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[12.09.11] ITNW Concert in Singapore - Taeyeon ambushed by the confetti ninja, & Yoona's singing Rilakkuma.Updated - 25 fancams + Images.

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Posted 15 December 2011 - 03:01 PM

*Due to picture limits per post, this fanaccount will be divided among 3 posts.*

My fanaccount doesn’t give you a detailed song-by-song description of what happened in the Singapore concert, but merely a compilation of fun, witty events that happened, and is spazzworthy enough to share. Like an interactive Cliffnotes, in a neat little slideshow. There are title topics for each & every "event" that I wrote about, so scroll through if you want to find something interesting that you've not read before, or just read through. These events aren’t arranged in any particular/chronological order, just whatever that pops in my head first.

I may compare this concert experience with my first concert experience back in Seoul this year with the Soshified members, but I’ll try to avoid that as much as possible. I will just use it as a point of reference if anything else, but no comparisons.

Due to lax security, I managed to find fancams for almost everything that I wrote down in this fanaccount. Thank god security was super cool that day :)

Certain witty captions and SNSD’s self-thoughts are entirely fictional, and are purely just for fun.

Sones, security, and Singaporean concert etiquette.

With the help of Soshified, I managed to buy tickets to the 2011 Girls’ Generation concert in Singapore, for the 1st night. So there were a group of Soshified members all seated together in blocks T37 and T38. Amongst the people I know were Cedge, Qazeopolia, and Shing. Qazeopolia and Shing were new Sones that I had just met the a moment ago. It was great meeting new Sones even right before the concert started. Despite initial doubts, our tickets were actually in the “prime” spot, only several seats away from the rails up front, which directly after that, is the concert stage platform itself. I was quite pleased with how it all turned out, and couldn’t wait to start.

Posted Image

Security today was pretty chill. It was no where near the intensity of security back in the Seoul concert, where if they spotted you filming, you would be pulled out of the concert, and never let back in. But it was surprisingly lax here. There were tales of security deleting videos/pictures from cameras, and giving 2-3 warning strikes, but so far no one had been pulled out. This was good, because that meant there would be more fancams and pictures taken tonight, and I would have recorded memories of this concert somewhere on Youtube to see. That explains why I could find a fancam for almost every moment that I wrote down in this fanaccount. Pretty awesome.

I was amazed at how disciplined our seating block was. The entire block would only stand if it was spazzworthy enough to do so, like a SNSD member walking up front. After which, everyone would simply seat themselves back. I was happy with the arrangement, after all, I did buy seated seats so that I wouldn’t have to stand, otherwise it would’ve defeated the purpose entirely. Stand when spazzing, seated when only slightly spazzing. Pretty awesome etiquette.

The Official MC; Stephanie Hwang.

Tiffany did all the talking tonight. In true MC form, Fany took the reins and pretty much talked and translated everything. She Music-Cored (MC-ed) the concert tonight (Sorry, I couldn't resist :) ). Although there was a translator backstage, everybody was content that Fany was hosting tonight. Concert AND Fany MC? A delightful treat for everybody. I was so happy that I finally got to understand the “Talk” portions of the concert, without laughing hesitantly to what I thought was suppose to be funny. The thing about a SNSD concert is that it’s like a stage play, there are certain parts of the concert that were designed to make you feel a certain way, only to change your expectations at the very end.

(I don’t see any need for this, but since I’m cutting straight to the end of the concert, I guess it counts as a spoiler, not that reading this fanaccount isn’t a spoiler in itself)

So basically, at the “fake” end of the concert, the girls are suppose to tell the audience that their next song is their final song, and that this would be the end. Of course, as most Sones would know by now, this is just part of the “story” and that we would chant and cheer for an encore, and the girls would pop back out to perform even more songs.

*Spoilers end*

Now see, I didn’t know that was happening. During my first concert in Seoul, I felt the mood of the ending, but I never understood it was happening verbally.
With full English comprehension throughout 90% of the concert, this was by far my most comprehensive SNSD concert experience to date. And this time around, I had to actually listen carefully to what they said, through all the shouting and screaming, AND watch their little antics. It was sensory overload, and I loved it.


