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#5592391 09.22.12 SMTOWN Jakarta, Indonesia

Posted by Januar74 on 22 September 2012 - 11:39 AM

Because we sat at tribune that quite far away from the main stage and even the side stage, so we could only see Soshi from the big screens, altough it's just like watching youtube or dvd on my notebook, but it's just different, because it's live, we felt the atmosphere there.....you can't find them when you're watching on youtube or dvd.

Ok here we go...

Devil's Cry, everybody just screaming when Tae sang, gosh her voice is incredible.

Run Devil Run, everybody singing along to the chorus, no fanchants, just singing along

Jessi introduce herself in Korean, and then saying in English that she said thanks for coming here
Fany said "hai Indonesia, and don't know the rest what she said because of the cheering there
Yuri said Saya rindu kalian (I miss you) after read from her palm LOL, she said in veryyyyy cute voice ...
Yoona said "Selamat malam, saya Yoona" (g'evening I'm Yoona), gossshhhhh her voice is very cuteeeeeee............
Taeyon said same as Yoona, and yes very cute!
Sooyoung also said the same words but she added Aku kangen sama kalian (I miss you), and I began wondering why all their voice are so cute in my ears when they're saying in Bahasa Indonesia LOL
Seohyun said "Selamat malam, Saya Seohyun. Ayo main bersama?" (G'evening, I'm Seohyun. Let's play together?) gaaahhhhhhhhh so cuteeeee!
Sunny said the same as Hyun and then she sing and dancing a little but I don't know what's she sing, maybe Indonesia's song? and of course she said it in full of aegyo
Hyoyeon said same as Sunny......

And then we sang Happy Birthday together for Hyo :-), Sunny apushed Hyo to stand in the center, after the song, they played with her hair, and then she force to bend, everybody patted on her back and head, Hyo got mad! LOL after that she said she's very happy and suprised there's a project for her

There is a fancam for the introducion
http://www.youtube.c...channel&list=UL (cr TaeNyism27)

Genie, the song that I wait! the reason you all must be know, the famous words that Fany will said after her rap part "INDONESIA! PUT IT BACK ONNNN!!!" *well I should change the word in my signature then LOL, the fanchants is quite amazing!

Twinkle & DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again, everybody got crazy, I believe we sang along for the whole song! LOL

Dance battle (Hyo, Yoona, Yuri) is so short for me, but still could made us screaming like crazy.

Mr Taxi, as usual we are screaming and singing along.

Gee, I believe the whole stadium is singing along, they perform in the special stage in the front of VIP seating, well you get what you pay for :-p, I could only watch the on the big screen :-D, I saw Hyo wiping Sunny's face with her hand when babo part LOL

Kissing You, because I could only watch from the big screen, I couldn't see any dorkiness they are doing, it show only member who singing.
This is tThe very close moment that I have only, when Yoona, Taeyon, Fany Sooyoung, Yuri and Sunny in moving stage car, I try to attract their attention, trying to get an eye contact LOL, but not my luck that night. At that moving stage, looks like Taeyon having trouble with her mic because she checking it. Yoona waving to us when they moving away from us. They are so cute!!!

## I also want to give important information regarding to the event when "Kissing You" song performed and the girls using moving stage car to move from stage in front of VIP stage to main stage##
-In the fancam video looks like Fany, Seo, Hyo and Jessi's moving stage car was shaking quite hard, that's because of there's a non permanent bridge that connect between the running track field and football grass field, the bridge not stable enough when the car passed it to the football grass field
-Altough I am in Tribune 1B, the moving stage car that carried Yoona, Taeyon, Sooyoung, Yuri and Sunny also chased by the fans (lack of security), but they only taking pictures. And the same thing happened when the car pass the bridge, it shaked quite hard because of the non permanent bridge (I believe there's a small sewer under it)
-I already aware that the bridge it quite dangerous because the first time the moving stage car being used was when Eunhyuk and Donghae sang "Oppa Oppa", it shaked quite hard, and after that never use the track again until Soshi.
##So it is not true that fans hold or shaked the cars, but there's a non permanent bridge that they have pass to reach the main stage.##

The Boys, this is it! I'm waiting to shout from the bottom of my lungs for the fanchants! The whole stadium shouted "GG"!!!, very amazing!! and it said that they wore new outfit, I don't pay attention of it because I'm too excited!

That's my first fan account, I'm sorry for my poor grammar and no pictures, hope that I could write another fan account when GG Tour 2013 in Indonesia will happen *fingercrossed

And I want to thanks to all Indonesia fellows, altough most of the ocean are blue, but all of you cheering equally to each of the group band that performed on stage. Indonesia daebak!!!!

SOSHI SARANGHAE! I'l wait you all the girls in 2013, I'll be standing in the festival area.

NB: my throat is hurts and my right arm is in pain (too much waving the light stick) :-))))
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