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[FAN ACCNT] Various Soshi Fan & Staff Accounts from 2007-2010

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Posted 03 December 2010 - 03:55 AM

Sep 2010 Fan account

Because of a mutual acquaintance I was able to have a meal with her yesterday!! Kekeke
I told her I'm her fan and she gladly gave me an autograph
When I talked to her she was so down-to-earth unlike what I expected, I am so fond of her!
Such clear face and skin...>.< kekeke

She said after dinner they are leaving for abroad.. I wanted to see her leave off at the airport
While waiting for the meal she was looking at something on her phone and I asked her what it was
It was some preview for a movie, and she said she and the members are going to see The Borrowers and also Snow Flower and the Secret Fan when it comes out.
Such a sonyuh-like sensibilities she is too cute... I wanted to say I want to tag along.. but I thought of my age...
So kind and so not celebrity-like, she is lovely!! Who was she? Hehe It was Taeyeon!!



Sep 2010 Eyebis visit fan accounts digest

- Taeyeon's mom is really beautiful, and she is very eloquent and she is just like Taengoo in many ways!! When I told her about it she said she knows and when she is with Taengoo at home they would use with each other Jeonju dialects like "Ulleh? (Oh what?)" kekekeke

- Taeyeon and Hayeon are very close and Hayeon is mature like how Taeyeon was when little~ But Taeyeon can be strict with her sister, from maybe loving her sister too much sometimes~ Heh

- We saw Taeyeon's dad for just a little bit and Taeyeon's mom told us how much Taeyeon's dad loves Taeyeon, so much that mom worries for him sometimes^^ Dad told us he is relieved that even though there can be hardships and antis out there, there are fans like us to love and support his daughter.

- We made a special book of Chin Chin Taeyeon quotes that we collected over the years. We gave copies as presents to Taeyeon's parents and they told us they are so moved by it so it made us feel even more happy^^ Taeyeon's dad told us he is really impressed and he will get Taeyeon to sign a copy of this book for us!

- A while ago when Taeyeon had the eye infection Taeyeon's mom went up to Seoul for two days to look after Taeyeon.. She was able to feed Taeyeon some homemade cooking and they went by the Han riverside and had mom and daughter talks.

- Taeyeon's mom told us stories of how she raised her children. When guiding them she didn't say "Just do this because it's good for you." Instead she would say "If you do this there are such and such good things about it but there are also these bad things about it too. You can think about it for two days then you can make your decision... But once you make up your mind you should be determined for it." Taeyeon's mom expressed regret that her method may not always be the best. For example Taeyeon didn't learn an instrument when younger. Mom said Taeyeon once joked to her that "Mom you should have spanked and forced me to learn an instrument when I was young!"

- Since the family members are not all living together Taeyeon's mom acts as the bridge between family members. And mom also acts as the bridge between Taeyeon and her fans, by telling Taeyeon about stories of her fans who come visit Eyebis~. Because of this Taeyeon has come to understand her fans better and she has opened herself up more to fans now and does her 200% when she is at fan signings for example TT TT TT

- Taeyeon's mom made for us some ice coffee so tasty, we were praising her and we commented that Taengoo's cooking skills may not be as good as mom's. Then she told us that since little Taeyeon would follow her around whenever she was doing something like cooking or doing make up, trying to take a peek over her shoulder and wanting to try doing it kekeke. When they go to BBQ restaurants Taeyeon's mom would take over the BBQ grill and Taengoo grew up watching her like that so Taengoo now does the same, taking over the BBQ grill holding BBQ tongs in her hands kekeke. I can imagine Taengoo doing that when she dines with the members kekeke

- And Taeyeon's mom told us about Taeyeon's legendary Moonlight performance. She said Taeyeon wore a white dress and singing under the stage light she was so beautiful. Listening to her in the audience the whole family became teary. Mom said it still gives her chills just talking about it. But she doesn't have a recorded video of it kekeke TT TT TT TT TT

- Taeyeon's mom always tells Taeyeon that she should always try to become a higher level singer with class and dignity, a singer who won't make her fans feel ashamed. So this is where it came from, when Taeyeon talked before about becoming a singer who wont ever make her fans feel ashamed.

