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#6017585 [10.20-10.24.11] Photographing the 1st US Fanmeet, Hugging Tiffany, and doing...

Posted by pinkpearl261 on 12 March 2013 - 06:10 PM

You were actually at the US fan meet? That's so cool! You are so lucky to have actually gotten so close to them (especially Tiffany  -_-). I remember seeing the video on youtube. Man, the fans in the audience couldn't shut up! I wanted to hear SNSD speak, but all I could hear was screaming and their love for a certain member. Not just once or twice, but pretty much during most of the video. Tiffany had to keep reminding fans to be quiet. Even the whole group looked annoyed.  :dry: Anyhow, now that i'm done ranting, I really liked how they expressed their love for their fans and how we keep them going through the sleepless nights. And I loved how Taeyeon was touched by our dedication to them. She even began to cry! I actually learned the requirements that most/all Sones have. And I learned a little more about SNSD (such as Yoona's alligator laugh, Sooyoung's awesome impersonations, and Seohyun's smart life lessons). I think this made me love SNSD a little more. Thanks for sharing! :)


Btw, for a guy, you have such pretty, long hair :D

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