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Full Name: Michelle Thao

Ethnicity: Hmong

Age: 20 going on 21

D.O.B: Sept 16 1989

P.O.B: Fresno California


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That is EXACTLY what you're thinking of right at this moment right? LOL, well to start off with I'm your typical? asian girl. I'm hmong, and if you don't know what "hmong" is, please look it up on WIKI. >.< I'm currently 20 years old right now, will be turning 21 this year on September 16th, I can't really wait, although I'm sure I'm not doing anything for my birthday. I really don't want to get drunk and not know what I did last night. LOL. So, I'm usually a nice girl to start off with, you're nice to me I'm nice to you, blah blah blah blah the same thing goes with everyone...I'm hoping. Do I get mad? Hm...yeah, every human being gets mad, so why wouldn't I? LOL. When I reply to ppl, I don't reply with such long things to say, unless I have a lot of things to say, so don't I'm a stuck up for not talking a lot, I'm just a person with few words to say. I enjoy photoshopping, that's like my favorite hobby, my other favorite hobby is listening to music and writing fanfics. But I'm kind of on the lazy side on my fanfics kekeke, I tend to run out of ideas and then ditch them. Oh that reminded me, I'm currently writing a fanfic called "Unfaithful" so if you haven't check it out, do so, ALIGHT! The link is right here, http://soshified.com...showtopic=37732.

Okay, so this is how I came to noticed/liked SNSD, it all started with watching Super Junior's music video "U" *yes yoona was in there and i thought she was really pretty*. Anyways back on track, I was looking through the comments and there were a lot of crap talking about morning musume and super junior, so I was like. WTF?!! Why would you compare a boy group to a girl group, that is like...uncomparable *is that even a word?*. So I went onto Morning Musume music videos *to make it clear, I knew about momusu before SJ and SNSD*, so anyways, I was on there and there were even more BASHING. I was like, damn these poor girls, they don't deserve any of these lame things from fans. I was scrolling and ran into a comment abut girls generation, something along this line, "if you like morning musume, you should check out girls generation, they're like the girl version of SJ". At that time, I was a fan of SJ, SJ basically brought me back into Kpop *first it was S.E.S, but I wasn't hardcore back then*. So I decided to check out this group called "girls generation" so I asked that person who posted up that comment more about them. Before that I went on Wiki to research on them or to get the basic INFOS on them, the person told me to go look up "into the new world' and so I did. At first when I listened to it, I was like "it's good...not addicting though" but damn, somehow I kept on pressing that REPLAY button LOL. After that, I was like, "eh whatever, they're good" and then forgot about them. So, one day I was on soompi and around that time, they didn't take out the "Poll" section from the Korean Celeb Photo Forums, and so I saw a thread that said, *it's a pretty famous thread too* "Who do you like/prefer, Wonder Girls or Girls Generation". Oh there's the name again "girls generation", of course I never clicked onto that thread because I wasn't interested in neither groups then. That was done and over with, so one day after a hard day of work, I decided that I'll give Girls Generation a chance, since well...S.E.S is pretty much dead and I need a new girl group to like. So I decided to go back on the net and watch Into the new world, Seohyun really caught my eyes, with her pureness, long hair and straight bangs *it was those bangs I tell ya!*. So after watching the mv, I clicked onto their debut performance, it was the one with the member names popping out, yeah. After that, I clicked onto "So Nyu Shi Dae" the mv, and this time, Taeyeon caught my eyes with her cute moves and hat. Ever since then...I went on liking SNSD more and more, but my love for them didn't grow big until 2008 Dream Concert. LOL, so yeah...that's my story on how I met SNSD....kekeke.


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