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@  cinderella@y... (10:19:48 PM) Wondering where is choa ?
@  cinderella@y... (10:16:23 PM) Lol 2 lover
@  Keitaro88 (09:26:31 PM) @glider003 deer *_*
@  glider003 (09:04:17 PM) https://twitter.com/...568688168677376 https://www.youtube....h?v=v2HMnkmPwf4
@  glider003 (08:51:17 PM) @Keitaro88 wow lol
@  glider003 (08:50:43 PM) https://twitter.com/...605817103831040
@  Keitaro88 (08:17:35 PM) >_> https://scontent-dfw...0c422cc8b82ebb9
@  Keitaro88 (08:17:15 PM) lol https://twitter.com/...1126048768?s=20
@  glider003 (07:30:25 PM) @Keitaro88 lmao
@  Keitaro88 (04:13:20 PM) lol https://twitter.com/...6672446464?s=20
@  Keitaro88 (04:04:44 PM) @glider003 *facepalm*
@  Keitaro88 (03:57:47 PM) yeah, most cases i read about were STDs.
@  Keitaro88 (03:53:36 PM) @korniceman3000 yeah, not seeing lawsuits, puzzling... :)
@  JadaDora (03:29:05 PM) https://www.youtube....h?v=LeEn1udghSc
@  glider003 (03:27:34 PM) damn, a patient in Korea(patient 25) who fully recovered from the virus and returned home 5 days ago, has returned to hospital after feeling sick again and was confirmed to be infected again with the virus, which is the first such case in Korea
@  glider003 (03:24:24 PM) https://www.youtube....h?v=uCHgzWma5Bo
@  korniceman3000 (11:47:32 AM) https://www.reuters....k-idUSKCN20L0Q8
@  korniceman3000 (11:47:27 AM) This Shincheonji religious sect sounds a lot like Scientology except they incorporate Christian ideology...
@  korniceman3000 (11:32:45 AM) https://www.youtube....h?v=mDDwi4r82X0
@  korniceman3000 (11:32:42 AM) I feel bad for this guy.
@  korniceman3000 (11:26:05 AM) The virus is indiscriminate. People discriminate.
@  korniceman3000 (11:24:30 AM) https://blogs.findla...s-you-sick.html
@  korniceman3000 (11:23:29 AM) https://www.npr.org/...can-be-a-felony
@  korniceman3000 (11:23:21 AM) That and the charges are relatively low, unless you are dealing with bio terrorism.
@  korniceman3000 (11:22:26 AM) These cases often face an uphill battle depending on the exposure laws being violated.
@  korniceman3000 (11:21:23 AM) But these often very by state laws in the US and often deal with STD's and not so much on diseases like the flu or cold viruses. However, I'm sure if one provides enough evidence, they can make a case for bio-terrorism if the type of infectious disease is deadly or novel like covid-19, SARS, MERS or any kind that can create a pandemic.
@  korniceman3000 (11:18:02 AM) @ Keitaro88 I think a person or govt. can file a lawsuit alleging criminal negligence or criminal transmission of an infectious disease if they have enough evidence to prove the deliberate intent to cause harm.
@  korniceman3000 (11:12:13 AM) OOOH :D!!! Train To Busan sequel!!!! YESSSSS!!!!
@  watch25h (11:09:03 AM) https://twitter.com/...242904715358209
@  watch25h (06:32:46 AM) https://twitter.com/...398710698205184
@  Keitaro88 (06:30:03 AM) Baldur's gate 3 looks good :)
@  watch25h (05:49:02 AM) https://www.youtube....h?v=LYU9MnnL3mE
@  Emperor Ryu (04:34:30 AM)

^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=nQxJFZk4APU https://www.youtube....h?v=TVUqLBRQom8

^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=Ze92U600Y0s https://www.youtube....?v=gKSzjvvxwJg https://www.youtube....h?v=KpoOFJ8TBkc

^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=Q4kTwN_w4jk https://www.youtube....?v=YwN-CN9EjTg https://www.youtube....h?v=GcU8I9-zi64

^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=PBYnq_G866U https://www.youtube....?v=HzEJPRqLUZE https://www.youtube....h?v=o3pOzegB-7w

^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=NHXUM-6a3dU https://www.youtube....?v=f4w8IbQTJpY https://www.youtube....h?v=xhyl2HGXjts

^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=Mn244U2fRKQ https://www.youtube....?v=7zgpdy9Co8k https://www.youtube....h?v=IRYRoEJ0ZwU

@  Emperor Ryu (04:34:14 AM)

Until the next time, my fellow SONEs.  ^_^  https://www.youtube....?v=E0Y3ABqK7M4 https://www.youtube....h?v=zQ6u3FO-aRM

Good Day.  ^_^  https://www.youtube....h?v=ulr0muQKjk0 & https://www.youtube....?v=lOSciQrPr5g https://www.youtube....?v=yuCbJykB32M

Peace be with all of you.  ^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=WkdtmT8A2iY https://www.youtube....h?v=eNmL4JiGxZQ

Aloha!  ^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=4OrCA1OInoo https://www.youtube....?v=eHir_vB1RUI https://www.youtube....h?v=j3_DQgYSS2E

\nnn/  https://www.youtube....?v=iZpq8FjJr2E https://www.youtube....?v=-qPC3rVhlOw https://www.youtube....h?v=ZRPgtoEO6OM

\nnn/  https://www.youtube....?v=t5CBFNYTomo https://www.youtube....?v=5Z7feXrR8X8 https://www.youtube....h?v=Ri6wvGjuoOg

@  Emperor Ryu (03:53:10 AM)

<<<  His Oh My Girl bias is, . . . wait for it, . . . "all of them."  ^_^

<<<  Innocent!  ^.^

<<<  Checking even more videos.  ^_^

@  Emperor Ryu (03:52:33 AM)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Taeyeon!  ^.^  Oh My Girl!  ^.^

@  glider003 (03:48:30 AM) Taeyeon was shown watching this on her IG Story today https://www.youtube....h?v=XIeKFP7Qnyc
@  Emperor Ryu (03:41:54 AM)

Hello glider003.  ^_^  How you been today?

<<<  Still cannot see instagram and twitter.  >_<

<<<  Checking videos yet.  ^_^

@  glider003 (03:39:39 AM) https://www.instagra.../p/B9GtclZnHAv/ https://twitter.com/...293845565042690
@  Emperor Ryu (03:11:15 AM)

<<<  His Female Soloists bias are, . . . wait for it, . . . "all of them."  ^_^  https://www.youtube....h?v=YFOqlE0wCfs

<<<  Innocent!  ^.^

<<<  Checking more videos.  ^_^

@  Keitaro88 (03:10:47 AM) O_o https://twitter.com/...7998317568?s=20
@  Emperor Ryu (03:05:41 AM)

Hello Keitaro88.  ^_^  How you doing today?

<<<  Still cannot see twitter.  >.<

<<<  Still checking videos.  ^_^

@  Keitaro88 (03:03:26 AM) he thinks 1 mln is a big money even if it's a fake, hehe. BBC dumped 10mln within 2 years, hehe https://twitter.com/...5122722816?s=20
@  Emperor Ryu (03:02:32 AM)

<<<  Imagines Soshi Jedis!, . . . ^.^  http://snsdpics.com/...rls-generation/

<<<  Has high hopes the new Disney C.E.O. will remake Episodes VII, VIII, and IX way better than those previously made or by any other movie franchise.  ^_^

<<<  Checking videos now.  ^_^

@  Emperor Ryu (02:47:29 AM)

In Japan, it's originally called Biohazard, glider003.  ^_^

You cannot prosecute someone when they don't even know they're infected in the first place, Keitaro88.  Even when it's been reported there's asymptomatic cases, and one mystery case in Northern California of a Community Acquired Infection.  So asking to throw an innocent person in jail is simply out of the question at this point during this outbreak.  And they don't practice an unusual religion, so using that word is just improper grammar usage, I swear.  *facepalm*

That just proves SJW groups are truly going after religious people for no good reasons, glider003.  *facepalm again*  People are suppose to help each other.

<<<  His Red Velvet bias is, . . . wait for it, . . . "all of them."  ^_^  <<<  Innocent!  ^.^

@  Emperor Ryu (02:35:43 AM)

Welcome to the SBox, JadaDora.  ^.^

Care to present your evidence to the court about medical corruption during a coronavirus outbreak, Keitaro88?  ^_^  Tehehehe.

<<<  Doesn't really follow male k-pop artists.

<<<  His Twice bias is, . . . wait for it, . . . "all of them."  ^_^   <<<  Innocent!  ^.^

<<<  Still unable to see twitter and instagram.  >.<

Again, they're patients or victims, glider003.  I swear, do people even use the dictionary?  And why do we need to publicly show their identities?  O_o

@  Emperor Ryu (02:28:45 AM)

<<<  That media outlet isn't exactly looking at the big picture here when it's so obvious when people around the world are getting infected.  Not because of ethnicity or where they're born.  It's common sense to stay clear of those infected.  I really hope you're not suggesting healthy people go unprotected to sit right next to the infected, and then get infected in order to make them feel better?  Yes, there are reporters who can't do their jobs properly, even during a crisis, like this war human beings are having against this virus on a global level.  That was 2 years ago on something completely different.  *facepalm*  Just saying.  And I have to disagree, no pharmaceutical company is going to wait for more people to die just to blackmail governments.  Again, they're not that stupid in this day of age when accountability means something nowadays.

@  Emperor Ryu (02:16:02 AM)

Hello SBox.  ^_^

<<<  His SNSD bias is, . . . wait for it, . . . "all of them."  ^_^  <<<  Innocent!  ^.^

Lmao!  That entire section is just funny.  It clearly states, "Although there has been those in virus-stricken areas, many residents of Wuhan and Hubei have reported experiencing discrimination based on their regional origin."  Is it because they were born in those areas, or because of the infection?  Is being infected a form of some social cognitive dissonance program?  How does that even translate as xenophobia, let alone racism during an outbreak?  Who even added that section in the first place?  Yes, several of my colleagues are rolling on the floor laughing so hard right now.  I repeat, the coronavirus is indiscriminate.

