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[2014.05.11] Meeting JungSis in NY

12 May 2014 - 02:55 PM

This was the very first time that I've ever gotten to see a SNSD member in real life, and it just so happened to be our dear Jessica. I still see the scene of her passing by me when I close my eyes. It all started like this:


After a previous failed attempt on the 9th to see JungSis, I headed out with a heavy heart on Sunday morning. Knowing that I would have less than 5% chance of just getting to see them in general was very depressing. My friend and I told each other that it would be normal and alright if we couldn't see them, and we promised that we would take this trip very lightly. Not knowing where to start, I decided to head to their hotel without knowing if they were still there or not. Quite honestly, just being able to walk on the same street as Jessica had walked on was satisfying enough for a fan that has never seen them before.


Reaching the Trump International Hotel and Towers around 11:45 AM, my friend and I felt extremely out of place and uncomfortable standing there. Seeing about 10 girls (and one middle-aged man) standing outside made me wonder, 'Are they here for the same reason as we are?' After standing around for 20 minutes, I gathered all my courage and pushed my friend over to a group of three girls standing at the corner of the block to ask if they were here for Jessica. LOL yes, it actually took a lot of courage to push my friend, imagine her right? Just to clarify though, if my mandarin had been even slightly comprehensible, I would have approached the three girls myself.. *cough


The answer, was affirmative. After communicating and getting familiar with each other, we stuck together as a group. I had learned from one of the girls that Jessica had actually just returned into the building about 20-30 minutes prior to our arrival. Yes! Now we know that they were still in the hotel! It was extremely hot during noon, the sun beating down on us. Up until now, I would like to believe that the reason, and the only reason it was so hot, was because of our close proximity to Jessica and Krystal. :D


Krystal came out around 1 something first, and we all went crazy! She walked around with either her friends or cousins and they went into an ice cream shop. The manager was being a real meanie butt and kept telling us to leave Korean. He almost even knock my phone out of my hand! After a couple minutes, Krystal went back inside and we started waiting all over again. Now that we've already seen Krystal, the atmosphere between all the fans were a lot more cheerful and hyper. Some time afterwards, we saw that the driver was starting to pack some stuff into the trunk of the car (wine glasses) and we were all anticipating JungSis soon, we were really excited. 



Roughly around 2, what I've been waiting for finally arrived. Jessica stepped out of the hotel wearing a white-ish dress and looking damn gorgeous! I honestly was just... blank. I've never really believed it when I heard some people saying how they completely freeze when they see SNSD in person, but I sure as hell understand now! Walking towards us, I saw a unbelievably full view of her face, and I can just tell you that the pictures you see.. cannot compare to seeing her in person! I would have never thought that they had such fair skin! They are literally GLOWING while walking down the street. I don't know how, but I managed to say a decent "Jessica!". She looked up, held eye contact with me, and flashed this shy and AMAZING smile!!! I legit melted right on the spot!! When she passed by me, I realized that I didn't record and damn.. that would have been one freaking awesome fancam!! She boarded the car and then headed off. But.. there was a red light!! So everyone was able to squeeze in about a minute of hardcore screaming and flailing of arms. I saw that Jessica held something in her hand while she was getting in, so I started signalling to her hand and making a confused face. To my surprise, she saw me, and she pressed the apple in her hand up against the window for me to see it!! I was about to die man, so freaking happy!! Honestly, in that moment, getting a picture or video was not even my priority anymore. Being able to have seen her, to have held eye contact with her, was damn good enough for me. The light changed green, and they sped off. This was also when I started crying because it seemed so surreal, seeing Jessica in real life. 




We called it a day, and wanted to head towards K-town to grab something to eat when... the car that JungSis left in was parking on the curb. Feeling that something was off, we decided to just walk around Central Park. We walked quite a distance and wanted to grab some ice cream since it was so damn hot. Suddenly one of the girls with us whispered, "Yo.. the freaking manager!!" We sorta hid from him since he was extremely pissed off at us from earlier, and he walked pass us. Putting two and two together, we started scanning among the groups and groups of people laid out in the grass, when we spotted them again!! They were having like a picnic near the edge of the park, with about 4 cameras focused on them. I supposed this is where the wine glasses came into play? We got our ice cream and sat about a good 10-15 feet away from them and ate. Man, it was the best ice cream I ever had in my life! We didn't dare to take any pictures or disturb them since they were filming, and the manager just recognized us! Some family just came behind JungSis after a while and set up a freaking play tent and totally blocked our view! Never in my life did I hate a tent so badly! But some uproar happened in the center of the park that captured the attention of the camera crew and everyone. Using this chance with the manager's back turned, I quickly ran up closer to the fence and snapped a shot of them. But the cost of that picture... my beloved snow cone. LOL jk, screw the stupid snow cone! 



I zoomed in from my original picture, just because you can't see them all that great. Not saying that this picture is any better but you can see Jessica whipping off her sunglasses here! LOL. 


I don't know what happened, but suddenly Krystal turned around and saw us, and she gave us a pretty intense glare. We took that as a sign to leave, and with that we exited the park, of course, not forgetting to throw glances back at the girls that were now blending in with the crowd. 


Jessica, I seriously don't know what people have seen to call her an "ice princess" and cold. LOL, she honestly looked surprised to see that there were fans outside when she stepped out. She did not ignore us like Krystal did, instead she put on a nice smile and made eye contact with us. She is so sweet, and I don't think I can ever use the term "ice princess" on her again, unless of course, it's a joke. :D

Thanks so much for reading this sad excuse of a fan account! I hope that a lot more people will be fortunate enough to have a opportunity to see any of the members. Don't give up! Because even though I had little to no chances, I still kept trying.  :thumbup: