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[BOOK] Girls' Generation MemoirsCompleted

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Posted 22 July 2011 - 04:54 PM

wow...yeah. it always reminds me how far they have come!!!!really brings back memories...and i totally agree that they are really rocking fashionistas..with their airport fashion, to their costumes that change each time for new songs, they are able to bring out every concept ive seen so far out superbly! really wish i could be at their solo tour in korea...*sigh* hope everyone has fun! i wanna go too...but will be cheering them on fro here and watching fancams ^^
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Jes♥♥SicaPosted ImagePosted ImageThe Soshi Theory- So Nyuh Shi Dae+Sone=9+1 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Posted Image

takowhut takowhut
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Posted 22 July 2011 - 06:54 PM

YAY next chapter up!! It's just so refreshing to read about them back in the days before I really liked yet.
I also can't believe it's already half way through :D
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None of my pictures are original, 'cus I have narb skills in Photoshop :P I apologise.

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 10:46 PM

thank you for the translated articles! can not wait to read the rest of this book once youve translated it!
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kebinbin kebinbin
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Posted 28 July 2011 - 01:36 AM

Thank you for translating part 2 of chapter 3. Really enjoyed reading about their dance styles.
looking forward to the next read.
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Kimchi-uk Kimchi-uk
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Posted 29 July 2011 - 01:14 AM

I didn't see an update for the latest part. Just read it now.
I wish I had this as an actual book!
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Posted 29 July 2011 - 10:01 PM

And back from vacation. Ugh. *wants to go back to Korea* Actually NY sounds good right now. lol

Chapter 4

Girls’ Generation Cute Phrases


“If the nurse didn’t go out to eat, I wouldn’t have a cold”

That day Taeyeon’s body worsened, so they went to the hospital to get a shot.

However, because they were on lunch break, Taeyeon, who was refused an examination, spoke of her displeasure at that time on a late night live radio show broadcasted the same night. And when she mentioned, “Should I publically reveal that hospital’s name?” the listeners thought of her to be selfish and was angry. For Taeyeon, it was really a terrible day that day.


“I quit being the leader.”

She confessed this line during the broadcast of variety show, “Strong Heart,” on December 15, 2009.

She has a very strong sense of responsibility and confided to the members that she could not endure the pressures of being the leader anymore. And the result of the continuous talk was the decision to discard the position of leader in Girls’ Generation. After that, the position of leader was gone, but as expected, Taeyeon is the core of Girls’ Generation.


“I thought the drain cover was open.”

On the variety show, “Star Golden Bell,” when Super Junior Sungmin was asked the question, “Who does not look like a famous entertainer,” Sunny’s name came up. Sungmin revealed, “All night, Sunny had mucus stuck to her eyes.” Not losing, Sunny reciprocated, “Sungmin’s feet stink. Like the drain cover…” Because the two of them are good friends, they are able to have a confession battle, and had the studio roaring with laughter.


“About being serious, I have reason to say complaints.”

For the youngest and reliable member, Seohyun, the members admire her diligence in going to school. There is is no lack of serious episodes with Seohyun, but one day she promptly replied without cracking a joke to Taeyeon’s comment, “You are too serious,” with this line.

Of course that is how it is, but once again another serious episode with her has increased.


“I have this already.”

This is a talk that occurred during Girls’ Generation autograph session. When a fan was giving a math book as a present to Seohyun, she replied politely after thinking for a moment, “I have this already.” The fan was impressed with Seohyun’s sincerity.


“After a shower, I wrap myself in a towel and see myself as the prettiest.”

After a shower, Jessica does not wear any clothes and wraps herself with only a towel. The members were curious if there was some kind of peculiar fixation she had.

However, when asked why she does not put any clothes on, Jessica replied, “I just don’t. After a shower…”

It goes without saying that all the members suddenly retorted with their own lines.


“Music is a language that’s understood regardless of nationality and race.”

On September 4th, 2010 standing before S.M. Entertainment’s own live, SM Town 2010, Tiffany expressed her goals together with Kangta, BoA, Super Junior and others. Growing up in Los Angeles, that is her global way of thinking.


“Our name is Girls’ Generation…”

When the members first heard that their unit name was Girls’ Generation, their hearts fell and were discouraged. Jessica and Tiffany came running to their senior singer, Isak, and reported while crying, “Unnie, our name is Girl’s Generation…” Did anybody wonder at that time that their name would such a major name now?


“When I heard that I was debuting in a group with 9 members, I was disappointed.”

This shocking phrase was said on the variety show, “Ya Shim Man Man.” Sooyoung, who originally practiced in a 3 person group, thought with drooping shoulders, “a 9 member girl group would never succeed.” However, a few months after, Sooyoung would have never imagined that as a large girl group, they would gather attention and expectations starting in Korea.


“Whoever is the cutest changes with the season.”

On variety show “Ya Shim Man Man,” when asked who is the cutest among the members, Yoona replied, “It changes with the season. At the time of our debut they said Taeyeon, Tiffany and sometimes I were the cutest, but now it is different.” In one moment, a big commotion occurred in the studio…


“I can’t understand what he is saying, so I’m sad.”

Yoona is a big fan of Japanese idol, Kimura Takuya. However, even watching dramas, it is complete gibberish to Yoona on what her love, Kimura Takuya, is saying. While crying, she has even grieved to member, “I can’t understand what he is saying, so I’m sad.”


“Just wait a minute.”

Yuri is bad at quarreling. When she gets angry, she’ll leave, write down all the things she wants to say on a list and then start quarreling. When they reply with something she did not think of ahead of time, she’ll retort with, “Just wait a minute,” and will leave again to make a new list.


“I worried about not being able to stand out.”

On variety show “Ya Shim Man Man,” when asked the question, “Have you ever thought of not standing out in Girls’ Generation,” Yuri revealed, “Before our debut, I worried about not being able to stand out.” Now super popular on dramas and variety shows, the other guests could not hide their surprise at the girls’ confession. They must have thought it would be easy to stand out with Girls’ Generation as a individualistic group.


“Girls’ Generation’s dances were not enough.”

Aiming to be a full-blown dancer, Hyoyeon played a role as BoA’s back-up dancer. On the variety show, “Strong Heart,” when the talk became about dancing she confessed, “Around the beginning, since Girls’ Generation’s dances were just moving your arms around, it wasn’t enough.” Also, she confessed that she thought of quitting Girls’ Generation and go study dancing abroad.

Surprising troubles that occurred to members while traveling and during live recordings

Record of Girls’ Generation Incidents

Tiffany bawling on candid camera!

On Korea’s variety show “Soyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo,” MC Kim Hyesung played candid camera on Tiffany. Kim Hyesung played as if he was in a bad mood and had a cold attitude towards Tiffany; even the producer had a hostile attitude and the studio played a role in having a bad atmosphere. Deceived, unknowing Tiffany was troubled at Kim Hyesung’s attitude and could not hide her anxiety.

Since Tiffany was so troubled by it, they ended the candid camera early , but after realizing the truth, Tiffany started bawling right on the spot.

Overlapping… dresses?

Koo Hye Sun, who played Geum Jan Di in Japan’s hit drama, “Hana Yori Dango –Boys Over Flowers-“ wore the same dress as Yoona and it became a hot topic.

At a charity auction show, first to appear was the yellow chiffon dress that Koo Hye Sun wore and gathered a lot of attention, but soon after Yoona’s dress, the same dress as Koo Hye Sun appeared. “It was the same dress, but Koo Hye Sun was an up-style with a black core and it was clean and all together. Yoona also had long wavy hair and with make-up styled for a young girl, the dress really showed off,” the T.V. commentators praised both girls being trendy while surprised at the coincidence.

Yoona lifted a skirt? The truth is…?!

On a music program, a video of Yoona lifting up Tiffany’s skirt was revealed to the public. Among the fans where was the rumor spreading that Yoona was bullying Tiffany by lifting Tiffany’s skirt up.

However, soon after, Tiffany explained, “At that time, I asked Yoona to check and see if the underpants and skirt was fastened together with the pin. She replied back that the underpants were on, but it was not fastened. And so Yoona wanted to properly check and make sure, so she lifted my skirt.” One month later, Yoona also explained the truth saying what Tiffany had said was exactly how it went.

High heels coming off…

The 9 girls always put in all their effort while singing and dancing, but it’s not always perfect. They are cute and sexy girls, but they actually show their careless side as well.

No matter how intense the dance, while wearing high heels, Girls’ Generation shows an elegant dance. That kind of Girls’ Generation had an incident. Seohyun’s high heel accidently came off.

Taeyeon has also dropped her mike that she was holding. For the fans, “the moment that she dropped her mike, the ‘oh crap’ face was cute,” and is another charming point. An occasional clumsy Girls’ Generation is good?!

Hyoyeon got in a car accident and went to the hospital!

On the night of August 4th, 2009, On the way back home after broadcasting MBC’s radio show, “Dreamy Radio Yoogun Desu,” Girls’ Generation got involved in a car accident.

Their agency, S.M. Entertainment, announced, “One of the cars that Girls’ Generation was riding in collided with another car in the lane next to it.

Furthermore, they also announced, “The car was damaged, but it was not a major accident,” and, “None of the members were injured, but during the accident Hyoyeon hit the seat in front of her. Just to be safe, she went to the hospital for an examination,” causing the fans to worry.

The plane that Girls’ Generation was riding was hit by lightning

In September 2010, the plane that Girls’ Generation was riding was hit by lightning while heading towards Japan. Tiffany said, “Suddenly, there was a loud ‘don’ noise. What the members were all surprised is when they announced a little later that the plane was struck by lightning,” and thus, surprising all the Japan-waiting media that were covering the event.

In Korea, it is a sign that when a singer encounters accidents, for the song will be a big hit, Sooyoung smiled and laughed, “While I was shocked that lightning hit the plane, I thought that meant our Japanese activities would go well.”

Taeyeon’s radio mistake

In 2010, Taeyeon was criticized for her indiscretion during a live radio broadcast. On MBC’s radio program, “Chin Chin Radio,” while reading a message sent from a listener, “my younger brother failed the employment exam. I want to cheer him up,” she laughed.

Taeyeon continued to laugh for 10 seconds and could not reply with any comment. After, Taeyeon immediately apologized. The radio personnel explained, “Taeyeon was not laughing because he did not pass the employment exam. There was a small incident within the studio and she could not endure not laughing.”

Yoona laughed so hard that her wig flew out.

The video that shows Yoona’s alligator laugh that happened during a radio broadcast was revealed to the public!

It occurred when Yoona was having a friendly chat with Taeyeon on the radio. During the chat Yoona roared with laughter at Taeyeon’s talk and due to the moment of her bending her neck back, Yoona’s fake bangs flew up.

