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In Topic: [OTHERS] Jessica's Selca and Message on Japanese Fansite

06 December 2011 - 04:48 AM

dayummmm going to japan just to make news coverage. that's intense. busy busy bees, SNSD! hwaiting! :)

In Topic: [UFO] Sooyoung UFO Messages

21 September 2011 - 02:22 AM

omggggg sooyoung is so loved. she is so sweet. i loved reading every single one of these responses, i'm sure both she and the fans felt loved by one another. omgggggg sooyoung <3 my love for you just jumped up quite a few knotches <3

In Topic: [UFO] Sunny, Yuri UFO Messages

21 September 2011 - 02:14 AM

WOW thanks for translating! yuri is so cute, but i love sunny's responses the most, i think. out of all the members that i've read before. she puts a lot of thought and sincerity into each of her responses to fans, which shows just how much she cares! she must be SO loved by everyone (as i am sure all the other 8 members are though) :P

In Topic: [06.11.11] SMTown 2nd Concert and Press Conference

13 August 2011 - 11:27 PM

wow reading all this honestly made me so jealous, but so happy for you at the same time! it literally sent chills down my spine. it feels good to try to imagine how it was like there! i'm so glad that you were able to experience all this, and that you were able to keep it on the downlow that you were a big SNSD fan haha. i like it when fans are able to restrain themselves when they see someone; i think the kpopstars really appreciate that level of restraint and discipline. i totally wish i was in your shoes, but i live in LA! haha. i had a pretty good experience at the LA SMTown '10, but i won't go into detail. hehe. thanks for sharing your experience and letting me and other fellow SONEs relive it! :)

In Topic: [UFO] Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yoona UFO Messages

19 June 2011 - 01:39 PM

LOL so many UFO replies!
thanks for translating all of these!
their messages are so sincere to fans. :D