish in most KPop songs. Simon D’s rap is well-executed, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a veteran like him. In the spirit of SM Station’s crossover theme, the track is a smooth continuation from Pop to Hip-Hop and then back again. Tiffany’s growth as a vocal powerhouse in the low- to mid-ranges is evident in this release. She has managed to toe the line between the two without taking any undue attention away from the track. She has found her range, and has the good sense to stick to it. The ad-libs were pleasant to hear and the track in general is a bittersweet earworm. It’s difficult to get Tiffany’s soft “Heartbreak Hotel” line out of one’s head after just one listen.


With a voice like hers, it’s tough to imagine the fool that would break her heart.


Credit: SMTOWN's Official YouTube Channel

In Topic: [COMP] The Chopping Block

18 May 2016 - 08:57 AM

Love You The Same
Jessica’s choice of song for her second MV, while in my opinion not the strongest candidate out of her album, is the dreamy “Love Me The Same”.

I’m not interested in going too deep into the MV and it’s 'supposed meaning', but rather focus on the track. A calm piano arrangement sets the tone for the track. Once again Jessica’s voice is given the chance to shine as the listener doesn’t have to deal with any heavy elements in the background to focus on. Only a soothing steady drum beat that compliments her sweet voice.
The beautifully written lyrics have a bittersweet feeling to it as Jessica keeps asking


"시간이 흘러 힘겨워지면

Then baby Ooh would you love me the same

세상에 오직 둘뿐이라면 그때도

Ooh would you love me the same"


"When time goes by and things get hard

Then baby Ooh would you love me the same

If there’s only the two of us in the world, even then

Ooh would you love me the same"

All in all I love the slow steady pace of this track, the cute MV visuals, simple choreography, and touching lyrics. The only thing I can’t wrap my head around is the long interlude between the second chorus and the last verse. Still not sure what purpose it is meant to serve? Is this piano solo meant to give the listener time to look back at their own troubled relationship and ask themselves Would he/she still love me the same?
I would recommend this track to anyone having second thoughts in a relationship with their significant other. Rather than calling it a break-up song, it's a song that reaffirms the faith one has in their loved one. It definitely mirrors any doubts Jessica had as to whether or not her fans still loved her the same way now compared to before.
Yes Jessica; no matter what, we would still love you the same.



Credit: Coridel Entertainment YouTube Channel, kpopviral.com, ink365.com

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16 May 2016 - 11:44 PM

Flight Plan


Jessica finally made her solo debut with the release of “Fly”, a pleasant mid-tempo pop song that wisely used minimalistic beats to make sure Jessica’s signature high-pitched sweet voice was given free rein to carry the song. The chorus is catchy and Jessica’s adlibs in the background mesh well with the rest of the track.


Mainly produced by, what I can only imagine is Coridel’s new in-house composer, veteran KMack the track undoubtedly has his American pop feel to it. He made the wise decision of using an arrangement that would complement Jessica’s range rather than clash with it. Even rapper Fabulous’ part goes well with the song, not breaking the flow or taking any attention away from the song, but instead lending a helping hand with well-written lyrics that even go as far as linking her San Francisco roots with mentions of SF’s very own Golden State Warriors and their point guard Stephen Curry.
The MV is aesthetically shot with beautiful wide shots of the location and colourful elements of the locale providing juxtaposition to the barren desert. It starts begins from where the teasers left off at; Jessica lying in a bathtub in the middle of a desert, pondering over a postcard. The visuals certainly deliver the message of this track. Every once in a while we find ourselves alone and lost, through no major fault of our own. Even though we’ve made provisions for our future, life doesn’t always go according to plan. Our goals keep changing, especially after we’ve already achieved the ones we set for our self long ago. It’s about pursuing our dreams, rather than following someone else’s vision of how your life should pan out.

Thrown into the barren dry desert that is the world of KPop at a young age, she still stuck to the daily routine trying to adapt to this change in environment. Even though she yearned for cooler climates where snow was abundant and the scenery was caked in white, she still persevered and did her time in the desert, trying her best to fit in. But suddenly her life turns upside down on it’s head, and now that she’s had enough, it is time to pack her bags and head off to the place where she wants to be, doing the things that she wants to do. On her way out she receives a snowglobe from her younger self, reminding her to choose her own path rather be a slave to someone else’s.
The song and rap fit perfectly together because the main theme, self-empowerment, is continued with no hindrance to the flow or lyrics. I may be biased as an old OT9er, but I felt proud of Jessica after finishing the MV. She’s been through hell and back with everything that happened, but she’s come out of it with a certain clarity to her actions. She always had a plan in mind, constantly rechecking the postcard the postcard that I assumed she sent to herself. But various things like previous commitments, self-doubt and fear of failure held her back.
“Fly” is everything Jessica personifies right now, and she encourages everyone to follow their own path as well. Doubt, failure, and loss only hold you back, but if you don’t spread your wings and take flight, you will be left wondering of what could have been.