In the video clip shown to the public, the moment Yoona exploded with laughter and bent her neck back, the wig flew up and her quelling figure was caught on camera. Taeyeon also roared with laughter at the incident. Fans who saw the video clip gave various impressions after seeing it, like “Yoona is cute even with the wig flying up and back,” or “When laughing with any kind of laughter, that type of wig will probably fly up.”

Seohyun gave a sad cry during live broadcast?!

In order to perform their big hit, “Oh!,” on ‘Music Bank’ that was broadcasted in February 2010, Girls’ Generation performed live. However, Seohyun had an incident that was unforeseen.

At the beginning of the song, after Seohyun sang her solo part, when she was about to move, she tripped and tumbled and without thinking gave out a cry. Because it was a live broadcast her cry was broadcasted on air.

There were a large number of fans who thought that it was pitiful, but cute. As the youngest member, Seohyun’s incident has been called loving cry.

What are the members’ views on love?
The secrets of Girls’ Generation’s love that everybody is curious about

We like these kinds of boys!

Yuri says she has “no experience with love”

When Yuri, who has a tidy, popular, and clean image, confessed she has no experience with love, she surprised the people around her. She appeared on SBS’s variety show, “Love Generation.” Yuri revealed, “Up until now, I have never been in love at all.” With that, models turned actors, Lee Mingi and Lee Chonhi sent a love call to Yuri.

On a variety show broadcasted on MBC, Lee Min Ki and Lee Cheon Hee positively approached Yuri with “Where do you live?” and “Won’t you go on a date together somewhere?” Even though she has no experience with love, there are many males that will come calling.

Jessica vs. Sooyoung scramble in dreams

Appearing in the variety show, “Sweet Night,” broadcasted on KBS, each member of Girls’ Generation revealed a male actor they liked. They decided that they let the other members know if they like a guy, so they do not conflict with each other. However, in dreams, one would think it cannot be helped if they overlap, but that does not seem to be a case.

Jessica revealed, “Recently, actor Go Soo has appeared in my dreams. When I talked to Sooyoung about it, it became a small quarrel.” Sooyoung is also a Go Soo fan. For example, it seems they will not yield the guy they like even in a dream… And Yuri asserted, “We can’t conflict with the guys we like even in dreams,” inviting laughter.

In a fierce battle tournament, who did Yoona choose?

On the variety program, “Champange,” that was broadcasted in 2009, Girls’ Generation had a world of their ideal co-star. The point of the tournament is to pick the co-star you like. The one who chose the favorite co-star was Yoona.

And in a moment, it was the finals. The final battle was Choi In Sung vs. Yeon Jung-hoon. Yoona’s ideal type was chosen to be Yeon Jung-hoon and the excitement level rose in the studio.

Taeyeon’s type is “a person who is like a bear”

Taeyeon, who appeared on the music program broadcasted by SBS, “Kim Jung-Eun Chocolate,” confessed her ideal type of guy is an older person who is like bear that is well-rounded and has a warm heart.

“For example, a person like Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman;” she picked a guy that is 21 years older than her and commented, “He’s quite older than me, but I still like him,” showing age has no relation to love.

Furthermore, she revealed, “My ideal type is a person who is positive and humorous.” Also, Sunny mentioned, “My ideal type is a calm and kind person who also cares only for me,” causing her to blush.

The male actor that Girls’ Generation want most to be on stage with?

On MBC’s variety program, “Sunday, Sunday Night,” Girls’ Generation gathered a lot of attention appearing on the corner called, “Which male actor does Girls’ Generation want to appear with the most?”

Jessica picked Daniel Henney with her reason being, “His specialty is speaking English, so I can act together with him,” and Hyoyeon revealed she wanted to appear together with the unique aura, Cho Jae Hyun.

In addition, due to the impression left by the movie, “The Chaser,” Yuri picked Ha Jeong Woo and Sunny spoke about wanting to appear with Hwang Jung Min.

Their ideal foreign guy

Girls’ Generation appeared on SBS’s music program broadcast, “Kim Jung-Eun Chocolate.” On the show, the girls were asked a question, “Who is your ideal male foreign star,” and the girls each revealed who it was one by one.

Holding his picture, Yuri picked Justin Timberlake, “I want to dance together with him,” and both Hyoyeon and Yoona picked Kimura Takuya. Sunny picked Kaneshiro Takeshi, Sooyoung picked Brad Pitt, and youngest Seohyun chose Johnny Depp. Moreover, Jessica revealed her ideal type to be Josh Hartnett.

Yoona’ s view on marriage

On a program, Yoona spoke about her views on marriage and it gathered attention.

Yoona confessed her ideal male image is a “person who is kind, but a person who appears masculine is good too.” When asked her thoughts about marriage, Yoona spoke passionately, “My dream of marriage is about loving your partner as well as living peacefully with each other,” and revealed that she does want to get married in the future. Yoona, who is said to be beautiful like a flower, has a moderate view on marriage. We are curious of the partner she would marry in the future, but there are rumors surrounding Yoona and Lee Seung Gi, who is the MC on SBS’s variety show, “Strong Heart,” of being a love interest, showing that even among the entertainment world Yoona’s popularity is high.

Jessica’s ideal kiss is a scarf kiss

On a T.V. show, Jessica confided her dream ideal kiss. She confessed wanting her kiss to be a so-called scarf kiss where the guy holds the ends of the girls’ scarf.

After revealing her “special kiss that she will try someday for sure,” the admirable scarf kiss became a hot topic.