@  cinderella@y... (01:22:13 AM) @OH_mes2KBS announces the previous report of Music Bank in Dubai being cancelled is not trueThe event has not been cancelled yet, they are currently discussing with the promoters entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&a
@  Keitaro88 (11:53:52 PM) https://twitter.com/...5114331137?s=20
@  Keitaro88 (11:04:35 PM) MB in Dubai canceled + fanmasters and fans start donating.
@  Keitaro88 (09:45:24 PM) lucky couple https://twitter.com/...3837036544?s=20
@  Keitaro88 (09:32:31 PM) https://twitter.com/...3075160065?s=20
@  Keitaro88 (08:20:42 PM) >_>
@  glider003 (07:35:44 PM) https://twitter.com/...227217401810944
@  Keitaro88 (07:16:07 PM) ahh, lol. sry, hehe
@  glider003 (07:14:58 PM) https://twitter.com/...216834179981313
@  glider003 (07:06:53 PM) @Keitaro88 by ahjumma, I thought you meant Taeyeon since that's her nickname, lol
@  Keitaro88 (07:05:28 PM) @glider003 *_*
@  Keitaro88 (07:04:39 PM) @glider003 good!
@  Keitaro88 (07:04:26 PM) ahjumma donated with the rest of RV:) https://twitter.com/...9336863744?s=20
@  glider003 (07:04:23 PM) the mayor said he will request the authority to have the Shinchunji charged for purposely omitting names from the requested list
@  Keitaro88 (07:03:41 PM) Japan Disney temp. closed https://twitter.com/...8786159616?s=20
@  Keitaro88 (07:03:10 PM) @glider003 *facepalm*
@  glider003 (07:01:19 PM) and the cult leaders keep giving the authority incomplete list of its members
@  glider003 (07:00:52 PM) @Keitaro88 ikr. just read that one cult member disobeyed the authority's order to stay home and "moved out"
@  glider003 (06:57:13 PM) >_> https://twitter.com/...221863289081856 https://twitter.com/...222913370787840 https://twitter.com/...223052093161475 https://twitter.com/...223306410635268 https://www.instagra.../p/B9GCIyhjy5b/
@  cinderella@y... (06:51:07 PM) sooyoung fila look nice
@  Keitaro88 (06:50:17 PM) on other hand, even without them numbers r raising exponentially
@  Keitaro88 (06:48:59 PM) i dont know how cult members still not being prosecuted. In many countries it's criminal case knowing that you contaminate(risking people lives) "on purpose" even if you will be condemn.
@  Keitaro88 (06:43:16 PM) @glider003 yeah, just stating that 2 days nat.stadium + merchs, tons of money, hehe. it was expected. I think TWICE dome was postponed (pushed to April). But many recent dome events had been canceled and organizers were hit by fees and other stuff.
@  glider003 (05:55:35 PM) also promising https://www.youtube....h?v=cHKQozbp8kI
@  cinderella@y... (05:53:24 PM) since you mention them as "cult" it normal for them to hide their identities if they doesn/t want to be known
@  glider003 (05:51:39 PM) https://www.instagra.../p/B9F4tcSHZtt/
@  cinderella@y... (05:49:50 PM) blame game starting again
@  glider003 (05:48:03 PM) Shinchunji cult members still causing problems, by hiding their identities. If they do that, they should at least imprison themselves at home
@  glider003 (05:47:07 PM) meanwhile, this looks promising https://twitter.com/...174283687428096
@  glider003 (05:46:51 PM) @Keitaro88 not able to cancel because of too much money involved? that argument no longer applies in the current situation. even Twice concert in Japan got cancelled, fortunately
@  glider003 (05:45:47 PM) @Keitaro88 can't risk a whole stadium of infected
@  cinderella@y... (05:43:34 PM) wow 2k in sk
@  Keitaro88 (05:23:53 PM) BTS concerts canceled too. damn dat is huge amount of money.
@  Keitaro88 (05:01:13 PM) https://www.soompi.c...s-first-posters
@  Keitaro88 (04:46:14 PM) FDA, FTC, FCC r corrupted. seeing how they r pushing new "lobby" regulations. Corporate America! hehe
@  Keitaro88 (04:32:57 PM) @korniceman3000 yeah, pubic found the wrong target.
@  cinderella@y... (03:39:00 PM) 水火不融
@  glider003 (02:49:27 PM) @korniceman3000 not just Chinese decent, but probably Asians overall
@  korniceman3000 (02:45:28 PM) https://www.reuters....SKCN20L2S0?il=0
@  korniceman3000 (02:45:24 PM) Hmmm... I smell a very lucrative govt. contract with lots of kickbacks in play.
@  korniceman3000 (01:27:46 PM) Hi :D
@  JadaDora (12:52:06 PM)

Hi Guys

@  korniceman3000 (12:26:54 PM) On a side note, I wonder how many corners are being cut in the race to be the first to produce a covid-19 vaccine
@  korniceman3000 (12:22:03 PM) https://www.propubli...drugs-to-market
@  korniceman3000 (12:21:54 PM) As for laws in place to protect people from pharmaceutical companies and dangerous, unregulated vaccines, I wouldn't hold the FDA to such a high standard as they have dropped the ball in the last 5 years on regulating drug safety.
@  korniceman3000 (11:56:14 AM) I don't expect that sentiment to disappear anytime soon as long as the virus continues to spread, regardless of severity.
@  korniceman3000 (11:53:52 AM) It was bad enough that PM Trudeau had to make a public statement condemning the racist behavior toward Chinese Canadians stemming from coronavirus fears...
@  korniceman3000 (11:49:59 AM) https://time.com/577...es-coronavirus/
@  korniceman3000 (11:49:54 AM) It's actually been widely reported all over Canada, Australia, and France.
@  korniceman3000 (11:48:27 AM) https://en.wikipedia...avirus_outbreak
@  korniceman3000 (11:48:23 AM) LOL.. No Xenophobia or racism during the outbreak??? LMAO...
@  watch25h (08:22:24 AM) https://twitter.com/...853011094917121
@  Keitaro88 (07:19:02 AM) big guns https://twitter.com/...9342749696?s=20
@  Keitaro88 (04:50:53 AM) 7-9 eps... prob. will be like Terminator *facepalm*
@  Keitaro88 (04:47:28 AM) going*
@  Keitaro88 (04:47:09 AM) Disney has new CEO O_O and rumors goind around about reboot of SW, hehe
@  Emperor Ryu (04:01:42 AM)

