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[01.30.12 - 02.03.12] Pillowpino's five day adventure

04 February 2012 - 03:13 PM

Warning: This is an extremely long retelling of what occured to me in my quest to meet the girls of SNSD. If you don't like reading this is not for you <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Day 1: Went to JFK International Airport to see the girls arrive

I arrived at the airport at 9:30AM and headed to Terminal 1's arrival area to wait for the girls. There was a lot of other fans around, many wearing pink and some holding albums and other such paraphanelia in hopes of 1 of the girls signing something. I head over to a railing where you can view people exiting from customs in order to try to get good photos of the girls coming out. Soon after many people started doing the same and we ended up all clustered against each other, cameras at the ready, all waiting for our beloved girls to show up. People got excited as the arrival notice for there flight appeared at 11AM. Then some people started yelling and screaming at random intervals making everyone search frantically for the girls. This joke got old really quick and I remember mentioning to some people around me that whoever did that needed to be maimed. I know, overly vicious, but THEY REALLY DID DESERVE IT! Anywho, an hour passes and that's when the real excitement begins. The girls finally exit customs at 12:20PM and the entire crowd gets loud as some people actually see the girls, yelling out names of whoever they saw first. The girls walked by all of us, greeting us while being moved by their managers towards their bus. I managed to snap pictures of some of the girls but they're not really good quality:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Day 2: The mini fansigning before the Letterman Show taping

*Let me preface this by saying, this day was FREAKING AMAZING!*
I arrived at the Ed Sullivan theater around 10:45AM. Soy had tweeted earlier that morning that the girls MIGHT sign some stuff so I brought along with me my copy of SNSD's first photobook along with a bag full of hopes and dreams to hopefully get one of the girls to sign the book. There was already a decent sized line already formed so I queued up as well. I made chit chat with the other fans in line to pass the time. Eventually some paparazzi guys came up to us and asked a few of us who our favorite member was. I told him that I couldn't choose because I loved them all. Some of the people called me greedy but in my defense, I told them I didn't want to invest my love into just one member and that meeting any one of them would make my life complete. At 1PM the bus arrived with the girls and we all just went crazy. A group of fans started singing The Boys accapella (though it hurt to hear, I felt the love they were sending to the girls so I didn't complain). Then the girls came around the bus and started signing some people's stuff. At this point I screamed out each girl's name that was within earshot to sign my book. Tiffany and Tayeon had walked past our area quickly so I didn't even have a chance to say either of there names. As soon as I saw Sunny I yelled her name multiple times. She was the first to approach me and I went absolutely bat**** crazy screaming Iove you in both English and Korean. She was startled at first at how I responded but quickly giggled at how ridiculous I was acting. When she giggled, I felt like I died and was reborn. As she was signing my book she asked me where I was from twice. I was too starstruck to answer her the first time but when I realized what she said I replied" I'm from New York, here, here!" After she finished signing, she said it was nice to meet me, smiled and moved on to another fan. Right there, I could've been murdered and been happy because my goal was accomplished. Not only did I meet one of the amazing members of Girl's Generation, but she is also my older brother's bias. My brother was proud that I was able to get that signature to say the least.
Posted Image

But that was just the beginning of it all. After Sunny's departure, I quickly spotted Hyoyeon out of my peripherals. As I was calling out her name, she was already beelining up to me, with that ADORABLE fox hat, and picked up my sharpie before I could utter another word. She asked me where she should sign and I excitedly told her "anywhere".
Posted Image

After Hyoyeon finished signing, I thanked her but had no time to even let what happened sink in. I saw Sooyoung and yelled for her as she just finished signing another fan's item. She flashed me this amazing smile and quickly signed my book. I almost forgot to thank her before she left, she was THAT breathtaking. The screenshot I managed to pull definitely does not do her justice. Hell none of the pictures of the girls that I have do.
Posted Image

When Sooyoung moved on, I saw and called out for Jessica and Seohyun but to no avail as they were already passed my area. There was a lull for about 15 seconds and I thought that all the girls had already passed by. It was then that I saw Yoona one person to my left and so I called out her name once. Right as that happened Yuri popped up behind Yoona and it looked like she was gonna beeline passed everyone. I yelled out for her and she turned and came up to me and said "hiii". She grabbed my sharpie and then said "It's nice to meet you". The words that were coming out of her mouth sounded heavenly and I instinctively answered her back by saying "perfect English" instead of saying "nice to meet you" back like perhaps a normal person would. She giggled blushed slightly and said "Ah, really? Thank you". I wondered what I had done in my previous life for something so absolutely amazing to occur. (Some proof of that actually happening http://www.youtube.c...h?v=wtvCw43IAnA)
Posted Image

