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#6574532 Twitter Trends (2)

Posted by starkness on 19 June 2014 - 12:14 AM

Taeyeon is trending in France and I have no idea why, am I missing something?





Edit: Just woke up.. and oh, they're dating..

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#6358302 [MESSAGE][From. SOOYOUNG] Gather round SONE

Posted by starkness on 31 December 2013 - 01:42 AM

[From. SOOYOUNG] Gather round SONE
Being able to spend the last day of 2013 with SONE…
Come to think of it, this was a year that had many things to be thankful for in various respects^ㅡ^ㅎㅎ
There were times that I spent complaining out of habit
Still, looking back, I think it was a year that had more happier moments!
While we didn’t get to meet often, spending the 31st together
Was quite a relief and grateful incident if you think about it, right^^? ㅎㅎ
Yesterday, the humbling newcomer award! Doodoong^^! (just a sound)
I’m grateful, again, for being able to go up one step at a time
And being able to be together with a good program and good people ^^
Being able to meet and make SONE laugh once a week
I’m really grateful, and, thanks to Hanbam, it was the best year ^_^
With not much [time] left.. There really isn’t much [time] left ㅎㅎ
The last of 2013! After spending it with people you love…
When it’s about time for the MBC Gayo Daejun! Let’s meet ;)
happy holidays!
Translated by ch0sshi | Soshified

Source: Girls' Generation Official Website

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#6289748 [2013.10.18] When SNSD turn an anti-fan into a lover

Posted by starkness on 19 October 2013 - 07:13 AM

That's really nice to know that an anti finally gets a chance to see SNSD for real and then change their opinions about them. Most, if not all instances are like that, people tend to judge something or someone without seeing it for real. I'm happy that your friend got the chance to SNSD for who they are, live and alive.


Yay! Another SONE-in-the-making!

Even though I'm jealous, because I am the SONE not her, so I have the priority to see SNSD xD I still feel proud of our Girls' Generation!

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#6289691 [2013.10.18] When SNSD turn an anti-fan into a lover

Posted by starkness on 19 October 2013 - 06:00 AM

So, my friends, a.k.a Xsliver won and got the chance to go perform live in the K-Pop World Festival 2013.


They're in Korea now getting ready for the event. Yesterday, staff members took them to the Music Bank.


One of them, a friend of mine, called Oumayma, got to see Girls' Generation and she told me that photosnaps are prohibited but she could take one photo of Seohyun, ninja fantaken photo, you can check it right here.


Oumayma used to be an anti-fan of SNSD, not exactly an anti-fan because she never bashes them because she likes Seohyun but she never showed intention to chhange her mind about the girls.


She updated her status twice, about Tiffany and Sunny and her comments included that she talked with her four times, and everytime she called her name, she turns back to smile. She also mentionned that Tiffany is the nicest one.






She mentionned to me in a private message, since I'm one of the hugest SONE in Tunisia, that she was all wrong when she said that Tiffany is fake fanserving and fake smiling which really really made me happy and proud of what So Nyeo Shi Dae really are.


This was taken with permission out of her profile under condition I hide a part of her name.

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#5912564 9 Days of Caring

Posted by starkness on 17 January 2013 - 11:12 AM

Every SONE will be honored to do this ^o^ :)

This is a chance I shall benefit of 

So, let's start! I started in Day 2 :D 



Username: yoonsone_

City, Country: Tunisia



[DAY 2]:


Video/Pic: http://i.imgbox.com/adlqWb7i.jpg
Summary: I had no school in the morning, so I visited my ill friend, and tried to 

cheer her up and change her mood. I also showed her GG's new Music Video,

she is not a Kpop lover but she said she loved the beat and the cat girl ( JessiCAT :D )

Date: 18.01.2013


[DAY 4]:


Video/Pic: http://i.imgbox.com/ackEIzu1.jpg

Summary: I went to the kindergarten in my neighbourhood, I prepared Orange Juice

for the baby-sitters, and cooperated with my mother to cook a delicious dish for the kids.

I played with the babies, and before going home, I made the baby-sitters and the kids watch

Girls' Generation's I Got a Boy :D ^__^

I really appreciate this idea !!