This was essentially my audio range for the night; SNSD’s voices, and deafening screams.

There was an official translator hiding backstage, translating on the fly what the girls were saying in Korean. Or at least tried to. The girls were most of the time having their usual banter, bouncing of each other faster than the translator could keep up with, hahah. When I first heard the translator’s voice, I was trying to see if any of the girls, besides Tiffany, were translating it by looking at their mouths because I didn’t know about the official translator just yet, hahaa XD

Foreign languages? Me, Me!

SooYoung was probably the most enthusiastic about talking in English, apart from Tiffany. At every opportunity she got, she would speak to the audience in English. And in true SooYoung fashion, she made it hilarious. During the first “talk” sequences where all the girls would introduce themselves, SooYoung let out a low, sexy “Hello, Singapore~!” . Hahaa, she was just cringing with laughter after that. Her grasp on English was surprisingly good, her accent was clear, her pronunciation was accurate. It was really nice to hear her speak.


1.23 – SooYoung: “Hello, Singapore~~

Yuri showed off her Chinese language chops and did her introduction in Chinese. Seohyun topped Yuri off by doing her introduction in Chinese and English. It truly was an international concert.

SooYoung’s random bits of hilarity don’t stop there. At the end of the concert, just as the girls were about to walk off-stage, SooYoung granted the audience her patented aegyo kisses, with the other girls following suit as well. And just as she is about to go backstage, she belts out “Singapore, you guys are so Osam! (Awesome)”.


2.17 - Mighty kisses.
2.40 - SooYoung: “You guys are so Osam!”

Fany got stuck?

At the very start of “Naengmyun”, the girls would pop-out from all corners of the stage and go directly into the song. Naturally all eyes would be on the main stage where the first few girls appear. Only after a few seconds, if not minutes, would you realize that the other girls have already appeared on the center stage. And if your eyes were fast enough, you would turn your attention to the center stage, and what looks like Tiffany getting stuck in the hidden trapdoor, presumably due to faulty elevator equiptment/rig. I couldn’t find a fancam for the 1st day, but I did manage to find one from the 2nd day.


0.28 – Hyoyeon: “Trapdoor Oppa, sing with me!”

It is in fact, not a faulty elevator rig, as you can see. The girls were meant to “pop-out-of-nowhere”, where Hyoyeon and Yoona would use the side stairs, and Fany would use the trapdoor in the floor. This presumption of equipment failure may have arisen from previous fancams of the Japanese Arena Tour, which may or may not have been the case. However, for this leg of the concert, S.M. seemed to have eliminated the elevator rig entirely, and simply opted for a regular stair option, where Fany would simply just climb out of the trap door. Although, the fact that one would most likely shift their attention from the main stage to the center stage, catching Fany whilst climbing out the trap door, did make it seem as though she was stuck, lol. It was pretty amusing at the time :D

Confetti for Sunny, and a wand for Fany.

After the girls disembarked from their boat halves during “My Child”, they went through their usual routine and marched around the boat. Then, as they circled back to the front of the stage, 4 big white balloons floated to the top, and with a pop, confetti rained down onto the stage. As the girls were climbing back onto the boat, I spotted Taeyeon walking up to the edge of the stage. At first, It looked asthough she was receiving something from an off-stage staff. Upon closer inspection, she seemed to be picking something up from the edge of the stage. After a few seconds, she stood up and casually walked back to the boat. All of a sudden, she throws her hand up in the air, and confetti comes raining down on Sunny. Sunny was surprised and the fans screamed even louder. Taengoo, with her awesome Ninja skills, snuck up to Sunny and did an encore confetti celebration. It was hilarious, Taeyeon was such a dork, and we all loved it. I was so happy that I managed to get a glimpse of that little moment with so many other things going on.


0.18 – Confetti bomb.


0.05 – Taeyeon gathering confetti.

Before the boat started moving, Tiffany borrowed Seohyun’s wand and wanted to cast the wand forward to get the boat moving. Unfortunately, her timing was off, and after a few failed spells, she gave up, and only then did the boat move, hahaa . It was hilarious to just see them spontaneously change the usual routine and just go with the flow. Maknae got back her magic wand eventually, lol.