Until the next time, my fellow SONEs.  ^_^  https://www.youtube....?v=E0Y3ABqK7M4 https://www.youtube....h?v=zQ6u3FO-aRM

Good Day.  ^_^  https://www.youtube....h?v=ulr0muQKjk0 & https://www.youtube....?v=lOSciQrPr5g https://www.youtube....?v=yuCbJykB32M

Peace be with all of you.  ^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=WkdtmT8A2iY https://www.youtube....h?v=eNmL4JiGxZQ

Aloha!  ^.^  https://www.youtube....?v=4OrCA1OInoo https://www.youtube....?v=eHir_vB1RUI https://www.youtube....h?v=j3_DQgYSS2E

\nnn/  https://www.youtube....?v=iZpq8FjJr2E https://www.youtube....?v=-qPC3rVhlOw https://www.youtube....h?v=ZRPgtoEO6OM

\nnn/  https://www.youtube....?v=t5CBFNYTomo https://www.youtube....?v=5Z7feXrR8X8 https://www.youtube....h?v=Ri6wvGjuoOg

@  Emperor Ryu (03:29:41 AM)

<<<  Imagines all of the SNSD members playing this mobile game on their smartphones, . . . ^.^  https://www.youtube....h?v=uXuG1k4K81o

<<<  And this, . . . ^.^  https://www.youtube....h?v=tv7LfFeamsc

@  Emperor Ryu (03:24:37 AM)

SNSD members are competing for a new phone, cinderella@yoona?  ^_^

@  Emperor Ryu (03:23:56 AM)

<<<  Innocent!  ^.^

<<<  Checking more videos.  ^_^

@  cinderella@y... (03:23:50 AM) i wonder which member will get the samsung z flip phone?
@  cinderella@y... (03:22:31 AM) i just lol at
@  Emperor Ryu (03:14:02 AM)

Hello cinderella@yoona.  ^_^  How you doing lately?

<<<  Still checking videos.  ^_^

@  Emperor Ryu (03:13:35 AM)

Hello Keitaro88.  ^_^  How you been today?

<<<  Is hoping not a single Female K-Pop Artist gets infected.  Praying!  ^.^

Think of it this way, they get an extended paid vacation at home.  ^_^

@  cinderella@y... (03:07:07 AM) lol ok
@  Keitaro88 (02:53:44 AM) damn https://headlines.ya...2260309-sph-ent
@  Keitaro88 (02:52:49 AM) TV networks should prerecord a whole music shows, stress free for everyone, then bring all idols to ending section, hehe why stressing them for whole day *facepalm*
@  Emperor Ryu (02:46:25 AM)

No, there's no official list of recoveries as of yet, cinderella@yoona.  I've heard of reports of recoveries, but we have to wait still.  Mostly everybody is being watched to make sure the correct medical procedures was properly done to prevent further infections.  The vaccine is what everybody is betting on.

No worries, cinderella@yoona, there will always be birthday parties, even for our beloved SNSD members.  ^.^

<<<  Checking videos now.  ^_^

@  Emperor Ryu (02:36:23 AM)

<<<  Lots of time still left to beat the virus when the Olympics start in Japan on July 24th.  If not, London is ready.<<<  Hopes K-Pop girl groups get to perform during the Olympics.  ^.^  The 48 Group will be part of the opening ceremony.  ^.^In actuality, it's faulty procedures that's getting more people infected in Japan, glider003.  I read that a woman in Japan was released from care and supposedly recovered from the virus after being hospitalized and tested negative after "7 days".  *facepalm*  The recommended procedure is suppose to be 14 days.  She returned and tested positive for the virus again.  v_v

<<<  For you Keitaro88, . . . ^_^  https://en.wikipedia...wiki/Capitalism  Just saying.  ^_^  Tehehehe.

