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#3549378 [OTHER] SNSD Brain Maps

Posted by cedge on 07 March 2011 - 03:03 AM

Hahahha these are so funny, so many insider jokes too ^_^

Soondae = Korean sausage, but also sounds like Soonkyu (Sunny's real name)
Mother = Film that Yuri claims to love, but Yoona says that Yuri fell asleep while watching the movie (Watch "Intimate Note")
Saebyuk = Yoona's character in You Are My Destiny
Yoojin = Yoona's character in Cinderella Man
Salty kimbap wasabi sandwich = Pranks that Yoona played on the other girls in Hello Baby
"What do you mean you need to go to the toilet to do a "Sunny"? is probably a reference to "ssatni" meaning "going to take a dump"? [I'm not sure about this]
I forgot that Shinyoung replaced "poop" with "Sunny" as a joke to make it more broadcast friendly XD
Edgy sisterhood with Hyuna --> Sunny and Hyuna called themselves the Edgy Sisters on Invincible Youth
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#2407192 [TAEYEON] Soshified Flowers for Taeyeon's Musical

Posted by cedge on 23 May 2010 - 07:21 AM

Epic win ^_^
I hope Taeng saw it!

Soshified is SNSD's precious international fansite :wub:
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