- Mom also told the girls, "You girls can change a person's life and you can influence someone's dream so you cannot do this halfheartedly. Always do your best." And Taengoo said "Yes. It has become more and more important."

- Taeyeon's mom told us how diverse SNSD's fans are.. She said she always tells Taeyeon that the girls' fans are so diverse the girls should really be thankful for this fortune. She said the girls do know this very well and are indeed very thankful...

- And Taeyeon's mom said "I don't know how these nine different girls got together and became complete as one... It must be destiny."

cr:gogogo, michigetdabyuldeula, ujuchoigoleader@bestiz, dp


2010.08.23 Eyebis visit fan account

I prepared a present which was Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum for Taeyeon's sister Hayeon. We bought some other presents and we left for Jeonju. When we arrived at Eyebis there were Taeyeon's parents and her uncle.
We gave the presents and Taeyeon's mom was very happy with Hayeon's present so it made me feel great. We sat there talking with Taeyeon's mom and she was so eloquent, she could talk without making people bored. I was impressed and understood that it is no wonder Taeyeon does so good as radio DJ.

Taeyeon’s mom said she went to the SMTown concert.
We talked a lot about the concert, and among them I’ll tell you a touching story..
The heat was sweltering at the SMTown concert.. And Taeyeon’s mom messaged Taeyeon.
“It is so hot isn’t it too hard for you to sing and dance on the stage?”
And Taeyeon replied “We can at least go backstage where it’s cool and get rest. But the fans have to stay and watch in the heat.. It’s not me mom.. but it’s the fans who have it hard..”
... How can Taeyeon be so thoughtful... We were all moved and were speechless. I thought it must be Taeyeon's mom's proper upbringing that is the basis for Taeyeon's leadership over the nine members of SNSD.

And she told us about the two international fans who came to visit. A 30 year old fan from Taiwan. And a 25 year old Japanese fan who came to Jeonju on a bicycle starting from Pusan, pedaling all the way in hot weather for 4 days. Their stories were touching. The two fans who are unfamiliar with Korea, who can't speak Korean very well, they met at this shop and would have a great time sharing stories about SNSD. Taeyeon's mom gave them Taeyeon-signed eyeglass wiping cloths. Taeyeon's dad gave 4 Taeyeon photos to each of them. Taeyeon's parents then left for Seoul to attend the SMTown Concert and when they came back they found an envelop. Inside there were 2 Taeyeon photos and a letter from the Japanese fan which said "A tasty meal is more delicious when it is shared. If I take all 4 photos then I might be taking away pleasures of others behind me... so I will only take 2 today. Thank you." The international fan was so thoughtful...

Time flied so fast talking with Taeyeon's mom we talked for hour and a half. We didn't want to be any more nuisance so we said goodbye and Taeyeon's mom gave us some presents. A cushion and a blanket with Eyebis logo on them. My heart was full as I walked out of the shop.



Aug 2010 Phuket staff account

Staff A: Do these girls still have things left to talk about after hanging around together all day... They retired early tonight saying they're going to have some talk time...

(The whole staff had received wine room service courtesy of SNSD on the first day in Phuket. And they received some present again this night.)

Staff B: After the wines it's dark chocolates today from the girls which is good cure for fatigue... They're shouting goodnight now, such cheerful and considerate girls~

Staff B: "Oh what the.. I've tried cacao 99% but this is even more bitter, it's like the taste of bitter life, oh darn these pranksters again kekekeke"

Staff A: "You should have become wary when you saw the fake packaging and what they wrote on it heh.. Bunch of letters written badly like my little nephew wrote it... I was gonna ask who's writing that was~ These girls are like real human kids..