@  Emperor Ryu (02:34:07 AM)

Hello glider003.  ^_^  How you doing today?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Sooyoung!  ^.^

@  glider003 (02:32:18 AM) https://www.youtube....h?v=b3jhxSCRwVw
@  Emperor Ryu (02:20:03 AM)

<<<  As for the calming approach, that's already working in most places.  The only place outside of China, South Korea, Italy, Japan, and maybe Iran and North Korea, I heard pushing the panic button was San Francisco, California.  *facepalm*  But not surprising either after earlier unhealthy reports about the State last year, not to mention the air quality too.  The F.D.A. recently stated there's no shortage of medical supplies in the U.S.  And there's no xenophobia and racist behavior being reported during the outbreak.  We're all human beings, and the virus is indiscriminate, obviously.  That's so common sense.  ^_^Here's a point of view we should all consider about reporting numbers around the world, glider003, . . . those numbers will always fluctuate when dealing with an airborne virus, it's to be taken as an estimate, not as the final count.  Only at the end of a war, the final tally is then made.

@  Emperor Ryu (01:55:47 AM)

<<<  Will sum up easily, there's efficiency as boots on the ground testing potential vaccines at ground zero in China already underway.  Updating containment and safety procedures as well.  Just because some people make mistakes, it doesn't mean it's the end of the world, and those mistakes can be corrected.  Common sense does prevail when vital information is given to the people to make sense, and those people use that information to stay safe and help others.  And there's laws that prevent pharmaceutical companies from being bio-terrorists and criminals.  They're not that stupid to get arrested and/or be shot at by armed police and soldiers.  I could be wrong about that, but we have to wait and see who Patient Zero truly is.  And again, let's be real here, not everybody is always going to be 100% hygienic daily without taking a shower.  That goes for good, hard working people trying to survive in those countries and those fighting the virus.

@  Emperor Ryu (01:38:54 AM)

Hello SBox.  ^_^

<<<  His SNSD and IZ*ONE bias are, . . . wait for it, . . . "all of them."  ^_^  <<<  Innocent!  ^.^

I'm pretty sure I read correctly to what CaptTJTaru said about the SBox is no place for politics, korniceman3000.  Unless this is something between yourself and CaptTJTaru we don't know about being drawn out into the public view eyes to read?  o.o

<<<  Sees people around the world doing their very best to combat the virus outbreak as best as they can, whether it be legally or manually overriding uncorrected procedures and do what any warrior does on the battlefield, adjust, compensate, locate the weakness, attack, destroy the enemy, survive!  ^.^