Posted Image

Posted Image


2.39 – Seohyun: “Unnie…..the wand obeys my voice alone.”
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Posted 15 December 2011 - 03:03 PM

Plushies that Foam-Hearts Rilakkuma.

There was an abundance of plushies, soft toys, foam hearts and fan gifts that landed on the stage, particularly during the “Naengmyun/ HaHaHa/ Gee” portion of the concert. There were some close calls of foam hearts and soft toys that narrowly missed the girls during “Naengmyun” and the actual performance of “Gee”. It wasn’t a big deal if a soft toy accidently clipped Seohyun or something, it would've just been awkward, and might have knocked-off their timing a little.


Stray foam hearts, and the very first sighting of the Pink Teddy Bear.

Tiffany was slightly frustrated with the plushies pilling up in the center stage, hahaa. On several occasions, she did pick up the fan gifts, but after a while, she was more intent on clearing the dance portion of the stage, so that the other girls wouldn’t trip over it during “Gee”.


1.30 – Tiffany clearing away some plushies.

Later on, during “Gee”, Fany did have to just plain clear the center stage, carefully putting aside 2 plushies, in mid-performance, when the girls would turn to face both sides of the stadium. Fany Omma was a really endearing and protective side of her that was one of the most memorable things that I saw.


1.10 – Fany clearing away some plushies during “Gee”.

At some point during the talk sequences, she did mention that the fans could still share their gifts at the end of the concert, so they shouldn't have to throw it on stage during performances.


0.02 – Yuri: “So excitiiiiih!”
0.08 – Hyoyeon and Sunny, couple of the day.
0.44 – Tiffany’s friendly safety reminder.
Watch the entire clip, lol.

Don’t take this the wrong way, having a plushie overload isn't a big deal. In fact, if it wasn’t for this, it probably wouldn’t have resulted in the 2 cutest fanservice moments of the entire concert:

1. The Teddy bear with the neck pillow.

The first time I saw Tiffany pick up a fan gift was during “Naengmyun” when all the girls were free to run around and do whatever they pleased. Fany picked up a pink Teddy bear, and she was kind of bewildered on what to do with it, so she walked up to the side of the stage near most pit A, and placed it carefully upright, making sure it didn’t fall to its side. She took a good 5 seconds adjusting the Teddy bear, like a little girl arranging her dolls on the side of her bed.

It was a really subtle, sweet moment for me when I saw that. Of course, we all know the girls probably won’t keep 90% of the fan gifts that land on stage; S.M. would have to rent out a 2nd building it they did. But for that short moment on stage, music blaring from all sides, screams emanating from every corner of the stadium, that Teddy bear belonged to Tiffany, and she treated it as if it were hers all along.

After a while, Hyoyeon was now in the center stage. Walking around, she looked down to the ground and picked up a grey neck pillow. Like Fany, she decided to put it aside, and was looking for a corner to place it, when a certain pink Teddy bear caught her attention. What came next was a moment of absolute and total cuteness. Instead of placing the neck pillow on the floor, she carefully placed it around the Teddy bear’s neck. She took her time, making sure the Teddy bear was comfortable with the pillow, adjusting it here and there. It was totally keep to the SNSD style; making an ordinary object, ever so adorable.

There were no fancams that captured this moment, unfortunately. I tried searching, but to no avail. I did find fancams of the Teddy Bear after it got pimped out by Hyoyeon. Check it out:


0.04 – Pink Teddy Bear: “Best seat in the house. Comfy too.”


0.14 – More cameo appearances by P.Teddy.

Now, the girls may not have “traditionally” interacted with the plushies as we all expected, but I can safely say that it was those fan gifts that led up to this adorkable moment, and I consider that a successful fan gift.

2. Yoona and the singing Rilakkuma.

Posted Image

Like most camera cams, the actual photo never made it to the internet. Only a photo of said photo exists.