Date: 20.01.2013


[DAY 5]


Video/Pic: http://i.imgbox.com/abnQwH6r.jpg

Summary: I arrived to school early this morning, so I bought two packs of chocolate bread, on which

I wrote " ^_^ Good morning. Take good care & stay healthy <3 Eat this for more energy. Smile!

#9daysofCaringForGG" then went into school's yard, on my way, I gave them to the first two girls I met.

At first, they hesitated, and looked at me awkwardly since it's my first year at that school, they don't

know me. After a bright innocent smile they took them and ate them and were thankful for offering

delicious and warm breakfast kekekek

Date: 21.01.2013


Video/Pic: http://i.imgbox.com/abdRkieG.jpg

Summary: In the afternoon, I was passing by an empty classroom as pupils and their teacher didn't come

yet. I got in, wrote few notes, green ones were having a "Have a good day ^-^ Keep smiling. Thank you for

your hardwork. Study well, and watch on Youtube Girls' Generation - I Got a Boy when you go home to 

change your mood. #9daysofCaringForGG" while I wrote on yellow ones "YOU HAVE A SHINING SMILE

#9daysofCaringForGG" I also added one on teacher's desk on which I stated "#9daysofCaringForGG You are

a beautiful & hardworking teacher. Thank you". The class was right next to mine, I've been secretly watching

their reaction, they were all boys, and even the teacher is male. Some of them were smiling, some of them 

exploded of laughter saying "This is the first time I see such a thing" one of them screamed "Thank you for

who sticked these!!" The teacher said "This is obviously a girl!" kekeke I say this is abviously a S♥NE ! x)

Date: 22.01.2013


[DAY 6]


Video/Pic: http://i.imgbox.com/abkJxldp.jpg

Summary: I have no school today. I deecided to spend my pocketmoney while thinking of So Nyeo Shi Dae.

I went out, bought a pizza, and went back into the building waiting for someone to enter. A new neighboor, 

who moved to live here 2 weeks ago, got in. I bowed and welcomed him with a large smile. I gave him the pizza's

pack on which I previously wrote "Eat this while watching the new music video of Girls' Generation - I Got a Boy

^__^ #9daysofCaringForGG" At first he was in a total disbelief. I asked him to considerate it as a welcome-here 

gift. He hugged me saying that a 15 year-old girl changed a 30 year-old man's mood. I asked him to not forget

watching I Got a Boy to make him feel even better =DD

Date: 22.01.2013

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#5905610 [130113] Fanaccounts from Inkigayo recording

Posted by starkness on 14 January 2013 - 08:30 AM

omg lol so cute interactions. <3

I'd like to be a part of one someday. Lezhope :D

Thank you for compiling. :)



Awww.. so nice. Thanks so much for this! LOL fany getting her knees dirty. :D



great update. *O* how nice of EXO to come and cheer :yes:


thank you for this awesome fan account :thumbsup:  


^_^ You're most welcome~


Can you press rep_up.png if you liked ? :)

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#5902146 [130113] Fanaccounts from Inkigayo recording

Posted by starkness on 13 January 2013 - 05:57 AM

  • Our girls rehearsed "I Got A Boy” for six times today
  • 6 members of EXO-M came to cheer on SNSD noonas today
  • The recording is starting soon. Because maknae is still chatting with fans at the standing area, Yuri shouts "Maknae!!!!!" Upon hearing this, Taeyeon and Tiffany laugh so loudly (typical Taeyeon laughters) Yuri was so loud that she surprised herself
  • When the 9 girls went up stage, fans sang congratulation song for getting number 1. After the song ended, the girls sang again but changed the lyrics to 사랑하는 소원 (beloved Sone) 
  • Before second recording starts, Yoong and Yul were talking and laughed suddenly. Then Yul stood with stage behind her and facing yoong. Not sure was Yul helping Yoong to fix her cloth or what but her hands were doing some actions. These continued for few seconds then they laughed again suddenly. 
  • Fany kept on rubbing her hands, then said that her lipstick is going to freeze
  • Yul asked a fan be more careful wearing his/her caps when came down stage. The fan wore Sunny's welcome motherf*cker cap
  • Sica was so tired today. During first recording, she covered her mic and coughed few times.
  • The beginning of the song kept cutting off, so tiffany whined saying, ‘my knees are getting dirty~’. and the fans all went ‘gg! gg!’ **gg=gee gee=지지.. which means dirty)
  • Maknae ran to front side and asked were they all girls who stood infront, and they replied yes. Maknae looked for some times and asked one fan:" you are??....." The fan answered loudly:" I AM GIRL!!!"
  • While standing by, Tiffany said 'Sooyeom~' (=mustache/beard.. Jessica's korean name=sooyeon), and then she whispered 'jassaka~' 
Via: wooritaetae, sylovety, 073237, ch0sshi, Manpa_J
Compiled by me~
Please press rep_up.png if you liked

