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In Topic: [MESSAGE] 1~ 2~ 3~~ From. Yoona

27 March 2012 - 03:29 AM

omg why is she so cute??

and i cant wait to watch the drama :pinch:

but somehow i'm afraid i would get jealous as well :pinch:

In Topic: [OTHERS] Taeyeon Selca and Message On Fansite

15 February 2012 - 08:41 PM

thanks for the translation ^-^

really love how dorky taengoo is and sica too :D

In Topic: [UFO] Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Seohyun UFO Mes...

16 August 2011 - 02:57 AM

wow seohyun replies so many today @.@ mostly because she met her mentor :wub:

well the other members too have awesome lots of replies xD

i immediately laugh at the first comment from yoongie xDD "don't lie"

thx to the subbers that sub it ^-^

In Topic: [OTHERS] "A SONE's Last Diary"

14 August 2011 - 05:18 AM

well... is this sone reli... dead...? cause i think he/she just went to america to receive his/her treatment

if it is.... may him/her rest in peace...

if not... hope he/she can recover..

this last diary of him/her... it's touching :crybaby: i love the way he/she express his/her love towards SNSD :wub:

i salute him/her =) he's/she's someone we should admire and respect =D

In Topic: [UFO] Taeyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Seohyun UFO Messages

18 July 2011 - 12:49 AM

lolz. yoong reply that UFO well, saying that person that dun recognize yoonyulhyun xDD i guess he/she reli not a true SONEs ><

haha, their reply is cute as ever, taengoo and yoona reply alot like always

sunny and seohyun though not much, but it's cute too ^^ seobb's reply getting funnier and cuter too :)