During the actual concert, I only saw this halfway through, so here is what I saw. Yoona was holding on to a Rilakkuma doll when Sunny spotted her and decided to join in the fun. After having a short few seconds of fun with the Rilakkuma, Sunny walked away but Yoona didn’t have a proper grip of the doll, so the Rilakkuma doll fell to the ground. As Yoona stared to the ground sadly, she walked away and Sunny decided the Rilakkuma should now find new parents amongst the mosh pit crowd. Sunny held on to the doll loosely and started heaving it back and forth. Yes, we all knew she was getting ready to throw it. The most pit crowd now had all their hands up in the air. After teasing the crowd with the 2 decoy throws, on the 3rd swing, the Rilakkuma doll went flying up in the air and into the crowd.


0.53 – Yoona found a new Noraebang buddy.

It was now not just an ordinary Rilakkuma doll, it was a Rilakkuma doll that Yoona played with, together with Sunny. And Sunny gave that moment back to the fans, literally. It was fanservice to the highest degree; interact with a fan given gift, and giving said gift back to the fans. It was a moment created by the fans, for the fans.


0.57 – Sunny wants in the Noraebang outing.

It was really nice to see how the girls cherished the fan gifts. The reality is that we all know Taeyeon won’t be flying back to Korea with 37 Dookongs in her luggage after every concert. We know that most fan gifts won’t end up in the hands of the girls after each concert. But that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it. Each fan gift is a symbolic message that says “Yes, I like you and what you do, so this doll is my way of showing that love.” So the girls show their appreciation and acceptance of your fan gifts by treating every fan gift with respect, and even for a short moment on stage, treating each gift as if it were their own.


8.35 – Yoona doesn’t like SunRila bonding. Drops Rillakuma to find more buddies.

So Tiffany’s maternal instinct for the other girls and the fans was a beautiful sight to see. It showed how much she has matured, and how caring she is towards every person she meets. This was one side of Tiffany that I never knew existed, it was one of my most touching moments tonight.

Tiffany gave me fanservice, & I gave her nothing.

This requires me to go back to my first SNSD concert back in Seoul. Together with 100 other Soshified members, we went to see SNSD’s first 2nd Asia Tour concert, right in Seoul, South Korea. We were all in the B Mosh pit area, which is basically, looking towards the stage, on the right side.

So sometime during the concert, I decided to stay in the center of the most pit since everybody was cramming at the edge of the railings, and unless you were above than average height, you would have to be uncomfortably tip-toeing, just to get past the banners and towels. I might not have been in close proximity, but I had a much better, and unobstructed view of the entire pit, 360 degrees. That also meant that me, and several other Sones, could be clearly seen from the stage, since we were dead center in the pit, and were not crammed up like sardines in a tin can.

As I was waving my lightstick, I would look at the stage, and see several girls running around. Then Tiffany turn to the mosh pit and starting waving at the fans. She then started waving unusually long, because they would normally stay in one spot for a few seconds, wave, then run off. She continued waving, then she had this frustrated face, and left. I kept on waving my lightstick as I watched her.

Once the concert was over, we all got back in the tour bus and started spazzing. Everybody talked about everything, the new album coming up (Which was “The Boys”, but unknown at that point), how the girls looked really pretty in real life, and who gave the most fanservice during the concert. I had read about fanservice before, but I never really looked it up for what it actually meant. Throughout the conversation, I could tell that fanservice was basically how much a star would personally interact with a fan, be it a wave, air hearts, aegyo, or kisses, it was that personal starstruck moment for a fan. And then I heard them talking about how Hyoyeon, Sunny and Tiffany were really generous at fanservice. And then I thought about whether I had a fanservice moment. And as I recalled that awkward Tiffany waving moment, it slowly dawned upon me.

Oh my god. Tiffany was waving at me. AND I DIDN’T REACT AT ALL!. I didn't even budge.

My heart sank as I slowly pieced together what really happened. This was what really happened;

As Tiffany was waving at the fans closest to the stage, she also waved at those who were not able to get close to the stage, the people at the back. After watching the show in Singapore, I realized that Tiffany was really kind and nice, so she made sure she thanked and waved at everyone, including those who were seated really far away. Anyways, in this case, the people in the center of the most pit were the farthest.