Staff B: They had told me the packaging got lost, what a scam this is keke

Overheard by a staff when the girls were saying their final words on the last day in Phuket

"We are so happy because we are here together in this moment. Here we made memories only for us that we will never forget... Let's hold our hands tightly together and march ahead again like there is no tomorrow!"


2010.09.08 Fan account

I went to a musical reception last night, there were many foreigners there.
... I met this black gentleman who was a choreographer from Chicago... We were talking about various things then he said he wanted to see some kpop dancing...
So I showed him SNSD RDR and Genie that I had on my cellphone...
And he was really surprised...
Using words like 'powerful', 'harmony',... and the word 'defined', which I didn't understand...
He said for young women to be able to execute this kind of choreography is surprising and fantastic...
He told me he hasn't seen that many groups who can dance as consummately...
I told him they are the number one female group in Korea...
I felt proud inside...



2010.07.19 SBS staff account

The Soshi girls are mentally strong and prepared. The program writers would compliment on how amazing they are like that. The PDs love the girls, they are always eager to do more than asked. The excellence of the girls' work ethics and attitude is like second to none.



June 2010 Domino Pizza CF shoot fan account

The set wasn't that big so the girls were gathered at one place and right beside me were Tiffany and Sooyoung.. hehe so wonderful. The girls are really courteous and their teamwork was just the greatest. People there were complimenting the girls for being so courteous, I felt really great hehe.



March 2010 Witness account at a restaurant

My friend said hey that's Taeyeon so I looked... and also IU was in front of her!
IU was continually chattering away and Taeyeon was just listening kekekeke
I'm not their fan but they were cute kekekeke

Taeyeon paid for the bill and they shoulder hugged each other as they walked out kekeke
Taeyeon was really unnie-like kekeke
They say when you meet celebrities you become more fond of them and that's true keke
Have these two always been close?



Feb 2010 staff account

For this scene the members had to sit on chairs but one chair was missing
Yoona asked the director "Director, I don't have a chair~"
The director told her "Yoona you don't have to be in this shot"
Yoona: "Oh ok then I'll go there and play some games" then she went to the side and played games on her phone

After the shooting ended the members called "Yoona, let's go~" But Yoona was lost in games
So I tap her and said "Don't work too hard!"
Then Yoona smiled "Yes~ Thank you~ Hehe" then she left keke. An angel



Feb 2010 Staff account

I remember one year ago I was on my way to interview SNSD for Arena magazine. I was to interview Tiffany.
When I arrived at the set there wasn't really enough time left. When the girls showed up they yelled "Hello!" in such a loud voice that it startled me.
... I remember Tiffany saying she didn't get to do much when she went to US to meet her family and that she has maintained an expenses ledger for a long time. Not really fluent in Korean, Tiffany was slowly and clearly enunciating every little word and randomly it occurred to me that her nickname 'Fany Fany Tiffany' had a good ring to it.
... when the shoot was over and the members were leaving I had to notice Tiffany. Because she was saying "You've worked so hard today thank you" to every staff and looking directly into their eyes each time. Suddenly I felt that this little lady was like an earnest student. I realized that she would look at you in the eyes when she was talking to you, when she was being questioned and when she was answering, like an earnest student...



Jan 2010 Inkigayo Fan account

Taeyeon was mumbling to herself on stage
"I have thin hair"
She kept saying "I have thin hair it's too thin" kekekeke
I thought she was speaking to herself but then she started whining to us fans about how she has such thin hair kekekekeke



2010 Staff account at Innisfree company meeting

The crowd was all older ajummas and Yoona with her innocent smile she yelled "Innisfree hwaiting!"
She turned to leave but then timidly turned back around and spoke into mic, "And us SNSD too!"
So all the branch owners shouted for her SNSD hwaiting! Yoona hwaiting! Kekekekekeke
Yoona never forgets to promote SNSD anywhere she goes keke



July 2010 fan account

The way the PD was describing the girls it was just like how the girls were on GGTS. Some celebrities are not exactly like what they seem on screen but the girls behave just like how they are known. And no insiders saying anything bad about them. Oh and he said among the PDs Seohyun was really adored.