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#5849123 [121223] Fanaccounts from Romantic Fantasy recording

Posted by starkness on 30 December 2012 - 04:20 AM

  • SNSD will perform 16 songs at MBC SNSD Special Comeback Show “Romantic Fantasy” !
  • Yoona’s been commenting on how cold it is today, worrying about fans having to wait for so long in the weather.
  • Yoona was yawning during gee’s rehearsal 
  • Yoona also repeatedly saying “I’m hungry”
  • During Recording, MBC doesn’t let us using cellphone. Now is breaktime
  • Yoona and Sooyoung kept saying “A-yo GG” in baby voices
  • TY: Gee is boring isn’t it? / Fans: No~ / TY: Be honest! 
  • Taeyeon said that they feel tired because they were older now. And said that SONEs were also older now so they feel tired as well. when came to topic about age, Sooyoung teased Taeyeon saying that:”Taeyeon will turn 25 in a week time, SONEs do you guys know?” Then Taeyeon became quiet and Sooyoung shut her mouth up 
  • Taeyeon asked were fan doze then Yoong started to sing “can’t sleep well, can’t eat well”(lyric). Members and fans die laughing 
  • Jessica said “oppa fans put your hand up!” many hands were put, then she said “here are still a lot (oppa fan)”
  • The girls kept singing christmas carols, Taeyeon and Yoona said they like Urban Zacapa and kept singing 
  • Yuri said she got flu, but Tiffany said that Yuri’s voice is very cute when she’s sick
  • Yoona: “1+1 is… 2!” and leaves
  • Taeyeon and Yoona sang a bit of 어반자카파(URBAN ZAKAPA) - 니가 싫어(I hate you)
  • The member’s family came to the recording! 
  • TIffany was doing vocal practice, seohyun stopped her suddenly saying “shhh”! Yoona asked whether fans watched I AM - the part where seohyun practicing her vocal, then unnie were like “eheheheh” making maknae collapse and wanted to cry, Seohyun then said “I will cry” with aegyo 
  • When the fans seemed quiet/tired, Tiffany suddenly asked, “Do you want me to sing a [christmas] carol?” and started singing a medley 
  • Girls did gesture throwing bait 
  • While Seohyun and Yoona were talking they hugged and cuddled same goes when Seohyun and Sooyoung were talking 
  • EXO members tried to come over the stage !!
  • Yoona gave a flower to Sunny then Sunny said she have to get married with Yoona !
  • Before start recording, yuri became crazy..when Fany saw it, she smile and shouted “Yuri ah, saranghae” 
  • Krystal plays piano for Jessica’s solo.
  • Seohyun solo stage with guitar
  • Seohyun performed Taylor Swift - Speak Now in a wedding dress playing guitar
  • One cammer got caught and kicked out.
  • Hyoyeon, Yuri, Henry collab
  • Looks like they performed only 2-3 songs from new album
  • Studio is under big construction due to next stage. 
  • Tiffany performed “Call Me Maybe”
  • Since Seo was taller than microphone, she had to lower her neck when singing
  • Seems like Taeng performed Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 
  • Sica was so tired until crouched on the floor complaining/agyeo. Yul helped her to stand up using both hands 
  • Credits: oniontaker ; imyoonacom ; dc_seeoticon ; taenacity ; jhty8938 ; sylovety ; _taedork  ; imtotoro ; ch0sshi ; hu_guk ; snsdtaenyship ; realsamchon ; Ihope9 ; Girls' Generation Tunisia for the compilation

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