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In Topic: [01.19.2013] Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert SM MOA

25 January 2013 - 06:05 PM

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience during the Dream K-POP concert with the SNSD. I, too, happened to see them for the first time even though they were far away due to the fact that I only purchased the cheapest ticket as well. I got to hand it to them...they were awesome that night and like they said, they'll be back. I'm sure that each and everyone of the SONE representing the PH, that includes you, will be excited to see them once again.

let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the rumor that they're going to do a solo concert in araneta coliseum is true!

Wow. Thanks for sharing your all the details of your experience in Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to watch because of financial matters. Lol. But OMG, my friend was able to purchase a VIP ticket for P1,000 only! She told me that she bought it from a scalper and that she had a friend who knows how to distinguish a fake ticket. How lucky! I've watched fancams... the members of EXO are such darlings. They have improved a lot. As for GG, it's nice to see that they weren't a bunch of snob artists who look as if they just want to get it over with. Rumors that they're going to have a solo concert this year have sprung up. I don't know if there's truth to that but I do hope they come back and have a solo concert here! I would not want to miss that opportunity again.

whoa! your friend is so lucky! i heard some guys in the bronze section say that they were scammed by some scalper. they thought that they were getting vip tickets and found out that they actually bought bronze tickets - and not even at a discounted price at that!

yeah the guys of exo are getting good in interacting with the crowd. they were wearing really colorful suits that really popped on stage and made them stand out from infinite and ukiss - who were mostly in white.

there was just this one awkward moment though when one of the guys of exo (i don't know who) was saying something about the temperature in the Philippines. I couldn't quote it exactly but it was something like:

"It's so hot in here!" ~ crowd roars in response ('coz honestly we were just screaming at whatever came out of their mouths, regardless if it was in Korean, in perfect English, in accented English, in accented Tagalog - I mean, we would probably have responded even if they just coughed, or burped or something! LOL)

"No, I didn't mean YOU. I meant the weather." ~ SILENCE - waving lightsticks screech to a halt and everyone was like WTF?!

"I was just joking!" - crowd laughs along

Aish! Exo-guy work on that will you?

GG was perfect as always. You could really feel that they were doing their best for the SONES despite the crappy sound system, the disorganization, the jetlag, and the cramped schedule - I just hope that we showed them how much we love and appreciate them.

I read an ELF (Suju fan) write somewhere that ELFs attend SuJU concerts not to see SuJu but for SuJu to see them, so when ELFs go to a concert they have to give all their best in showing how much they love SuJU by shouting loudly in fanchants, by making the Blue Ocean, etc.

I hope GG somewhat experienced that in the PH.

The concert were great but I do hope SNSD will have a solo concert in the Philippines in the near future.

I hope so too! That would be epic! I wonder how they're gonna do their entrance this time. I watched fancams of their arena tour where they emerged from this huge black hut shaped thing that opened up to reveal GG. I'd really want to see that in person, but they will most likely change their stage design or concept for the new tour. Just come to the PH for a solo girls pls pls pls pls pls!

Thanks for bringing a piece of Soshi to those of us who couldn't be there in person. 99% of Sones will never get that chance, so these fan accounts are priceless. Also, I love your funny and cute descriptions of the event (e.g. the hyper girl in your section fanchanting like crazy, shy Korean Harry Potter, little girls wearing I LUV SOOYOUNG shirts, etc.) lol

*sob* To be honest all the little details is all I have! I couldn't see them upclose! I did buy paper binoculars for Php 100 that was being sold on site, but it was like watching a bit of close up through a bubble, and I could only focus on a tiny bit of the stage at a time. I eventually abandoned the binoculars and just decided to enjoy in soaking up the experience.

A huge part of the fun for me was my fellow SONEs themselves. The spazzing, the crying, the cosplaying (there was this guy who dressed up in the Genie concept - but in pants of course), the headbands with pink crowns, the t-shirts, the synchronized yelling for biases (there was this group of girls where one of them would count "1...2...3!" then they would yell "YOONA!" or "1...2...3...HYOYEON!", the excited chatter before and after the concert (there was a lot of "OMG! Hyoyeon is so sexy in person!") - as you can see here, I could spazz about SONES themselves!

This fandom is the best!!!