Nov 2009 Fan account at Goobne CF shooting

4 months ago it was already decided that I could attend the Goobne CF shoot as an observer but at the time I was not interested in SNSD. But by the time October came I had become a fan. And watching the Taeyeon WGM wedding episode with the girls my eyes became fixed on Sunny, who was so beautiful and doll like.

When I arrived on the set the first member I saw was Hyoyeon. Her eyes were so clear and deep, she looked so cute with such baby looking face...We sat on the stairs and watched the shooting...

... after the main shooting we were able to take some pictures with the girls... Sunny being near me... but I couldn't look at her I froze up... When the girls walked away after taking the pics I called Sunny who was walking to the waiting room

... I told her "I am your fan Sunny, I have some presents for you"
Sunny: "Yes? Wah omo really? Thank you~"
Sooyoung passes by and comments "Hey good for you Sunny~", in a tone that shows how she adores Sunny.

While members were shooting their individual scenes on stage the rest of the members were gathered up facing Taeyeon, they were discussing something making different gestures. I'm not sure what they were discussing so seriously there but come to think of it now they must have been talking about their solo concert preparations... Tiffany was the one who continued to cheer and shout Hwaiting! to members shooting their scenes on stage

... I approached them and said "Uh.. this is a present for you SNSD girls.."
The girls look at me curiously and I panic, the girls said something but I can't remember...
I told them it's a poster and the girls said Thank you. I look at Taeyeon and said "I should have framed it..."
Taeyeon answered "Hohoho no it's ok~ Thank you~"

When I came back to my seat and looked at the girls they were staring at my poster. They seemed to love it and I felt so great, they were saying something like,
"... let's put it up in my room"
"... no your room has got many already... should be in my room.."
Hearing this I felt so happy TT

Sica was playing with the poster tube cover on the floor making faces... I can't express how great I felt, and so fascinating. They must get lots of great presents and yet they can be so happy with a poster, which isn't anything special, just picture of the girls... meanwhile the girls started to fool around with the bubble wrap I used for the poster, they were popping the bubbles.. Have these girls decided to make me lose my mind with happiness? It can't be that they're playing around like that just for me is it... I couldn't believe how happy I was..

Sunny came out of waiting room,
Taeyeon: "Hey Sunny what did you do? You should have played with me"
Sunny: "Oh.. I took a quick nap in the waiting room ^^' "
Sunny, Tiffany and Taeyeon would fool around hitting and hugging each other, then Sunny and Taeyeon does some cute dancing together... even that cute little dance was so slick like pros.. Wow Dandyu performance..

It was time for us to leave and as I started to walk out I watched Yoona pulling on Taeyeon's hood and doing aegyoes on her unnies, such a pleasant looking scene. Then Tiffany and Sooyoung were walking in front of me, so without even realizing I greeted and told them "I hope the rest of the shooting goes well."
And the two girls would reply "Thank you~ Goodbye~ ^^" in such a pleasant way.
The girls were so kind.
As we left the set we slowly returned back to the real world.



Sep 2009 Samyang employee account

Unlike normal process of CF models being suggested by the ad agency, Samyang corporation specifically requested SNSD to be used as the CF model for the Samyang CF. At the CF shoot, some Samyang company employees went to the set pretending to be set staff. Even the Samyang company vice president and the company director went to see the CF shoot. The company director is said to be Tiffany fan.

cr: Samyang


2009.08.11 Fan account

I live in the US and I'm close with many professional singers here. One singer is a world famous opera singer, though she is retired now. She visited our home recently with her daughters. Her daughters were interested in SNSD and my daughter herself is a fan of SNSD. So we played SNSD songs and I became curious. How would a world class opera singer think of SNSD's singing?

So I showed her the Music Travel LaLaLa segment with SNSD. She was quite into watching it. And she rated the members and she picked Jessica as her favorite.

