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In Topic: [PICS] 5th Anniversary Gifts

08 August 2012 - 03:36 PM

its a good thing Soshified focuses more on charities in the girls' names. cause personally if i were them, i would appreciate it more than just gifts that they surely could afford to get it themselves (just look at how much money they make. lol) moreover, people have different tastes, what we think is nice might not look nice for them. but overall i love the gifts, simple n classy. n u guys did such a great job for the photo book. keep up the good work, Soshified!

In Topic: 08 - Top Secret

01 July 2012 - 06:33 AM

I have a question over here.. My friend and I have been debating over who sang '(너 몰래)' part in this song.
I think it was Jessica for both but my friend showed me the lyrics she got from internet and it was written as Jessica for the first (너 몰래) and Taeyeon for the second one.

Here are the lines i'm talking about. You can find this part around 1:55 on the song.

너 안볼 땐 긴장 풀고 있어
네가 없을 땐 성격도 좀 있고
(너 몰래) 네가 모르게 한눈 판 적 있어
(너 몰래) 너와 만날 때 단점 싹 지웠어

neo anbol ddaen kinjang pulgo isseo
nega eobseul ddaen seonggyeokdo jom ittgo
(neo mollae) nega moreuge hannun pan jeok isseo
(neo mollae) neowa mannal ddae danjeom ssak jiwosseo

So, anyone knows? Thanks before.