I must’ve caught her attention because I had my “TV-watching” face on, where you just stare at the TV, and you would not have to bother responding with any facial expressions since the TV is a one-way street, you just absorb whatever is coming through but you don’t have to give back anything in return. Maybe it was the fatigue from standing, but I sort of forgot that I was watching a live concert, and not a video on my laptop screen.

Tiffany must’ve thought I was bored or grumpy, so she waved at me, with hopes of lifting my mood. After a few seconds, she tried even harder, as she pushed her waving hand further forward and waved even stronger. The look on my face was that of a stoned idiot.

After which, she gave up, and must’ve thought to herself, “What is wrong with this weird guy?”, and left to continue with her stage routine.

I felt so bad, that I had become the little dark spot on Tiffany’s wonderful comeback concert with the fans. Tiffany probably would have no recollection as to what had happened since there were a tons of great things that had happened in her life up until this current day, but just the thought that I had unintentionally caused her a little grief or doubt in her ability to make people happy just kills me inside. It was the worst feeling ever, because it was a personal fanservice moment that any other fan could only dream of, and I blew it, and worst of all, I made Fany feel bad about it.

I would’ve done anything do fix that moment, I didn’t care if I had my fanservice moment or not, I just wanted to let Fany know that she does a great job at making people happy and giving them more energy throughout their daily lives, and that my little moment was a complete misunderstanding. I wanted her to have no doubts whatsoever in what she does, and that she is a wonderful person.

Well, this apology would most likely never reach her. So I decided on the next best thing, if ever the chance came that I would be able to attend another SNSD concert, I would make up for it, and I would make up for it in the best way possible.

And it did. This opportunity came in the form of SNSD’s Singapore concert.

Present day. As I sat down, waiting anxiously for the concert to start, I knew what I had to do differently this time around. I would remind myself that this is a live concert, and that I’m watching SNSD in person. I would chant silently to myself, at any point in the concert that I would feel tired. It was only 3 hours of pure magic, it would probably never come again, and I was gonna experience as if I would never see another SNSD concert again, remembering all those times that I wished I was at an SNSD concert. I would not let myself forget that this is not TV, and that this is all real.

A few minutes later, I got a text from my sibling dongsaeng, whom I also told about my Tiffany incident. The text said “Don’t screw this up. Give them back your starservice when they give you fanserivce.” Yes, I almost forgot about the incident. I was determined to give Tiffany back the starservice she had always deserved and I would do my best.

It was a success. Tiffany may not have personally received my starservice face-to-face, but I contributed to the total energy in the entire stadium that all the fans gave back. Everytime Tiffany passed by us, she would give us fanservice, and I would give back 1000%. I would smile, wave with my right hand, and waved my lightstick on the left. I would stand-up and make air-hearts. I would just give back as much as I could, with all my energy. And not just to Tiffany, to every girl that walked past us. I screamed out Yuri’s name during her solo stage, I screamed out Hyoyeon’s name during her solo stage, I made air hearts, big air hearts, when Sunny wave at our the seated area. The girls gave us so much energy, and I gave back tenfold, even more.

The way I see it, when the girls perform their show, they give out so much energy to the audience, and unbeknownst to most people, they do accept and feed of the energy from the audience. One might think that the cheers of fans affects little of their mood. But it is completely untrue.

They have said it many times before, they do feed off the energy of the fans, which is what keeps them going, and this is absolutely true.

When they perform and share that energy with the audience, I cheer for each and every one of the members. Doing so, I give back that energy to them, which in return, makes their performances even more powerful. It is only fair that I thank them for what they have been doing by showing it in some form.

Soshi feeds off the fans’ energy, the fans feed of Soshi’s energy. It is a complete circuit, a harmonious eco-system, one that I am glad to be a part of.
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Posted 15 December 2011 - 03:03 PM

Taeyeon, Like a Rockstar.

Posted Image

Blonde Taeng is an awesome thang.

As “Hoot” was coming to an end, all the girls began walking to the center stage for the song finale. I was looking at Taeyeon, and she must've timed it wrong because while there was a short non-singing, bass beating, walking-to-their-positions moment, Taeyeon grabbed a bottle of water to quench her thirst. The music cue came up, but she still had the bottle in her hand, so in true rocker Taeng form, she started doing her routine, and half a second later, slingshot-ed the bottle halfway across the stage, exiting on the sides, most likely hitting the mosh pit rails. From my POV, that bottle just blasted away from her; like a projectile that was repelled by a Taengoo bubble shield. She disposed of her water bottle, like a boss. It was an epic moment that added to the true mysterious and rebellious nature of Kim Taeyeon.