She said Jessica's sound is unimpeded, Jessica knows how to produce the voice and has a pretty voice color so Jessica was the best for her. She said that even to an opera singer's ears Jessica sings very well.. Especially her high tones are done well.

And Taeyeon got good marks. She praised that Taeyeon knows those ways to sing a song, that her song is sung very well.

For Seohyun she said she can feel that there is a careful approach in her singing. Seohyun can especially do well with providing harmony she said.

And she said Sunny knows how to sing the song in a way that makes it more appealing, that Sunny is a good singer with good techniques. In short a singer who knows how to sing in a beautiful way.

Unfortunately because things came up we couldn't get to Tiffany. I will ask her next time. I didn't expect a professional opera singer to rate idol singers so well but she really praised them. SNSD's singing is approved even by a world class opera singer~ keke



2009 Fan account

I worked as a staff at this event...
Before the event started I had to go to the restroom..
I didn't go to the public restroom but the one by the waiting rooms...
I thought just maybe in there could be.... then I went in and oh my...
It was real. The girls. They were in there brushing their teeth... kekekeke
I panicked and went into a stall..
They looked at me and they continued on with brushing their teeth...

But.. you know how you cannot "do the work" when you are wary of someone outside?
And with the girls brushing teeth outside kekeke
So I just come out of the stall...
... I just washed my hands proudly, taking a peek at them in the mirror keke
Then I left TT
I regret not talking to them but later I got to prepare the mics for them so.. keke

Anyway it was fun... not all members were there, I think only the short ones..;;
But the girls... even while brushing they were chattering on and on such noisy girls.... kekekekeke
Later in the waiting room they were again so noisy..kekekekeke



2009 Fan account

After that photoshoot for Genie the girls had meal at this restaurant. While other members were eating Taeyeon didn't eat and waited for Tiffany. When Tiffany came Taeyeon ordered and split a bowl of jjajang noodles with Fany.
(*jjajang = Chinese-Korean black bean sauce)



2009 Music show fan account

The waiting time is long in music shows so there's lots of time backstage
During the waiting I saw Tiffany collecting other girl group members in the hallway and they were chatting and chatting away... They should make her a recreation leader.
She was saying how she had some IV drips yesterday... about her throat condition.. and some other stuff...
Anyway Fany's sociable nature is really amazing.

Also when I was passing by their waiting room the door opened suddenly.
And Yuri jumped out then when she saw me she instantly bowed to me. So I startle and bowed in return
Peeking through the door the girls were laughing and playing around and were singing ITNW... why that song when they are promoting Gee? I guess that song is the girls' favorite.



2008 SBS Miracle Fighter Staff account

SNSD Taeyeon...
Taeyeon's reactions are really an art...
I've seen it on many shows...
For each program aside from the scripts, reactions... are really important...
With the right expression a situation can become more dramatic...
Every each moment Taeyeon can really express her honest reactions so freely...
When she laughs it becomes more fun when she is surprised it becomes more surprising...
Her expressions make you feel so great...


2008 Fan account

So I went to Inki gayo for the Kissing You stage
I was eating at the restaurant inside the SBS building kekeke
Then Sica and Seohyun came in and bought sandwiches, and Sica asked the clerk if the sandwich had any cucumbers in it kekekeke
So they leave then suddenly Tiffany came in kekeke
Since this is SBS restaurant there were PDs and staff dining here..
As soon as she came in Tiffany would start bowing to all sides with loud greetings kekekeke
She is so bright and courteous...
Wearing sweats with some furry ornaments Tiffany was like a bunny kekeke So cute...



2007 Staff account by a magazine editor

My latest editor assitant job was for the SNSD shoot. Before the shoot I was pressured by the chief editor to learn SNSD profiles and watch all their debut stages before joining the shoot. The sunbae who accompanied me was going wild saying how pretty SNSD girls were. Dear friend you are 28 years old calm down.