@  cinderella@y... (11:37:16 PM) emp ryu where are you? your the best :) lol
@  cinderella@y... (10:54:56 PM) krobeyad hvanig pblorem
@  cinderella@y... (10:52:00 PM) @Keitaro88 Official is
@  cinderella@y... (10:22:29 PM) oh my sakura
@  Keitaro88 (09:27:30 PM) @glider003 beautiful
@  glider003 (08:44:07 PM) >_> https://twitter.com/...857505157435393 https://twitter.com/...881031562137600 https://twitter.com/...881540016660480
@  cinderella@y... (07:13:36 PM) china covid-19 is closing in on 80k mark ...
@  cinderella@y... (07:05:10 PM) sooyoung look hot in the fila ad
@  cinderella@y... (07:01:49 PM) what did i do?
@  cinderella@y... (06:58:23 PM) huh?
@  Keitaro88 (06:57:16 PM) so you knew what you were doing that time? nice
@  cinderella@y... (06:56:45 PM) @ cinderella@y... (10:28:53 AM) you don't want a mod to pop up do you keitaro88? @ cinderella@y... (10:28:25 AM) next please @ cinderella@y... (10:28:00 AM) italy over 400 omg
@  Keitaro88 (06:56:06 PM) not my words "you don't want a mod to pop up do you keitaro88?" hehe
@  cinderella@y... (06:55:46 PM) i was just being nice to told you that if we don't stop .. a mod might pop up to stop us :)
@  cinderella@y... (06:54:13 PM) sorry i don't because i never call a mod before
@  cinderella@y... (06:53:44 PM) a lot of people had also donated
@  Keitaro88 (06:53:32 PM) you r a staff, you better know:)
@  Keitaro88 (06:52:50 PM) small girl with big heart https://twitter.com/...0941307904?s=20
@  cinderella@y... (06:52:24 PM) :)
@  cinderella@y... (06:52:16 PM) do you have the number/hotline ro call the mod?
@  Keitaro88 (06:51:41 PM) call mod :)
@  cinderella@y... (06:51:15 PM) how may i help you @Keitaro88?
@  cinderella@y... (06:50:07 PM) :)
@  Keitaro88 (06:48:14 PM) *facepalm* https://pbs.twimg.co...jpg&name=medium
@  Keitaro88 (06:46:58 PM) aahh, you r the one of those wanna be... ok ^_^
@  cinderella@y... (06:46:22 PM) march coming .. and covid-19 is still active .. will there be taeyeon birthday party ?
@  cinderella@y... (06:44:01 PM) is
@  cinderella@y... (06:43:50 PM) what is troll? yeah twitter id good
@  Keitaro88 (06:42:46 PM) troll much? ok twitter, good?
@  cinderella@y... (06:41:37 PM) twtr?
@  Keitaro88 (06:40:57 PM) so call mod :) or just keep twtr and twitch conv ability out of sbox, hehe
@  cinderella@y... (06:39:59 PM) maybe there COVID-19 in sbox
@  cinderella@y... (06:38:56 PM) :)
@  Keitaro88 (06:37:36 PM) still dont get it, why you in staff with such behavior.
@  Keitaro88 (06:36:55 PM) just call mod, he should decide what happened here:)
@  Keitaro88 (06:36:18 PM) with my*
@  cinderella@y... (06:36:11 PM) YG new gg?
@  Keitaro88 (06:36:02 PM) i had peaceful convo with other person and something yo didnt like it my shouts. I proof my points and the you express displeasure in my english skill. wth?
@  cinderella@y... (06:34:05 PM) what "bring it"??
@  Keitaro88 (06:34:00 PM) should i repeat it?
@  Keitaro88 (06:33:38 PM) we alrdy had same convo here about it.
@  cinderella@y... (06:32:19 PM) huh? hate? hmm is it?
@  Keitaro88 (06:32:06 PM) bring it. is it a threat?
@  Keitaro88 (06:31:03 PM) i really dont get it your toxicity in sbox. every time you are here, you picking on someone or just hating on what on sbox, hehe
@  cinderella@y... (06:31:03 PM) is there any official list of those who recovered from covid19?
@  cinderella@y... (06:28:53 PM) you don't want a mod to pop up do you keitaro88?
@  cinderella@y... (06:28:25 PM) next please
@  cinderella@y... (06:28:00 PM) italy over 400 omg
@  Keitaro88 (06:27:45 PM) my english?
@  Keitaro88 (06:27:33 PM) so i dont get your q, hehe
@  cinderella@y... (06:26:53 PM) trying to prove your english again?
@  Keitaro88 (06:26:46 PM) ship manifest
@  cinderella@y... (06:26:36 PM) so?
@  Keitaro88 (06:26:12 PM) "too much money involved. people lives worth nothing" in short "money over people". hard to comprehend?
@  cinderella@y... (06:25:50 PM) How do they count those on the Diamond Princess? according to the people onboard country or the place where the cruise is?
@  Keitaro88 (06:24:40 PM) @cinderella@yoona so?
@  Keitaro88 (06:24:29 PM) @cinderella@yoona i didn't say they "don't care people lives" i say worth nothing lol https://en.wikipedia.../Aging_of_Japan this is the problem now in many developed countries and future is not so bright for them due to low birth rate. i think best place for elder gen is Japan, Scandinavia and isles in Caribb. region, hehe
