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#5443241 [MESSAGE] Happy 5th Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

Posted by MemoriesOfK on 22 July 2012 - 11:34 PM

Dear SNSD,

In the blink of an eye, it has been 8 long months since I’ve last seen you. Throughout these long periods of time, so many things have happened. From the production of Love Rain and Fashion King to the conclusion of promotions for TaeTiSeo, you ladies have outdone yourselves once again. From little nobodies whom the industry looked down upon during your debut to the Queens of K-Pop and the one group that has the ability to sweep charts upon the release of your albums, you’ve definitely come far. 5 years may seem like a short time to many of us, but to you ladies, it must have been a very long period of time. 24 hours a day will never be enough for you with your killer schedules but take pride in the fact that for all your efforts, you have been rewarded. Not just in terms of your earnings, but also in terms of the amount of fans that you’ve gained. Over a period of time, SONEs have been recognised as one of the strongest fandoms internationally and domestically. Our support for you ladies has created such an effect that we’re being recognised together and it’s really an amazing thing. After looking at all the things that you’ve done for us and done for society, we’ve learnt from you. SONEs are actively giving back to society, be it in terms of charity or the simplest act of a blood donation. Every single thing counts and I really believe that all the good karma accumulated is returning to you, SNSD. All the setbacks that you’ve suffered, all the obstacles that you’ve had to endure, these days are almost over. All of us are embarking on a new journey now, a journey Into The New World.

Years ago, 5 years would have been the maximum lifespan for an idol group. But in current times, it seems as though 5 years merely means the start of something new. Well, at least it seems this way for you ladies. The US and Europe market are yours for the taking, so move ahead and become the one group who can rightfully claim that you’re a global idol group, a global phenomenon.

One generation who called forth a new era, one generation who brought girl power into play, one generation who showed the world that girls can do things that even guys can’t do, that is who you are, Girls’ Generation, a Global Generation.

Have a very happy 5th Anniversary, Girls’ Generation!
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