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SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Jakarta Indonesia [FANACCOUNTS]

22 September 2012 - 09:18 AM

  • During Twinkle ending pose, i think Fany's hand bumped onto taeyeon and then she rubbed taeng's arm while smiling like a total dork.
  • The soneID projects were success to the max, no wonder someone said Hyoyeon crying at backstage
  • Then at the last part, we held our 3rd paper project "all my love is for 소녀시대" fany saw us then gave us thumbs up.. omggg soooo cute!! >.
  • RT @del_87: Oh after we finished singing happy bday, the girls were asking hyo to stand at center then hit her head LMAO..
  • My friend said there was a bit TaengSic moment during Gee. Taeyeon glanced at Sica. Can it be comsidered as moment? LOL But okay lah, better than not.
  • Sooyoung was abt to speak when the signal on.. she suddenly looked confused and stopped talking to see at the source of the sound..
  • SNSD performances on SMTOWN III JakartaDevil's cry(Taeyeon), California Girls(JungSis), RDR, Genie, DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again(TTS+EXO),Twinkle, Dance Battle (YoonYulHyo), Mr.Taxi, Gee, Kissing You, The Boys.
  • At the end.. yoontaeny were pointing and smiling to some of the fans then gave thumbs up.. XD
  • apparently.. There's no TaengSic moment tonight.
  • we started to shout "happy bday hyo!" Then some start singing..then the girls were like '1, 2, 3..' then all of us started to sing again >.
  • RT @pltang: sang happie bday to Hyo once by sones.... 2nd happie bday lead by soshi
  • RT @real_tessa89: [FANACC] Hyoyeon was crying backstage.#SMTOWNJKT
  • When they were introducing themselves, after hyo's part, one of@soneid project staff blow the signal for us sone to say happy bday to hyo..
  • RT @vcAcivon: Anw locksmith should be super happy , TaeNy when got back to mainstage , literally together the whole time
  • RT @vcAcivon: Then SooSeo joined TaeNyYoong , they bowed together etc . I'm dead tbh
  • RT @vcAcivon: SooSeo went to my area and they made a heart sign at first omgggggggggg super lovely tbh
  • Someone threw a Woody plushie on stage. Siwon picked it up and a few minutes later he gave it to Sooyoung
  • Jessica blow flying kisses to everyone during "Kissing you"
  • Sunny intro in Bahasa Indonesia "Selamat malam nama saya Sunny" (G'Nite my name is sunny) in cute way
  • it's said that they wore a new outfit for the boys performance
  • yuri picked up cute bunny bandage from sone and then did a dorky dance.
  • most soshi members come up to the stage for the end festival
  • Yuri doing Heart gesture, Sica waved to sones.
  • Tiffany shout "U ROCK GUYS!!!!!!!"
  • oh my hyo RT @doushitae: Hyoyeon's mic fell down
  • The Boys Epic Fanchant
  • JeTi n Hyosun moments in gee , something wrong with Taengoo earpiece by vcAcivon
  • Gee Fanchant also no kidding, JeTi HyoSun moment too, and IAM VCR being played
  • When Kissing You was played, there was HyoHyun moment and Hyo made a love sign credits cleverbyotch
  • Hyoyeon almost fell. be carefull Hyo.
  • RT @imyoonacom: During MR. Taxi there is a Fanboy screamed "GG Tour Juseyo" XD
  • RT @Sooyoungsters: Sooyoung complained hungry in backstage. (cr: kpopers_ind)
  • During "DJ Got Us Falling in Love" perf, Seohyun glasses slipped. LOL
  • The girls totally looked stun when we yell kim hyoyeon kim hyoyeon kim hyoyeon ! Their face were soooo priceless I couldn't be more proud
  • RT @9_unnirs: TaeNy and SooSic moment!!!!!!!!!!!! AAACK
  • The fanchant for twinkle really great. and SONE Project also fantastic.
  • one of the girls asked "sudah makan?" (have you eaten/dinner?)
  • #SMTOWNJKT The girls intro in Bahasa Indonesia :"Selamat Malam, kami SNSD! Saya* rindu kalian!" (G'Nite, we are SNSD! I miss you!") *they should've said Kami (we) instead of Saya (me/i).
  • when indo sone singing happy birthday Hyoyeon look amazed and she gives two thumbs up to indo sones.
  • During intro earlier, Tiffany shouted "Hai Indonesia!", Yuri said Saya rindu kalian (i miss you guys)
  • Tiffany almost slipped during Genie. be careful miyoung~
  • The girls and Sones were singing happy birthday for Hyoyeon and the Birthday project went smooth.
  • Tiffany Said "Indonesia Put It Back On"
  • RT @WK_GeorgieHnly: Yoona said : "selamat malam,saya yoona"#
  • RT @doushitae: Seohyun said "Ayo, main bersama!""
  • The Hyoyeon Birthday Project were success.
  • Yoona said : "selamat malam,saya yoona..and sooyoung said: "saya kangeen kalian" and they singing happy birthday to hyoyeon. _mzhou
  • RT @nadyapermadi: SNSD unnirs are cuteeeee! Sooyoung was like 'aku kangen kalian!' And we sang b'day song to hyeoyeon TOGETHER!!!
  • i heard Taeyeon was dizzy and fell after the press conference end. but they said she's fine.
  • Fan-Acc from GBK Venue : "SONES in the tribune 3A start spreading the white and pink ballons for the "GG words" project" by cleverbyotch
  • SNSD intro in Bahasa Indonesia: Yoona : "selamat malam,saya yoona" (G'Nite im yoona), Sooyoung : "aku kangen kalian" (i miss you guys), Sica "Terima kasih sudah datang ke sini" in cute way ("thanks for coming" in cute way), Seohyun : Ayo Main bersama (lets play together)
  • RT @sungjin0101: taeyeon ended it with say "gamsahamnida" NOW IS RUN DEVIL RUN!! THOSE GURLS REALLY REALLY FREAKIN' SEXY TT sone festA waved their handbanner
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