@  cinderella@y... (06:23:51 PM) @Keitaro88 lol u said ", too much money involved" not "money over people"
@  Keitaro88 (06:18:56 PM) @cinderella@yoona lol, i said "money over people"<--- capitalism, hehe (this formula ALMOST everywhere NON OFFICIAL). Regarding Japan, if they cared for people in this situation, they would do something and not saying businesses should decide what to do in this situation and not being transparent . get it?
@  cinderella@y... (05:27:52 PM) taiwan covid19 case are low but yet they still cancel so many concert/event ... so i don't think it about the number of cases
@  cinderella@y... (05:25:49 PM) lol japan are number 1 on improving tech for the olds and those who need special need .. their design are so great ... i wonder why you say they don't care people lives
@  glider003 (05:24:13 PM) @Keitaro88 ikr
@  Keitaro88 (05:11:26 PM) news outlets not helping, only reporting on new cases not a word about how many recovered. as usual *facepalm*
@  Keitaro88 (04:56:24 PM) yeah, they dont want jeopardize Olympics, too much money involved. people lives worth nothing also it's a good for govs, no need for pension. *facepalm*
@  glider003 (04:32:02 PM) They likely kept people imprisoned in that notorious cruise ship, because they didn't the number increase. SMH
@  glider003 (04:28:09 PM) the main reason for Japan not even properly checking if people in Japan got infected with the virus is because of the Olympics. they just don't want the official number of infected to affect their Olympics
@  glider003 (04:23:35 PM) at least the current Japanese government is very worried, also refuted on it when a member of Olympics committee mentioned that possibility
@  glider003 (04:22:56 PM) Japan is currently panicking on the possibility of 2020 Olympics getting cancelled
@  Keitaro88 (04:15:55 PM) also people r stupid, nothing new :) people loves unnecessary dramas and hate, hehe
@  Keitaro88 (04:09:44 PM) dont trust anyone.
@  glider003 (04:01:51 PM) You really can't trust China's number of their infected, and WHO's report on China is also not plausible, as WHO is doing everything to please China, like avoiding going to anywhere near Wuhan during their trip to China
@  korniceman3000 (12:52:00 PM) That and creating xenophobia and racist behavior.
@  korniceman3000 (12:51:03 PM) It would be nice for the govt to try a more calming approach emphasizing proper hygiene, disinfection guidelines, and following a healthy lifestyle rather than creating a narrative that plays out like Contagion, Outbreak, and Carriers driving irrational fear and people fighting and hoarding supplies...
@  korniceman3000 (12:46:00 PM) But much of the fear comes from the spread of misinformation or dramatization of facts. Govts only do one of 2 things. They either cover up to prevent the truth or they over dramatize and create wide spread panic and pandemonium. In a way, this is no different from a new born child being exposed to the flu for the first time. Much like this, the baby's immune system has never seen a virus and if under 6 months cannot get a flu shot so there is no preventative measure outside of antivirals which many doctors don't always give for children under 6 month so the body has to fight of the flu on its own.
@  korniceman3000 (12:37:02 PM) Every 6-10 years several new strains of viruses appear and start a global panic. Yes, covid19 is bad but it shouldn't create this kind of drama if govts had a good crisis management system in place with competent people and not self serving politicians. People also shouldn't panic if they have good hygiene and follow proper precautions and guidelines to stay healthy.
@  korniceman3000 (12:31:06 PM) Outside of that, there are the various pharmaceutical companies and industrial firms like 3M and Honeywell who are profiting from the outbreak because of surging protective gear sales driven by fear and panic.
@  korniceman3000 (12:28:08 PM) Common sense never prevails in these instances and too many people of power want to the ones with the final word. Then there are the competing depts. all vying for more money and resources to allegedly "combat the virus" and it becomes an internal battle for who takes control of the situation.
@  korniceman3000 (12:26:29 PM) There seems to be a combination of govt. inefficiency, complacency, and generalized cover-up worldwide when it comes to handling infectious diseases as well as endless govt bureaucracy and red tape.