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[05.09.09] Jennifer's HB Experience

10 May 2009 - 01:28 PM

Hollywood Bowl 2009

I don't really remember when I arrived at HB, but it was pretty crazy there!
haha the preconcert was so crowded~
I saw lots of SONE shirts around & said HI to a lot of people.

but like, the crazy disappointing part is;
that I didn't get a balloon T------T

&, the more disappointing part--->
I saw the random-est NON-SONE AHJUMMAs with the balloons ! D:<
and it was during the preconcert so NO WAY it was because they were in pool seats.
which I doubt they were.

Also, when I used binoculars to try and spot SSF people in pool section,
I seriously saw like what.. 5 people with balloons?
I think everyone was WAY to busy with their cameras and fliming cause all I saw were people's arms held up with a camera in them.

OK and the crazy part was that we got interviewed haha!
not by Isak..
but we all had like pink SNSD <3 written on our cheeks,
and this random camera man interviews us about SS501!
it was kinda... weird.
I bet they're not gonna use it for the dvd.
since we all look like SNSD fans cheering for SS501 lol.


The entire HB was SOO BORING.
I think the best parts were the duets that both Taeng and Sica did. (& GOD PERFORMANCE OMG.)

SNSD performance pretty much like... sucked.
because their mics weren't working, so you couldn't hear half the song~
especially in GG with all the adlibs that Taeyeon has PLUS she filled in for Yoona's part which you couldn't hear either.

The cutest part was in Gee when SunYeon kissed and giggled afterwards. SO CUTE.
I was staring at them waiting for the kiss part LOL(:

fancams: http://www.youtube.com/kxjenn

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[TAEYEON] Chin Chin Jumbo Lollipop on WGM #2

08 February 2009 - 03:03 PM

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Hehehe Taeyeon was carrying the jumbo lollipop on chin chin(:
if anyone has better caps let me know ^______^

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credits me for caps(:

[PICS] Random Chin Chin Pics~~

26 August 2008 - 09:19 AM

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credits SSF for the pics + kxjenn (me) for translations~