In addition, Jessica mentioned a previous incident involving kissing, “Long ago, after finishing a lesson and in the car on the way home, I witnessed a couple kissing in front of an elementary school and accidentally cried out in a strange voice,” creating laughter around the set.

The ideal type of guy is a person who can fix punctures

Yuri revealed her ideal type of guy as a person who can fix car tires easily when a tire gets punctured. Furthermore, Yuri seems to have a fixation, “I like it when I’m able to see the muscles on his arms when he is fixing the tire,” so not only is the person able to fix punctures, but also added liking a guy who is strong and has a muscled body.

Also, on KBS’s variety show, “Girls’ Generation Hello Baby,” Sooyoung accidently exposed Tiffany’s ideal type of male. For those who are curious, Tiffany’s ideal male is 2AM’s Jo Kwon, who is making headlines on the variety show, “We Got Married.”

Sooyoung’s and Yoon’s ideal type is Lee Seung Gi

On KBS’s broadcasted variety show, “Girls’ Generation Hello Baby,” Yoona and Sooyoung picked Lee Seung Gi as their ideal type of guy. On this episode, it was planned that Girls’ Generation exposed a secret one by one.

Before wanting to invite Lee Seung Gi as a guest, Sooyoung made it known that her ideal type is Lee Seung Gi, and then Yoona also countered, “Lee Seung Gi is my ideal type.” Fireworks were dispersing everywhere.

However, because Lee Seung Gi only appeared this time, when Sooyoung and Yoona did not want to part even after the recording finished, it seems they complained to the people related to the show.

Girls’ Generation chooses Song Seung Heon

Girls’ Generation appeared on Shin Dong Yup’s variety show, “Sweet Night,” and all members participated in the ideal male type world cup. Since Girls’ Generation has 9 members, the ideal type was chosen by majority votes.

And at the final match between 2PM’s Taecyeon and Song Seung Heon, Song Seung Heon wins with 6 votes. Girls’ Generation has chosen their ideal type of guy.

As a representative of Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung sent a message to the winner, Song Seung Hyeon, “Please love Girls’ Generation a lot.”

Next up: Chapter 5
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Qisthina Zatadini Qisthina Zatadini
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Posted 29 July 2011 - 10:17 PM

Waaaa this Story very Awesome! i will wait te next chapter ^-^

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Posted 29 July 2011 - 10:27 PM

Was wondering where was your update,turned out you went for a vacation.
Hope you had fun and thanks for keeping this up.
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Posted 29 July 2011 - 10:29 PM

hahahaa thanks for all this...it really makes me laugh, and sometimes tear up too...its really great to be able to look back at all the troubles they went through, all the criticism they received, and how they stood up to it..thanks for working so hard girls! “Music is a language that’s understood regardless of nationality and race.”
hahasoo true...please come and visit all your awesome sones and spread the soshi luv haha i also luv the part where sica said “After a shower, I wrap myself in a towel and see myself as the prettiest.” haha girls, in the eyes of a sone, you nine are always angels in our eyes :) will always be supporting and luv-ing you nine! stay well and keep strong, SNSD fighting!
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Jes♥♥SicaPosted ImagePosted ImageThe Soshi Theory- So Nyuh Shi Dae+Sone=9+1 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Posted Image

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Posted 29 July 2011 - 10:56 PM

It was almost like a chapter on controversies and scandals haha, from things that they've said to ideal guys. I think some of these things are good examples of why being quick jump to conclusions can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes. There are so many times where things are taken out of context or manipulated, just cause people are quick to find something, anything, that they can attack. So many things meant nothing... and yet they were talked about for so long. I think it's kind of sad...

It also goes to show how different some people are treated from others, for doing or saying the exact same thing. It's kind of... hypocritical. Anyway..

Hahaha I love the mention of the high heel coming off and Taeyeon's facial expression when she dropped her mic. I loved her 'oh crap' face, as they called it. Forever one of my favorite gifs. What was also interesting was the mention of worrying about how to stand out when in a group of nine. I think it makes a lot of sense to wonder about that, since when you're in a group with eight other beautiful, talented, funny girls, how are you going to be unique and stand out to people? And yet somehow they do. It was Yuri who mentioned that, and yet everyone knows her as the black pearl, KkabYul, and she did great on Invincible Youth and as the host of Music Core. All the girls stand out in someway, which is pretty amazing considering you have nine of them. Haha oh their ideal guys... well, they all deserve any guy they might want, and one day someone is going to make them really happy. Who knows, maybe Taeyeon will end up with Kang Dongwan after all.

Thank you for the translation of the chapter!
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Posted 30 July 2011 - 01:46 AM

“If the nurse didn’t go out to eat, I wouldn’t have a cold”

Kekekeke...Teayeon is so cute!
But is she really angry with the nurse?
Huhuhu...Anyway, Thank you for the translation.