2.37 – Disposing bottles. Like a Boss.

As for the fate of the water bottle, it was hard to tell if it hit the most pit railing, and got picked up by a fan. Or if it sucker-punched a lucky poor fan in the face. Or if it simply rolled on to the ground, only to be cleared by staff.

Well, If a fan did actually catch that bottle, then ......... wow. Taeng essence, that's all I can say.

KkabYul & butt-shakes.

Posted Image

Yuri loves her Kkab dances. Period.

There were 2 of her favorites that you would see often. The 1st was the Duck-hands-to-one-side-while-butt-sticks-out-the-opposite-side-switching-sides-every-few-seconds dance. The 2nd was the chicken-wing dance, pretty much self-explanatory. At the start of “Hahaha” ( I think), she does this Bam-Bam (Flintstones reference) jump, and Fany joins in the fun lol. You’ll see her doing all sorts of weird dances throughout the concert, it was really fun to watch her.

Posted Image

Hyoyeon was always there whenever any member needed a partner-in-crime for their Ssanti dances, lol.


0.08 – Chicken wing dance.
0.12 – The duck-hands dance.
0.44 – I have no idea. lol


3.54 – Jump, jump!

Wait, there’s only 7 members. Who’s missing?

After the “Oh!” performance early on in the concert, the girls would finish with their signature group pose. I somehow did a mental headcount, and I only counted 7 members. So where did the other 2 disappear to, and who were they? And 3 seconds later, the lights dimmed, and the girls ran off to get ready for their next performance while the VCR was playing. It happened to fast, and I didn’t find out who was missing. I suspected whoever the 2 members were, they probably left at some point during the performance so that they could get ready for their solo stages. And after getting back home and looking at the set list, I was right. And after looking through the fancams, it was confirmed. It was Jessica and Hyoyeon. Their solo stages were up next, so they disappeared backstage early to get as much preparation time as possible.


2.29 – Heading towards the left stage exit.

Later on during “Hoot”, the same routine happened. My fellow Sone seated next to me on my left gave me a nudge and mentioned that 2 members were missing. Of course, at the time, we never figured out who, what with all the flashing lights. After much fancam reviews, the 2 members turned out to be Yuri and SooYoung, whose solo stages were up next.


2.35 – Yuri heading for the left stage exit. (Off-screen, SooYoung goes for the right stage exit.)

No biggie, just an interesting concert routine that I found out. It was interesting to see the technical side of things unfolding right before my eyes. I like how I seem to be discovering even more with every concert :) .

The Boys; The highlight.

I was looking forward to one song of course, the only significant change in the set list, the first performance ever performed in their concert tour; The Boys. Nobody knew when it was coming out, but the moment the familiar intro was played, the audience burst into excitement. To make it even more spazzworthy, they performed the English version.

It was beautiful.


The Boys, English version.

When it came to the “Girls’ Bring the boys out” dance part, it was as if time had stopped for a moment. I looked around the stadium, and there was this familiar scene where there was a sea of people, and their attention was focused onto the stage, where 9 girls were in their ready-to-pounce stances. It was surreal, magical, as if I had seen this in a photo before. Then, I was back to the performance.

Aim for the stage, not the star.

At the absolute (and real) end of the concert, the girls walked up right to the end of the left and right wing of their stage to thank the seated audiences, to wave goodbye and say thanks. As they came up to our section, there was a surge of Sones who walked right up to the railings. This wasn’t allowed by security during the entire duration of the concert for obvious safety reasons, but since this was the end, they let the fans go all the way to the edge, but stood there physically just as a precaution. I just choose to stay where I was but since everybody was standing, I had to stand on my own chair for elevation. As I waved and cheered, I saw a stray towel (or shirt) fly straight into Seohyun’s face. Seohyun was startled for a while but quickly laughed it off. And as they all gathered back to the main stage, Sunny was lagging behind, and Taeyeon just couldn’t resist not telling her to hurry up , hahaha. Danshins for the win :D


1.04 – U.F.O. (Unidentified Fan Object)

Sunny, my new bias.

