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[01.19.2013] Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert SM MOA

20 January 2013 - 07:10 AM




Venue: SM MOA (Shoemart Mall of Asia)
Gates open: 3 PM
Concert starts: 7 PM

Note: I didn't get to catch any OTPs, fanservice, etc. up-close because I had the cheapest ticket! *sob* I bought tickets for my family as a birthday gift to them (they were all January-February born; and I was the only summer child), so I had to go for the cheapest tickets. I consoled myself by thinking that it wasn't a solo concert anyway.

Anyway, we arrived at MOA at around 1 PM, and from the start I spotted a lot of SONES walking around in pink. You gotta appreciate this level of support if you consider the size of MOA and the volume of people that are there on weekends. It's a HUGE EFFING MALL which one can't possibly explore from end to end in just one day. There was this one foreigner who writes for a local paper who wrote that he spent almost a whole day looking for his car 'cause he couldn't remember where he parked it. That's how big it is.

So there were little girls in "I LOVE SOOYOUNG" t-shirts. There were teenaged boys in pink t-shirts that had a red heart and SNSD at the front and SONE at the back. There were people that held plastic fans with Yoona's face on it. There were people wearing pink foam crown headbands that had SONE on it. There were pink flags with "WE THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER COME" printed on them.

Every car, bus, or van that went by the queue (there were people who lined up as early as 6 AM) was suspected of transporting a K-Pop artist and people would start going wild. Someone would shout "GG!" and then screaming would ensue. It was sooo funny, 'coz they were mostly random cars and buses going about their daily business, and the people riding them would be looking out with bewildered expressions wondering why there were people screaming at them.

I did, however, get to see EXO's bus go by. I think I saw Kai sitting by the window looking out, through the tinted glass. He was wearing a wife-beater and his skin was really really fair. I was impressed, he was very handsome.

After a few minutes upon EXO's arrival, we could hear them practicing their songs. I heard a girl say that one of the members accidentally wandered out of one of the exits to the delight of fans.

They started to let people in between 3-4 PM, but the line only started to really move at around 5 PM.

Front Act: A guy in a white shirt with a guitar. He did some cover songs. People gamely sang with him. He said he just broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years.

Before the first group came out, they had to wait for SM MOA's weekend fireworks display to finish. It kept the people entertained for a while, because there were some really nice fireworks.

First Act: INFINITE - they did Before the Dawn so I got to see the scorpion dance live, albeit I was so far away that the boys were really teeny tiny, but what the heck it was still amazing! There were some tech issues with the soundsystem and their performance was interrupted at least twice, but they got around the humps like real pros. Lots of fangirling going on.

2nd Act: TASTY - their performance also got interrupted by the sound system issues, but again great performances when they finally got going - great dancing from the two

3rd Act: UKISS - the place erupted with fangirling; these guys know how to work up a crowd, and they've already promoted here before. "I missed you's" and "I love you's" were generously said, and a lot of teasing about future possible visits to the PH again. Fans sang along to their most popular songs. The tech issues stopped here (or maybe they weren't as noticeable, as in the beginning).

4th Act: TAHITI - this is a newly minted girl group, and as far as I know they only have 2 songs out. However, I do love both songs and I sang along with "Tonight" and "Hasta Luego". There were only few people who knew them though, so I was probably the only one singing along. Still Pinoys showed support by waving their (pink) lightsticks. They did 5 songs, including a Spice Girls song and Psy's Gangnam Style. I think the crowd warmed up to them when they did "Gangnam Style". Unfortunately, the girls preceded EXO - so people were getting antsy for EXO, still they did their best and I'm sure they gained some fans last night. Promote hard girls! Keep up the good work!

5th Act: EXO K and M! Major fangirling! People were screaming their throats raw and there was continuous squealing all around. All of the boys were so so handsome and talented, and as a treat to Pinoy fans they sang the Tagalog pop song "Hawak Kamay" by Yeng Constantino. Two of the guys played acoustic guitars and one of them was doing a beat on a bongo (I think it was; not too musical, sorry). There was some chanting for "SM Town" to come to the PH.

AND FINALLY GG! (Timeline might be hazy, 'cause I was too busy spazzing to memorize exactly what happened - so I'll just randomly state what I do remember.)

When EXO left the stage, everyone knew that the girls were next so the crowd was really noisy and excited and everyone got out their pink lightsabers and lightsticks and whatever else that glowed pink. There was some excited "SOOYOUNG SOOYOUNG!" (she's really popular among little girls, tweeners, and teeners), and the crowd chanted "GG! GG!" for a bit, but we didn't have to wait long and without further ado, the girls launched into a performance of "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)". Everyone sang along really loud, and when it was time for Tiffany to do her special thing in the song, the crowd paused and waited for her to say the heavily anticipated magical words:


Then more screaming.