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Posted 30 July 2011 - 02:28 AM

Thanks as always! Didn't miss the update for this so I managed to read it :-)
The wig incident made me Lol
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Posted 30 July 2011 - 05:14 PM

loving this story! cant wait for the next chapter! this book is awesome, very glad you are able to translate it for us! thank you!
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Posted 30 July 2011 - 06:19 PM

thanks for translating chapter 3&4
lol at sunny and sungmin. :lolol: can't wait for the next chapter....wonder what's it about
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CREDIT: 11abysooyoung

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Posted 30 July 2011 - 08:03 PM

Thank you for translating.
Hah very cute and funny when they talk about their ideal types.
Can't wait to read more.
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Posted 30 July 2011 - 10:32 PM

This is amazing... Thanks so much for translating. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to do. Thanks a bunch!
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Posted 04 August 2011 - 01:14 PM

thanks so much for translating all four chapters so far! I'm really looking forward to the other half of the book. :yes: Since I never saw this thread before, I literally sat here all day reading all four chapters! (of course, with breaks in between, not straight through) hehe :book:

I really enjoyed reading the first chapter because since I'm a new SNSD fan it was really helpful reading about their predebut days. very interesting!!

keep up the awesome hard work! :thumbsup:
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Posted 06 August 2011 - 11:28 AM

Coming close to the end! Only one chapter left! o_o

And a happy SNSD 4th Anniversary!

Chapter 5

Girls’ Generation News

There is not even one day you do not see Girls’ Generation!

An idol’s popularity is in proportion to the number of CMs they appear on. Girls’ Generation is currently in the middle of a lot of CM activities that also reflect the status of idols. And right now, they dominate all kinds of CM genres such as: cell phones, cosmetics, financial companies, drinking water, and food. They came to be known as the “CM Queen” in Korea.

A representative related to the field of advertisement explained the reason for it: “The level of how well-liked they are and the level of recognition among younger generations are high and since each of the 9 members have a different charm they appeal to a wide range of viewers and so the clients choose them.”

Furthermore, it is not only Girls’ Generation as a whole, but there is also a rush of offers for each member.

For example, Yoona is chosen to be a model for the cosmetic brand Innisfree. Yuri, Tiffany, and Sooyoung are models for skin care brand, Biotherm. And Seohyun is chosen to be the model for health care related products Johnson & Johnson Clean and Clear.

A representative in charge of Innisfree marketing spoke of the results with high regard, saying, “Yoona, who has a good reputation, has been a model for about 6 months now and there is definitely an increase in sales with her as our model.”

Also specializing in fashion shows, Girls’ Generation gorgeous figures

The girls have facial proportions that do not lose to models. There is no way the girls would be left out of the fashion world with those beautiful faces.

Yoona, Yuri, Jessica, Hyoyeon, and Sunny participated as models in Gucci’s Fall and Winter Collection held at Seoul in September 2010. The girls wore the new products beautifully and attracted the eyes of the audience.

Among them, the one that fans paid attention to was the highly praised Hyoyeon, who “looked like a doll.” As the self-proclaimed fashion leader of Girls’ Generation, the girl’s (fashion) sense is vivid to the point where it is called “fashion terrorist.”

Moreover, speaking of fashion shows, Girls’ Generation appeared as a guest at the fashion event, “Girls Award Japan 2010 Autumn/Winter,” held at Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium on September 18th, 2010. When the girls’ VTR was playing, loud cheering could be heard from the audience. They also displayed a sexy performance with 3 songs, including their debut single, “Genie –Tell Me Your Wish-,“ on stage. It caused a audience of 15,000 to go crazy.

Overwhelming reaction! “We want to see the girls’ bare faces”

When talking about an idol’s job, what is the first thing that comes to mind? They have all kinds of work such as concerts, handshake meets, appearing on T.V. programs, but “going to an overseas location to shoot a photobook” is also an important job. Girls’ Generation also released a photo book that was shot at an overseas location and when it went on sale, it called for a great reaction.

In 2010, the 1st photo book titled, “Girls in Tokyo,” was released and just as the title states, the photo shoot location is Tokyo. Differing from when the girls are on stage, the book is packed with 354 pages of the girls enjoying everyday activities, such as traveling, sports, parties, and etc in a relaxed natural state; there is also a making film DVD of the photo shoot behind the scenes bundled together with a gorgeous packaging.

In addition, because of the high speed of the internet for the advance announcement of sale, 35,000 books were pre-ordered. Surprised at the popularity of Girls’ Generation, a representative mentioned, “This kind of number is record breaking in Korea.”

Coincidentally, before this photo book, Girls’ Generation released a series of 3 photo books called “After School 5:00pm” and the members were split into 3 groups of 3. These were also a best seller.

Praise also from staff! Shining through musicals

It is given that they do group activities as Girls’ Generation, but each member is also at their best doing solo activities. The girls are pulled into other works, such as CMs, dramas, or dubbing for movies, but Taeyeon and Jessica also tried musicals.

Taeyeon challenged the musical, “Taiyou no Uta [Song of the Sun];” playing the main role, Kaoru. Originally a novel by Tenkawa Aya, in Japan it was made into a movie with the main roles played by singer Yui and actor Tsukamoto Takashi and remade into a T.V. drama with the Yamada Takayuki and Sawajiri Erika combination; it was a hot topic.

On the other hand, Jessica appeared in “Legally Blonde,” playing as the heroine, Elle Woods. This was more popular than it thought it would be and the teen female fans that usually would not be interested in any musicals came flocking to the theater.

A staff member happily commented, “Thanks to Jessica, the average age of the audience dropped,” and production company, PMC Productions, highly praised, “It was the best casting that fit the role perfectly. Even though she was busy, Jessica mastered singing and acting perfectly.” We can see the great potential of Jessica as a musical actress.

Capitalizing on their fashion sense, Girls’ Generation becomes editor-in-chief?

Girls’ Generation is now the synonym of trendy, but they showed their fashion sense to their hearts’ content on a variety show.