Anyway I arrive on the set, I work on some things and I was getting ready to bite into a sandwich when the girls rushed in. Thump thump thump thump wallop.
Yup the good times of youth. The girls are laughing and being boisterous as if everything they see around them is funny.

The problem is now starting. After consulting and confirming with the stylist I have these outfits that I need to have them wear now, but hey girls is your manager starving you or something?
Everyone has waists like 23, 24 inches, some girl is tall with only 22 waist.
The outfits are all loose so we fix them with pins then we put them aside then work on make up and hair.
Everytime I meet their eyes they'll start smiling. Hey no smiling this is a hard work for me you kids.

After make up, hairs and outfits I'm done with my duty, then I do my next job of ordering the meal. There's total of around 50 people here with all the staff. Variety in the menu. The staff chose dumplings and seaweed rolls and the girls picked variety of foods. Mixed veg rice, soups, sushi, spicy rice cakes. And I don't remember exactly but the tallest member the one who was articulate wanted a pork cutlet so I ordered that for her. Then she asked me again to confirm if it was the king-size. Yeah girl, it is the king-size.

So after the meal it was individual photoshoot session then everything ended.
When I worked with models older than me I had to flatter them and do their chores which I understood as being part of work but with these kids it felt like I became a kindergarten teacher.



An account from when Taeyeon was an SM trainee

With a new floor mop, Taeyeon wore it on her head and said "Hey look I have a reggae hair" keke
There are lockers for trainees in the building, and the bigger ones you can fit inside if you are slim.
Taeyeon would get herself in there and yell "Help me I've been imprisoned!" kekeke

Compiled & Translated by: silis7noy2 @ SNSD Soompi Thread

Edited by BabyPrincess, 13 January 2011 - 10:10 AM.

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Posted 03 December 2010 - 04:41 AM

Thx for sharing with us here.
I've read on soompi.
Wow, those fanaccs prove that SNSD are still the girls that we have known since debut days~
Taengoo is still the same person that worries her members more than herself :)
Ahhh, too much to spazz, don't know what to spazz on XD
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silversasoriza silversasoriza
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 04:46 AM

wow amazing compilation!! the girls are so innocent and bright!! i think i just fell in love with them again XDD

thank you so much!!
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Riichiizzz Riichiizzz
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 05:09 AM

Nice! ty for the share!
I feel so proud of the girls when reading this
like to an extent of somewhere halfway down getting teary

The girls really know and cherish their ability to create happiness
I hope Soshi stays strong forever and forever
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 05:11 AM

Hi, thanks for the translation.
Through this fan and staff accounts, I can see why people are getting fonder of the girls.
I hope more people will continue to support them and not judge the book by its cover.
Hwaiting SNSD!
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 05:23 AM

thaks for sharing..
wow..our girls such a amazing..even before they debuted and now
become most famous female group in asia they stii down to earth and
always appriciate their fans..
I always love SOSHI...I also always will pray for SOSHI..
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 05:51 AM

Thanks for sharing. Feels like I am rereading one of the reasons why I love these 9 girls so much. They are just so amazing.
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 06:15 AM

OMIGOSH, thanks so much for sharing! Really proud to be a fan of these awesome girls! Haha Yoona suddenly yells Innisfree Hwaiting and SNSD too! And we all know Sooyoung needs her king-sized meal everyday XD
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 06:33 AM

These accounts were such a good read, you always know that the soshi bond is irreplaceable and the girls have hearts of gold, but each time you hear something new you just can't help but be awed by their sheer professionalism and their sincerity in everything that they do. It's so easy to overlook the little things, but I'm glad that as artistes, and us as fans are able to grow with bigger hearts and with bigger lessons learned. SNSD is awesome that way <3
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 06:33 AM