After "Genie" they did "The Boys". Everyone knew every lyric and sang all the way through. I think fanchanting was just a dim memory at this point. EDIT: I saw a different fan account of someone who was lucky enough to be in the VIP area (he forked over Php 11,000+ !!!) and apparently the people at the front were doing the fanchants afterall! I was so far away, I didn't hear anyone fanchanting - except this hyper girl who was doing the fanchants after the concert. *sob* oh my babies ~ so far awaaay!

Tiffany was the default spokesperson for the group, and spoke about being in the Philippines before. In English, of course. (EDIT: OK after watching some far better fancams, Tiffany actually greeted her brother and his family who was living/working in the PH. Her bro is Leo right? This got me to thinking, 'cause I can't find any online reference so far on how Jessica came to like or decided to do a cover of Nina's song Someday. Did she know of the song through Tiffany?) The lady emcee said that they looked really beautiful, like dolls.

There was some chanting for a solo concert, but I didn't catch what they said about that.

People chanted for "aegyo" from Sunny, but no-go. *sob* Sunny's hair was green last night.

The lady emcee said something to Jessica about Krystal (of F(x); babyJung) and the song "Someday" (EDIT: this is an original Pinoy song that was composed by Nyoy Volante and originally sung by Nina; Jessica performed this as a solo for their Romantic Fantasy Jan 2013 comeback; Krystal was on the piano accompanying bigSisJessica); Jessica sang a bit - her voice is so beautiful! I love you Jessica! (EDIT: could it be that Jessica knew about this song through Tiffany's family in the PH?)

(I found a clip of it here:



They did "Dancing Queen" and "Hoot".

The emcee kept asking SNSD if they knew how hugely popular they were in the PH. (EDIT: I read a fan account that the emcee kept repeating this because the teleprompter failed or something and I guess she was stuck with that line. Anyway I think they said that she was able to adlib her way out of it.) She asked them to show the "I Got A Boy" cobra dance, but Fany said that they were going to perform "Gee" first. The girls were talking among themselves for a bit on what they should do next, 'cause they were kind of winging it or modifying stuff. I do remember that Yoona was being shown on the big screen while they were doing this. I think the cameraman was kind of in love with her 'cause he kept focusing on her even when she was just doing random stuff. Not that I don't like it. Love the choding.

On the other hand, the cameraman caught Jessica twice right when she did a mistake! *sob* (EDIT: PH Sones uploaded their fancams fast! I looked over their performance from better/close fancams and I didn't see Jessica making any mistakes. Maybe she was just in an awkward phase of changing positions during dancing. Why didn't you focus on Jessica when she was doing something cool while dancing, oh cameraman? Whyyyy?)

Still, she was adorable even though I think she lost her place (in dancing) twice on two separate songs. I think she kind of looked tired and I was worried that she hasn't recovered from her fainting spell a week or so ago. SNSD arrived in the PH at 11 AM on the day of their concert, (EDIT: thank you renrenzie for correcting me. so they arrived 3 PM! I didn't know that the schedule was really tight. That is insane! No wonder Jessica look tired! So they left Korea at 11 AM then arrived at 3 PM then performed at 10 PM? That's crazy scheduling. I read another fan account that Jessica had a fever last night. Omo! Sica-baby rest well!) and they performed at around 10 PM in the evening. I think they're scheduled to leave (or they have already left) today Sunday, this morning. So their schedule is real tight, and it's like they just did a fly by in the PH. Rest well Jessica, don't overtax yourself please!

So after "Gee!" Fany said that they were going to take off their mikes so that they can show the "I Got a Boy" dance.

Then they did an abbreviated version of "I Got A Boy". Jessica's part (the 1:40) was edited out. *sob*

Then after that - that was it! No encore. So sad.

So sleepy. I only got in three hours of sleep, woke up for church, and got on Soshified to see what's up. So nighty-nighty I'm gonna go to sleep again. Sorry for the abrupt ending. I am so tired!

*** ***

Random additions:

*There was this couple, I think they were married, who were midgets who came to watch the concert. Unfortunately, they were at the Bronze section like me. So I don't know if they got a good spot to at least see the stage. Ah but I was really touched by it! Soshi touches so many lives! Doesn't matter what you are, who you are, where you've been, where you're going etc.! Keep calm and love Soshi!


*Something funny. There was this cute teenage boy who had like Harry Potter glasses and he dressed like an ulzzang. I don't know if he was Korean, but there was some teenaged girls who were really into him and squealed "Oppa!" when he walked by. Haha! The kid bowed shyly to the crazy girls and continued walking. There was a girl with him, who looked cute too. They both kind of looked embarassed but happy. So cute these kids!


*There was a Korean girl who spoke really good English who was giving out flyers for Korean related stuff like packaged tours and places to buy clothres from. She was really pretty and there were people who asked to take a picture with her haha! I told her she looked pretty and asked her if she can sing or something. She said no but she looked flattered and embarrassed by the whole thing, haha!