“Factory Girl” is a reality work experience tv show. The 9 girls became staff writers for the fashion magazine, “ELLE girl,” and tried out planning cosmetic photo shoots and magazine events. Among that, they had good reputation and were split into teams for the fashion model photo shoots.

Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun, and Hyoyeon were the dream girl team. Taeyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Jessica, and Yuri were the candy girl team and with the concept of “fairy tale look” and “goth look”, they decided everything from clothes, make-up, and hairstyle. In order to pick out the clothes, they went to firsthand shops and this hands-on earnest battle unfolded.

The two teams showed great coordination in bringing out the good points of the model and while working, the staff writers of the magazine had admiration of them.

After the program recording, the 9 girls said happily, “It was fun choosing the clothes first hand and having the models wear them. It was really like we became fashion editors and it was interesting.”

Doing their best for comedy. Watch the courageous girls!

Being poured over with hot water, being kicked hard on the butt, being forced to eat sushi filled with wasabi, not only are variety shows now filled with comedians, but idols are also risking their lives to get laughs.

In order to get laughs, Girls’ Generation also risked their lives and have the reputation of being “interesting” from fans as well as co-stars and audiences.

Among all the ones that that the girls did their best, the one that is remembered is where Taeyeon, Yuri, and Sunny had to bungee jump for a punishment game.

In 2009, Taeyeon co-starred with comedian Jeong Hyeong Don in the virtual marriage variety show, “We Got Married.”

In the show, Jessica, Yuri, and Sunny tagged along with two on their date and had a game of badminton with Jeong Hyeong Don himself versus the 4 girls of Girls’ Generation and the loser had to bungee jump from 45 meters high.

And the ones who had to bungee jump was the Girls’ Generation team. Taeyeon, Yuri, and Sunny all showed a commendable bungee jump. However, Jessica ran away without even jumping.

Also popular on radio shows! The main point is the frank talks

Saying unique remarks in rapid succession on T.V. and lives and with an exceptional sense of humor, Girls’ Generation also show great skill in the art of talking on radio shows. The girls have many truthful talks on radio shows, but among those, let’s introduce the episode on the radio program, “Sweet Sorrow Ten Ten Club.”

Gee promotions finished and many fans were also looking forward to the next full album, but Girls’ Generation immediately followed with a mini album. When asked for the reason about the mini album, Sunny, as the representative, conveyed her love toward the fans and explained, “There were a lot of songs prepared, but we wanted to meet the fans faster, so a good song was carefully selected and a mini album was put out. When “Gee” was on sale, it had been 9 months the fans have waited since the last album that was released, so this time we wanted to hurry and release it.”

When asked another question, “You guys are rival female groups, but are you actually good friends with Wonder Girls,” they replied always speaking honestly, “Not only Wonder Girls, but we are also good friends with KARA. We also go out to eat breakfast together.”

I don’t hide my life! The secret of being popular is to be friendly

Many people admire idols that show of their gorgeous figures on T.V. and they hold a favorable image of being “cool,” “trendy,” and “funny.”

Girls’ Generation is also the same, but in this case for the girls, the image is different and age appropriate episodes are known among the fans. It is because the girls themselves do not hide that side of them and say it from their own mouths during interviews on T.V. and magazines.

For example, Taeyeon’s extensive sleep talking or how usually quiet Seohyun speaks her mind at the dorm towards the other members, and Sunny making the most mistakes on stage among the members are all famous. The one who often encounters the harm done with bombshell embarrassing remarks is Sooyoung.

For example, on SBS variety show, “Star Junior Show Bungeoppang,” Sooyoung’s mother exposed about Sooyoung, “Roughly speaking, her room is always dirty. Like a garbage can. I’m really sorry to the other girls rooming in the same room with her,” and Tiffany revealed, “Her drinking habits are bad; she gets angry easily.”

The frankness of those kinds of open talks is another reason for the girls’ popularity.

Showing their true selves “We Got Married”

There are many popular Korean shows that Girls’ Generation has appeared on, but among all of them, there is one show that one should watch as a Girls’ Generation fan, especially if you like Seohyun.

That show is in the popular corner, “Sunday, Sunday Night,” “We Got Married.” With the signature concept of a virtual marriage variety show and just like it’s name sake, popular male and female entertainers are married and the couples are filmed living together and split up over the broadcast.

As of October 2010, Seohyun, who dislike boys, is a regular on the show. Seohyun’s newly married life with the guitarist and vocalist of Korea’s 4 member band CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa, was unusually fresh.

Also since they are living together, the male talent is able to know beforehand what the female talent likes to eat and what she likes to do, but for the fans, this information is also what they would love to know. It is because they will know the true face of the girls. For example, for male fans that want to know now can know what conditions are needed to be the ideal partner, like a person who can clean and cook, helping each other out, and eating healthy food in the morning.

Incidentally, the viewers gave good reviews, “The two’s exchange is charming and seems cute.”

Entertainers losing face to group peformers! Playing a large active role even in popular shows.

Girls’ Generation are extremely busy with activities even among variety shows. They make the audience laugh in the many variety programs they are in and gathering interest with viewers. From those shows, let’s introduce one episode of Korea’s popular quiz show, “Star Golden Bell.”