Reading these fan accounts made me smile actually. Also jealous those who met the girls before and talked to them. And i thought taeyeon's realationship with her sis must be not so good since taeyeon is always away from them. But i guess i was wrong, and makes me want to have a sisiter like her. If i have a chance, i will definitely visit taeyeon's parents. Her mom is really kind and tells alot of taeyeon's stories to those fans that she meet fr the first time!! ANd thanks for sharing because i know the real SNSD now....
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 06:54 AM

wow thank so much for sharing :D
I really enjoyed reading all these fan accs ;)
These fan's must have been really happy^^ I'm so jealous xD

Taeyeon’s mom said she went to the SMTown concert.
We talked a lot about the concert, and among them I’ll tell you a touching story..
The heat was sweltering at the SMTown concert.. And Taeyeon’s mom messaged Taeyeon.
“It is so hot isn’t it too hard for you to sing and dance on the stage?”
And Taeyeon replied “We can at least go backstage where it’s cool and get rest. But the fans have to stay and watch in the heat.. It’s not me mom.. but it’s the fans who have it hard..”

yayy... Taengoo is so kind-hearted, she always thinks of the fans first :D ahh taengoo jjang! ;)
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 06:56 AM

Thanks a ton for translating such a long compilation of fan accounts.
Taeyeon seems so down-to-earth! LOL
"I have thin hair!" It's alright Taengoo!, it's normal for an ahjummah to have thin hair lol jk

Don't worry Tae, you dyed your hair alot but since you cut your hair it should grow back well ^^
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GirlPowerJjang GirlPowerJjang
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:23 AM

So many fan accounts!
Wow, thanks for posting this up for us!

I enjoyed reading this alot! Haha, kindergarden kids.. I got that feeling from just watching 2 episodes of Hello Baby. Hahas.. Well, they're still 'kinda' young..

I like how those fan accounts not only mention the girls, but also the family members of the girls.

Their playful self, their enthusiasm, their kindness, their determination and passion, are some of the reasons why I became their fan, and these fan/staff accounts just made me like the girls more! Hahas...

SNSD Jjang! =)
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:29 AM

spazzing all the way... and still am LOL how can they be so cute omg ><
all so pure and kid-like girls kekekekekeeke omgomgomg SNSD i love you so much
thank you for translating (:
the 2007 account of a magazine director cracked me up hahaha
"the tall one asked for a king-size pork cutlet" LOL!!!!!! no doubt it's our ShikShin SooYoungie kekkeke
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:40 AM

they are still the same girls from the debut..

everyone loves them with full of heart...

this is the ultimate prize for hard working and keep your head down to the earth,and never feel arrogant..so in instant everyone will loves snsd even they are not a fan...

SNSD hwaiting..feel proud to be one of the SONE.
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Lyra Lora Lyra Lora
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:41 AM

Ty for sharing ^^

These girls are so down to earth!

Makes me to love them more :D

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lixian lixian
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 09:03 AM

I'm damn proud to be a sones. I think that's the only words I can say. There's nothing I could say anymore. The more I read the fan account the more I want to meet them someday even if it only once in a lifetime kekeke. They are really cute they who they are no matter in front of screen or not. XD
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credit to : roovette12

Jo-Fany Jo-Fany
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 09:10 AM

Thank you for putting these fan accounts, I really enjoyed reading them! ^^ They are really sweet and kind! So proud to a Sone! :D SNSD, saranghaeyo! ♥ :)
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deaglefrenzy deaglefrenzy
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 11:14 AM

Woww thank you! I enjoyed it a lot!
When we see the girls on stage they are goddesses
but in real life they are just dorky sonyus xD
love them a lot <3 <3 <3
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Kaye0810 Kaye0810
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Posted 03 December 2010 - 11:16 AM

This is just.. wow. Just reading this fan accounts makes me smile or even tear up. When I was reading this, the whole time, one thing came in my mind. Why do people hate them? They seem so true. Reading this article just proves it. This made me love them even more. And I'm so jealous of those people!!! OMG! Sometimes it makes me hopeless and depressed. LOL! HAHAHAHA! SNSD jjang! Hwaiting!!!!! :thumbup: OH, and thank you for sharing this! :yes:

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