A week before the concert, I noticed that Sunny was on my mind, a lot. I don’t know whether her new hair was starting to kick-in (As in, my head is starting to process the awesomeness that is her hair), or how she was just so relatable in so many ways. After a few days, it was confirmed; Sunny was my new bias. The few Soshi videos I was looking at that week, I was focused on Sunny, and how mesmerizing her presence was.

When I first saw Sunny’s solo stage back in Seoul, I thought it was .......... okay. I mean, I was glad to see every Soshi member in person, but I wasn’t spazzing. But this time, it was different. The moment Sunny appeared on stage, my eyes were glued to her. Every neuron in my brain was processing the awesomeness of this moment; How Sunny was so hot, How Sunny was my current bias, How Sunny’s voice fit even better to the song than Britney’s. I was in the moment, taking it all in. My sense of awareness at this point was nowhere near that of when I first saw her solo stage. With this new view of Sunny, I was essentially watching her Solo stage for the first time. I noticed so many things that I never noticed before, it was refreshing, hypnotic, amazing.


Good god that was awesomejjangthebestsolostagetonight.

I now get what the Sunshiner spazzers were spazzing about. This girl was awesome, and as of today, I am officially a Sunny fan.

SooYoung and Yoona.

They were hot. Nuff’ said.lol. SooYoung looked awesome, Yoona looked awesome. Particularly when they changed to their “Naengmyun” outfits. This is my unedited spazz moment, lol.

Posted Image

The End. And it starts again….

Posted Image

It was a spectacular concert. One cannot compare today’s show to the 2nd show tomorrow, vice versa, or to the previous Seoul show for that matter. Every show was unique, and the girls made sure of that. There was nothing “Bad” or “Good” about this concert; It was all good. The girls showed off new sides of themselves, as they always have said, and much more. It was much more than that.

A SNSD concert was never meant to be just a concert. It was never about S.M. saying “Ok girls, we sing 32 songs, and gtfo.” No, S.M. wanted it to be an experience, as if the songs were just mediums, blank canvasses to built up upon. It was about the interaction, where people feel as if they can relate to the girls on a more personal level. The girls sing their songs, and do everything else that they do best, and we remember those moments even better. Like a party, where you never remember what song was played, but you remember the people you met, the things you talk about. They succeeded in doing that, and it is why no 2 shows are alike. They may sing the same songs, but every time you watch them, you watch it for the first time, all over again. Granted, I was seated this time around instead of standing in the Mosh pit A section, that might have helped with the whole “New POV” thing.

The girls do their best to make in an event to remember, and they excel in it spectacularly.

A SNSD concert isn’t just a show, it’s a lifetime experience. And to me, today's concert was the best of all.

Credits: Pictures and Fancams go to their respective owners. Thank you for capturing these moments and sharing it.
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lovesnsd lovesnsd
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Posted 15 December 2011 - 10:55 PM

thanks for your fan account! it's such a joy to read, and i share many of the same experiences as you :D
i saw a number of the stuff u saw, like SunYeon confetti moment, (taeyeon was realllly close to me when she picked up the confetti, i was in centre of mosh pit c 2nd row). As for hyoyeon putting the neck pillow for the pink teddy, lol i saw that hahaha and it thought it was REALLLLLY CUTE! altho i didnt see tiffany setting the pink teddy down lol .

good eyes, spotting the 2 members leaving for their solos. lol somehow i missed that on both nights!

and kkabyul, lol my bias. thats why i love her, she's just so fun to watch! unfortunately i didnt get any fanservice from her on both nights, although i did wave a very big board with the words "kkabyul (in korean)" at her, and i was in first row of mosh pit b. lol i think she was just too caught up playing and dorky dancing hhaha
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Posted 17 December 2011 - 01:07 AM

awesome!!!!!! i rmb seeing that part when tiffany got stuck <3
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Chromejael Chromejael
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Posted 19 December 2011 - 08:29 AM

There was no Cake for Yuri though :( But here's to hoping the concert and the fans were good enough of a Birthday present for her :)
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JadeFalcon JadeFalcon
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Posted 19 December 2011 - 08:43 AM

Awesome fan account, thank you!! So jealous that you got to see them in concert again. ;) I miss Seoul.