First of all, when Tiffany, Yuri, Sooyoung, and Jessica appeared on the show, there was an incident where trot singer Park Hyun Bin hugged Tiffany, surprising all the fans. After that, on “Star Golden Bell’s” 200th anniversary episode, when Yuri, Tiffany, and Sooyoung appeared as guests, they were asked what was their most disappointing moment on Golden Bell and Yuri revealed with displeasure, “It’s unfair that Tiffany is the only one that is favored! We also have our charms too…”

When all members of Girls’ Generation appeared on the show, Hyoyeon commented, “I want to go on vacation to a place with all the members and nobody else around” to which the MC Kim Jae Dong asked, “There has to be at least a guide or driver, right?” all the members replied in unison, “Gwaenchanhayo (It’s ok).” Moreover, when actor Kim Hyung Bum, who likes Yoona, stated, “I want to marry Yoona,” the girls replied again, “Gwaenchanhayo.” The 9 girls that are all in unison created huge laughter among the fans crowded in the studio.

Breaking into a dance while around 800 dogs; Creating a legend even in variety shows

In Korea there is a game called, “Chegi Chagi.” In Japan it is like the traditional game of “kemari,” and you must keep the birdie (chegi) which is made out of a small coin wrapped with paper in the air as long as possible without it hitting the ground.

That “chegi chagi” movement is like the “hacky sack dance” that has become a synonym for Girls’ Generation’s dance of raising their long legs intensely.

And there is a famous incident regarding that dance. In a group of dogs, Yuri attacked while dancing the hacky sack dance.

At the filming location of popular variety show, “Sunday Sunday Night,” Sooyoung visited Korea’s Anseong’s Pungsan dog village. However, waiting for them there was the natural memento: 800 Pungsan dogs!

The large amount of dogs surprised the show’s guests and they all completely withdrew, but the one who looked the weakest, Sooyoung, went in the middle of the dogs while dancing the hacky sack dance. Watching this, talent Kim Jae Dong shockingly said, “This dance is for when you step on dog poop,” creating laughter at the site.

If you want to know the real Yuri, you should watch this variety show!

Like Japan, Korea also has a lot of variety shows. They continuously put out new programs such as shows focusing on talks, to quiz shows, to short story format programs, so viewers will not be bored.

Among that is a variety show gathering in popularity called “Invincible Youth.” In this program, where Yuri and Sunny both appear, the cast goes to a countryside village to experience agriculture and experience community life. The girls worked their hardest covered in sweat, capturing the hearts of the viewers.

Yuri’s image especially had a big change through this show. She put forth a display to the point where fans would say, “Please bring back the Yuri we know!” For example, in the “Yoga Classroom” corner, she showed extremely embarrassing and unthinkable things an idol would not do, such as spreading her legs, hula-hooping, and the lion pose to loosen up the muscles in the face and while being covered in mud in the field and pointing to the butt imprint left in the field, she said, “We gotta save it so it can be come fossilized,” as if she was like a comedian.

In June of 2010, Yuri and Sunny stopped being regulars on the show, but putting in energy into the show, Yuri mentioned, “This program allowed me to show everything about me that I can’t show while on stage. I want to return to this program someday.”

The ice princess’s femininity; showing her honest self on a variety about childbirth

Even popular idols that have the attention of fans from all over the world will someday get married, have kids, and start a family. Despite being an idol, as a female, one should have various thoughts on marriage and childbirth.

Even as a fan, one would be curious about what your favorite idol thought about marriage. There is a program in Korea that answered those thoughts.

That show is the childbirth encouragement variety show, “Happy Birthday.” Jessica also appears on the show and talks about her views on marriage.

While she was laughing she mentioned, “When I saw actress Han Ga In married at 23, I thought she was very beautiful. So I thought to get married at 23 too, but because I’m already 22 years old, I want to get married by 26,” and revealed her views on marriage, “Even if we are married, I want it to always be lovey-dovey. It would be nice to be able to go traveling and cooking together with my partner.”

Furthermore, “Pregnancy and childbirth is still unreal. When thinking about morning sickness and childbirth, it’s a little scary,” revealing her true maiden self.

Super popular even when solo; melodies that stays in the heart

Of course in Korea, but also Thailand, Shanghai, Taiwan, and other countries they are flourishing on Asian music charts and with that cute voice, Girls’ Generation has become a representative of all Asian girl groups, but they have also released a lot of solo songs as well.

Taeyeon sang “If” and “Can you Hear me?” for the original soundtrack drama ‘Hong Gil Dong’ and “Can You Hear Me?” for the original soundtrack drama, ‘Beethoven Virus.’ “If” won the Golden Disk Popularity Award. Also, Jessica sang “Naengmyun” with Park Myung Soo on the popular variety show, “Infinite Challenge,” for its first Olympic Duet Song Festival.

Each member has their own unique singing voice, so it is most likely that more and more solo activities will come hereafter.

Switching to be an actress in the future? Drama club idol Yoona

Exciting the music scene with overwhelming dance performances and catchy songs, Girls’ Generation are also active in each of their own circles other than lives and appearing on music shows.

Especially Yoona, who appeared in the drama, “Cinderella Man,” that was broadcasted in Japan on TV Tokyo and her acting skills have won the Best New Actress Award and Netizen Award for KBS Drama Awards in 2008 and Best New Actress Award and Popularity Award for the 2009 Baeksang Arts Award.

Yoona’s drama, “You Are My Destiny,” is a breakthrough; reaching a highest viewership rating of 41.5% for the drama. She had a viewership rating contest against Kibum, who is a good friend and part of the popular group Super Junior, and appeared in the competing program slot “Happy Events at Chunja’s.”

And when Yoona’s drama had a higher rating then Kibum-senpai’s, Korea’s media made a huge report about it. However, Kibum commended Yoona’s acting skills, “Those kinds of things don’t matter at all. We both took acting lessons together, but I think Yoona’s acting is really good.”