She moved on to another person and started signing another fans item. She asked that fan what their name was and they replied "Bee". Yuri wrote down the letter B and thought that was it until the fan replied "e, e". After finishing writing it, Yuri looked up at us and said "Bee?" and made a flapping gesture to signify the small flying insect. I answered excitedly "Yep, yeah, that's right" (I apologize to whoever Bee is for responding for them, it was just too GODDAM CUTE to stay quiet!" After Yuri left, I finally had time to let it all sink in. I just saw all of Girls' Generation, managed to get autographs from four of them, managed to share a few words with some of them and even got Yuri to blush a little. #$&*(%^$#@!@#~OMFG LIFE IS GOOD!!! When the girls went into the studio, I was approached by the paparazzi guys and they said they admired the hustle I put into getting the attention of the girls. I didn't pay much mind to them though because I was still feeling the aftereffects of meeting the girls. I decided to head home instead of waiting to try and get a standby ticket for the Letterman Show because many other fans intended to do just that. At home all I could do was spazz the eff out. I almost, ALMOST cried at how good I felt. I rewatched the fancam that was posted on youtube while admiring the signatures that I had recieved:
Posted Image

Day 3: Outside the Live! With Kelly Show
(Unfortunately I have no pictures from this day or the subsequent days as I decided to only take video out of convenience for me haha. If I ever decide to put what I have up, I'll link them here)

After having the most amazing sleep in my life, I woke up at 4AM with the intention of trying to get into the Kelly show to support the girls on television. I arrived at 5AM and managed to be 42nd in line. I thought that the odds were pretty good at this point and chatted with the people around me. We all shared stories about the day before and the consensus was that I was the luckiest person alive. As we waited on the line, there was a guy about ten people down the line and he was dancing to The Boys. Now I must say, I usually don't care when guys do dance covers of songs unless it's like Jo Kwon, but this guy was epic. The fact that he was dancing out the entire routine alone, in the rain, in front of all of us was cool but he also got on the wet floor to do Yuri's part, not giving a damn about getting wet. His name was Teddy and he deserves respect and this part right here was my homage to him. After waiting a long time, we got dragged to the front of the building and then watched as 17 people are allowed to go in and go into the studio to watch the show. After that happened one of the producers comes out and announces that the rest of us are going to get filmed outside and that we should act like they won't let us in and show how much we want to get in. After those words were said, I knew we weren't getting in but I and most of the other fans stayed to show the nation just how much we loved the girls. After that happened, the fans split into two different groups, people who wanted to watch the show went down the street to watch at another building while the other group stalked the bus in hopes of getting to see the girls up close. I ended up with the latter group. When the show was done, the girls did come out and even signed a few peoples' things while being ushered back to their bus. After they were all boarded, I was packing up my stuff to leave and call it a day. This is where the day gets interesting.

As I was putting my gear away in my bag, I saw the paparazzi guys from the day before and commented about there fan cam and asked them if they got good footage again. They said they were about to get that now because they were going to follow the bus. I said that's cool and wished them good luck. They asked me if I wanted to tag along but I thought they were joking with me so I just laughed it off. They then told me they were serious and I shrugged and said "screw it, if I'm going to die, it's going to be because of dumb stuff like this". They laughed and then I hopped into their SUV and they began chasing. As we were chasing, everyone except the driver was working on their computers sorting through videos and pictures they had just taken of the girls. I knew then that I wasn't going to die and that my impulsiveness might pay off today. We followed that bus for 20 to 30 minutes until it got tired of trying to lose us and finally arrived at the hotel they were staying. There were no other fans in sight and I knew that I had really gotten an exclusive look. We all got out quickly and I went close to the bus and greeted all the girls as they came out. Most of them said hi back and I almost spazzed out. After the girls went into the hotel I talked with the paparazzi guys thanking them for this. Soon after we exchanged info and I headed back home, revelling about everything that happened.