Credit: Coridel Entertainment YouTube Channel

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10 May 2016 - 08:52 PM

Dancing to your own rhythm


News of Tiffany’s debut solo did not come as a shock to SONEs or the KPop community. SM had already unveiled numerous solo acts from ShinEE’s Taemin and Jonghyun, to SNSD’s very own Taeyeon. A “leaked document” further proved the rumours that Tiffany was to be given a solo debut of her own. Now as far as previous attempts made by SM go, the acts listed above enjoyed their fair share of public recognition and popularity. Each of tracks released won top spot at a live music broadcast atleast, fared well on digital rankings, and the songs were well produced and arranged.





Tiffany who previously mesmerised us with a rendition of Ariana Grande’s The Way, has done it again with I Just Wanna Dance. The MV teaser didn’t let out any clues to what the song would sound like but did give us a glimpse into the concept of the MV. A slow flurry of images attack the viewer with little to none exposed about the track. Big City skyline, Tiffany seated by herself in a diner, eyes slowly closing, footprints in the sand. This dreamy sequence of events lays the foundation for an inspiring concept that has been visualised for I Just Wanna Dance.


The MV starts out with a big city skyline reflected on to itself. The Black and Red meant to be in contrast to each other. Not the normal Black and White, but interestingly enough Black and Red. Tiffany strolls into an ordinary diner. It’s almost as if Tiffany has been feeling worn out as a singer. Just looking for a moment to close her eyes and breathe, she sets off for anywhere that is far away from South Korea. An echo in the distance makes way for the catchy synth beats that will go on to set the framework of the entire track. Finally the song materialises into existence.





She sits herself down in a booth, and closes her eyes for a second. A breather away from the public eye. A chance to catch up with herself. The colours change from black to red and the diner is now empty except for our lead character. SM have done a good job of incorporating scenery and images that reflect Tiffany’s path to stardom till now.


며칠째 내린 비가 그친

I feel good”


“It’s been raining for a few days and it finally stopped tonight

I feel good”


The juxtaposition of Black and Red instead of the normal Black and White speak volumes of the unconventional path a young Stephanie from Diamond Bar, LA had to take. Having lost her mother at a young age and father who wouldn’t let his daughter travel across the world to find herself in South Korea, like the unconventional Black and Red.


After debuting with SNSD and reaching the heights of popularity that they achieved, it all came at a price. Constantly in the public eye, every single move of hers picked at and taken apart, dissected and commented upon by those who call themselves “Industry Specialists” and “Esteemed Journalists”. Amidst the fame and good fortune showered upon her, Tiffany was hardly ever given the chance to be herself, to dance like nobody was watching her. But even in this hurricane Tiffany enjoyed the ride.



  한편의 쇼가 끝난 후에

무대 같은 도시

It’s alright It’s alright

젖은 공기 속으로

비추는 가로등

좋아 몸이 움직여


I just wanna dance the night away

눈을 감고 dance in the moonlight

점점 달아올라 뜨겁게

나도 멈출 없어 No way”


“The city is like an empty stage

After a show ends

It’s alright It’s alright

Into the wet air

The street lights shine on me

I like it, my body is moving


I just wanna dance the night away

As I close my eyes dance in the moonlight

It’s getting hotter

I can’t stop myself, no way”


Now reborn as a rookie solo artist, Tiffany has to find herself again in this maze called the KPop Industry. However, after having experienced the view from the top, she takes this opportunity to release any inhibitions she had before. Tiffany wants to dance like nobody is watching her.


아주 슬픈 영화에 취한 보다

지금 헝클어지고 싶을 뿐이야


“I wanna get more messed up

Than being immersed in a very sad movie”


Although some unfortunate events unfolded a couple of years ago, the track accepts it as part of life. The ups and downs that happen to many a people. But rather than over-analysing it, she wants to move on. Take the pain and sorrow, and learn from the experience. She wants to continue living in the present rather than thinking too much about the past.


하루하루 바꿔 쓰는

가면들 속에 나를 숨겼어

지금 솔직해지고

싶은 것뿐이야


“I hid myself behind the masks

that change every day

I just wanna

get more honest right now”


This speaks volumes of the shy teenager from 2009 to the social butterfly that she has now become. Through all the comments and criticism she received even Tiffany couldn’t handle it sometimes, choosing to hide behind ever-changing masks. But now she is ready to take on the world.


While others might see this as a catchy electro-pop song with gorgeous eye-candy and smooth vocals, I see more as an anthem for the current generation. An inspiring song that lays everything out in the open. At a time where everything we do is subject to interrogation, whether it is by our peers or parents, Tiffany tells it like it. She says it’s all right, it’s okay. All you need to do is you’re your rhythm and dance to it. Someone once said ‘Music is food for the soul’ and I think Tiffany has done just that with this release. She lay her feelings bare for everyone to see and inspect, but in the end she doesn’t need anyone’s validation to tell her if what she did was right or wrong.


She just wants to enjoy herself from now onwards, dance to the rhythm. She just wants to dance the night away.


Credit: Videos from SMTOWN YouTube Channel | Lyrics and Translation from colorcodedlyrics.com