Specialty is mimicry! Girls’ Generation trait of loud laughter

For example, at a company party or banquet, if you were asked, “Do something funny right now,” what would you do? In that situation, the safest thing is to do a joke mimicking a famous person.

The three who are good at these kinds of jokes is Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Yoona. The girls’ mimicry repertoire is Taeyeon copying veteran actress Om Aeng Ran and tennis player Maria Sharapova, Sooyoung copying trot singer Hyun Suk, and Yoona copying the popular female comedian An Young Mi, who appears in the corner ‘Teacher’s Kang Dressing Room’ in “Gag Concert,” and actress Kang Hye Jeong.

There are favorable comments from the fans, such as “It’s not really similar, but why do I end up laughing,” and “They are really cute when they are doing their best at mimicking and I started to like them more and more.”

Tears, heart-warming, laughter…
This book’s top 5 of stories of Girls’ Generation

Episodes that strengthen their bond

Sunny’s trauma

When Sunny was young, she lived in Kuwait. And then in January 1991, when Sunny was still only 1 year old, she experienced the Gulf War.

Even now, due to the trauma of the Gulf War, whenever Sunny hears the sound of the firecracker or the noise of an explosion on stage, she would get scared and freeze. When showing up at a live and there is a loud noise, you might catch Sunny flinching even now on stage.

You would feel sorry for scared Sunny, but when you see the other members covering Sunny’s ears, you start to smile. You can see the love that the 9 members have for one another.

Giving up on going to college because of singing activities

In preparation to take the entrance exams, Korea’s high school students study from morning to night. That is because Korea places an even more importance on education than Japan.

In November of 2007, it was announced that the members of Girls’ Generation will not be taking the college entrance exams needed to enter college. It was reported that due to the release of the album, “Girls’ Generation,” they will have little free time and will devote their attention to singing activities.

This was not what the agency directed, but what all the members answered with. The members took higher priority of Girls’ Generation group activities over going to college.

At a media conference, Taeyeon spoke, “We prepared for a number of years and our dream of becoming singers just started to come true. College entrance exams are also important, but I think it is also important to fulfill your dreams by continuing to have a full and complete singing career.”

Believing strongly in the thought of “Not lacking one person, we want to fly out across the world,” by all members, this is how all 9 members are standing on stage.

Currently Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, and Seohyun are attending college. Not giving up on their dreams for sure, if it’s these girls, they can do both school and entertainment activities.

The reason why Girls’ Generation is standing at the top

After debuting, Girls’ Generation was suddenly standing at the top in Korea’s pop scene. I wonder what they think about their own popularity. Also, I wonder what they think about their relations between each other.

This is when they appeared on KBS music program, “Story Show Delight.” They were asked the question by acting MC, announcer Lee Ji E, “Girls’ Generation popularity is currently at its height, but do you guys not worry how long this will last?”

Sooyoung replied, “Every time we reach number one and while watching the confetti fall I think, ‘Until how long can we be showered with confetti?’ However, if we try our hardest right now, even if our popularity falls, I won’t have any regrets.”

Also, Taeyeon talked about the group’s bond, “It’s not like it has been decided, but even if our work related to Girls’ Generation ends, I think we will still be together for a long time. For example, even if we marry and have kids, we will meet at a café… It’s because Girls’ Generation is like family.”

Their humbleness and the strength of their solidarity is definitely one of the reasons why Girls’ Generation stands at the top.

“We are forever Girls’ Generation”

This happened when Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Sooyoung appeared on the popular variety program corner, “Radio Star,” of “Kang Ho Dong’s Star Battle Golden Fishery,” where former Korea’s sumo grand champion, Kang Ho Dong, acted as MC.

The 4 girls replied with a smile to Kang Ho Dong’s unkind questions, like “Is the rumor about throwing fanletters into the trash can true?”, “Sunny joined Girls’ Generation through connections?”, “How much money does Sooyoung’s rich father have?”, “Jessica has a lot of scandals, but what exactly happened?”

However, when asked “When are you not Girls’ Generation anymore,” Sooyoung’s expression completely changed. And she replied, “Even if we have our own separate activities, only speaking at that time, we are always together. For example, even if Girls’ Generation disbands, we are forever Girls’ Generation.”

While listening to Sooyoung’s powerful comment, Jessica, Tiffany and Sunny were quiet and nodded their heads many times.

Allowing peeping photos, the member’s bond?

Despite that all the members of Girls’ Generation are in their 20’s, while talking, when the words “boyfriend,” “date,” or “kiss” comes up, they get excited.

When Jessica and Sunny appeared on the variety show, “Strong Heart,” Sunny talked about an abnormal side of Jessica.

This is about when all the members were moving to a filming location by bus. Jessica, who witnessed a couple holding each other and kissing, reported to the other members, “Look at that!” The other members bashfully closed their eyes, but only Jessica was largely excited.

However, that was not Jessica’s only abnormal episode.

One day, when Sunny was changing in the dressing room, she heard the shutter go off. It was Jessica taking a peeping photo of Sunny changing!

Confused, Sunny pushed Jessica to delete the photo, Jessica didn’t saying, “It’s a treasured memory, so I won’t delete it.”

Hearing that she even said it was a “treasured memory,” Sunny couldn’t blame Jessica even more. Knowing the strength of the bond between the members, this was a heart-warming episode in an unusual way.

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