Day 4: The fansigning that was not meant for me

I woke up at 3:30AM to get ready for the chance to be one of 300 to recieve a wristband that would let me enter the fansigning event that would occur in the evening. I arrived at the Best Buy location around 5AM only to find that contrary to popular belief, people were allowed to line up the day before to ensure that they would get a wristband. Me and my friend queued up and hoped that we would miraculously be part of the 300. As time went on, we saw people skipping ahead and managing to get in when Best Buy was allowing people to enter. I was getting pissed off but I didn't want to cut the line because it wasn't right. Around 630AM, a security guard announced that the 300 people had already gotten in and that the rest of us had to leave because they were not letting anyone else enter. I estimated that I was about 50 or 60 people behind the 300 cutoff but because of how lucky I was over the last two days, I didn't let it get to me too much. I went home and thought I wasn't going to go later because there would be no point. That notion went out the window when I got a call from my cousin who had gone to the location after he got out of school. His uncle had asked me a week before to bring him home and I needed an excuse to try and see the girls again so I had gone back at 530PM. I joined up with my cousin and heard that they were letting more people in. I got a bit excited but kept reminding myself and my cousin that we may not get in and that whatever happens happens. As we are nearing the corner before the entrance of the Best Buy, another security guard announced that that was it and that no more people were allowed to go in. I won't lie, I had my hopes up and was disappointed when that was announced. I joked around with my cousin and told him we could wait to see the girls leave so he could have a chance to see the girls at least once. After they left, we took our leave and managed to end up behind the bus back in Queens. We followed it having a hunch that it might go to Flushing but when it passed that by we figured the bus was empty and continued our way home.

Day 5: Let the unplanned stalking commence

On this day, I recieved a call from one of the paparazzi guys asking me if I wanted to meet them in the city to chase the girls. As I didn't have anything to do, I told them I was on my way. When I arrived, I saw no bus in sight and thought to myself that they probably left to go home already. The guys then filled me in that they had followed the girls the day before and that they used other vehicles to travel and that one of them was already here. I got excited again and got my stuff ready. On this day, the location of their hotel had been discovered by a handful of fans. I made chit chat with them until someone said that Yuri was coming out. Everyone started taking pictures and wished Yuri a safe flight home. A little while after, Sunny came out and got into a car with her manager and headed on their way. About an hour or two had passed and nothing was happening and so the paparazzi guys told me they were going to follow another lead and that I should let them know if anyone else leaves while I'm there. I wished them goodluck and hung out with the other fans that were there. Soon after, Sooyoung had come out and took a taxi to where ever they intended to go. A little while after Sooyoung's departure, Seohyun came out. Instead of beelining to the street to catch a taxi, she approached our group and asked us "Want stickers?" We all said yes and happily recieved our "present" from her, thanking her a lot during the process.
Posted Image

After she left, we were all exclaiming how lucky we were to recieve something from one of the girls and that this probably doesn't happen to a lot of people. After this happened, I informed the paparazzi guys that two more girls had left and that they left seperately. He asked me to follow whoever the next person was and see where they went. I told them I would think about it if I was still sticking around. After that, some of the fans had motioned to my car and I saw a police officer about to ticket it. I went up to the officer already acknowledging defeat and saying that I understood that he was just doing his job. To my surprise he said he hadn't begun processing the ticket and that he would let me off because I was understanding. After the officer left, I jumped for joy getting laughs from the fans watching. I took it as a sign that I should be leaving soon. I told the people I was hanging out with that I would leave after the next girl left. About 15 minutes later Taeyeon comes out and catches a cab immediately. My impulsiveness kicks in and I decide to follow as the paparazzi guy asked. I speed after the taxi they took and wind up following them to the Metropolitan Museum. On the way there, I saw Taeyeon and her manager look at me for about 5 seconds and then turn away. I felt bad for following them and decided to just follow them to where ever they were going and then drive off without following them inside. When they got out of there taxi, I immediately yelled out an apology to both Taeyeon and her manager. They turned around and laughed and smiled before making there way to the museum. I felt better that they showed me a response rather then just ignoring me and going on there way though I would've understood if they did that too. This day was a mixed back of emotions for me as a fan. I always feel good whenever I see the girls, but I discovered first hand where fandom should stop,

Ending Thoughts

I cherish every moment that occured during these 5 days. I met a lot of great people (speaking of, if you were there on day 5, hit me up, one of you has proof that Seohyun gave us stickers), experienced the many levels of fandom, and most importantly, GOT TO MEET SNSD!!!!!!! I'd like to thank SME, Soshified, and all of the people I've met and became friends with. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3