Sounds like you had an amazing time, there were so many wonderful moments from the show, I wish I could have been there.
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jackhuii jackhuii
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Posted 19 December 2011 - 07:44 PM

Awesome fan account man. I can see you had a great time. I love when Yuri said so excited ><. Omg Yuri's aegyo! Anyway i really need to go to one of snsd's solo concerts these day. If only they have one in New York >.<
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Yuri the love of my life!!~~ <3

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nuclearmissle nuclearmissle
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Posted 19 December 2011 - 07:54 PM

With regards to taeyeon disposing of the bottle, i would like to clarify that the bottle was still on the stage as it bounced off the 'edge' of the stage and back onto it. From your video, 2:39 shows it. So it neither dropped onto the floor nor got picked up by a fan. In the first place, it didn't have the initial velocity to do so as the bottle was probably quite full as seen from much splashing of water on first contact with the stage.

Else, thanks for the awesumm share of your experience.
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Chromejael Chromejael
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Posted 22 December 2011 - 04:25 AM


lol, ur right, haha. I somehow preferred my version better. Imagine that bottle containing Taeyeon's essence, lol. It would've been awesome if somebody caught it XD
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chejun chejun
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Posted 22 December 2011 - 05:41 AM

really liked your fan account:))
it feels like i was also their watching that concert..
so jealous of u..
u already got to see them and Tiffany also waved at you!!!:D
thank u for sharing this! <3
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credit: yoongbella@ssf, sayhellotothestars@soshified, #SoshiSONE  :)

fp_csy fp_csy
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Posted 22 December 2011 - 06:30 AM

whoaa.. you take back my memories to the one of the best three hours in my life. But during the concert, I don't take any mementos like photographs or videos. I just busy mesmerized at left side of PEN C. Sunny and Tiffany gave a lot of fan service in this area. if I have another chance, I'll repeat this night again and again.

Thanks for your fan account!! Jjang!!
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Chromejael Chromejael
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Posted 29 December 2011 - 08:47 PM


That was exactly the experience I was aiming to recreate for those who read this Fanaccount. Thank you:)
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Sone_RKK Sone_RKK
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Posted 30 December 2011 - 10:48 AM

Wow this is one of the most greatest fan account i've ever seen...even though you didn't wrote in a sequence..it still feels surreal...like it happened to me too...going to the concert and all that...spazzing...screaming...waving...i really like the part that Fany's attending to the bear toy...it somehow felt heart-warming....=) tnx for sharing your experience...i don't get to go to the concert that day or the other.LOL so full of regret...
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Chromejael Chromejael
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Posted 04 January 2012 - 10:14 AM

@ SoNyuhShiDae_96

I'm glad my article achieved the feel I was going for. Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a wonderful time!
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Bawse Bawse
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Posted 04 January 2012 - 12:00 PM

:D You are so lucky, that is so cool that you got to see them live!
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choas_ninja choas_ninja
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Posted 04 January 2012 - 02:20 PM

Really nice account :) Very realistic.... Makes me wanna go see a concert sometime :L have they ever held a concert in AUS? o.o
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Tiffany <3

Chromejael Chromejael
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Posted 08 January 2012 - 07:07 AM

@ chaos ninja - They did , for the Sydney Korean Pop Festival, but that was a Music Core ensemble, but they still have been to Australia.
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TaeNyRick TaeNyRick
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Posted 08 January 2012 - 08:38 AM

Nice!! Very detailed fan account, i went on the second night though. I'm not sure whether the security is considered strict, i was sitting at T03 and 1 guy sitting below got brought out by the security guard for fancaming. Regardless, i still took videos secretly.
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Chromejael Chromejael
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Posted 29 January 2012 - 10:37 AM

@jessicastress - They probably amped up security on the second night after they saw the first night lol. Almost all the fancams were from the first night.
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