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[OTHERS] SONE ROOM Q&A2015.5.28-2015.6.15 Everyone

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Posted 15 June 2015 - 04:59 PM


Q1: I get really excited when I go to a SNSD concert. When do the members get excited?


Q2: Who is the best at bowling? I believe that Yuri or Hyoyeon would be the best?!


Q3: Great job at GIRLS’ GENERATION “THE BEST LIVE” at TOKYO DOME!! Also, thank you very much!! Please tell us how it feels to safely finish that concert!


Q4: Is there a Japanese food that you must have when you come to Japan?



A1: We get the most excited before a concert when the music plays backstage and when we dance and sing together.


A2: It was a long time ago when we went bowling so I don’t remember it well, but Hyoyeon likes bowling and Tiffany is also good at it. I believe I was pretty good at it too back then (laughs)


A3: I feel honored to have stood onstage at Tokyo Dome and it was a very happy day. I’m very thankful to all the fans who came. Above all, we are overjoyed that the Tokyo Dome concert concluded successfully.


A4: Sushi and curry rice, and also tonkatsu* sandwich.


*tonkatsu is a deep fried, breaded pork cutlet



A1: We get really excited during a concert! Especially when we’re onstage and communicate with all the fans, that’s when I get the most excited.


A2: All the members are good so it’s hard to choose just one member. But this time, I’ll say it out straight. I’m the worst! (laughs)


A3: It’s a venue that seemed like a dream since our Japan debut, so at first I couldn’t believe it. It’s all because of the support from all the fans that we were able to realized it. Even preparing for the concert was so much fun and I was very happy! Then, on the day of the concert we and the fans communicated with each other, and when I try to look back at all the memories until now, it was really a meaningful time.


A4: Hitsumabushi*! Sushi! And I also love sesame dressing and tofu!


*grilled eel over steamed rice



A1: When we go to Disneyland! When we go to Universal Studios Japan! When we go to a store with cute and delicious desserts! When we listen to lively music! When we do things that we like, such as go to a pet shop, we get excited! Among all that, the time when we get the most excited is when we’re with everyone at a concert ^^


A2: Hyoyeon! There was a time when I went with Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Tiffany, but we were all around the same level~


A3: When I think about it even now, it’s really an unforgettable memory to the point when my heart beats faster. To all the fans, thank you very much.


A4: I like teppanyaki*. Also, I love ice cream and I look forward to when there’s new flavors♪


*dishes cooked on an iron plate



A1: We get really excited when we chat amongst ourselves, when we go to amusement parks, when we go for recordings, and when we go on tours.


A2: Everyone’s not that great at bowling… I think.


A3: It feels like I had a great dream. And it’s one that I want to dream again!


A4: I have to have milk tea, Japanese fruits, and ice cream.



A1: It`s definitely during a concert when we get excited. As for personally speaking, whenever I have some caffeine. However, I do have to be careful to not consume too much caffeine ^^


A2: I think it’s probably Yuri who likes exercises like bowling and yoga.


A3: I don’t think I can ever forget the pink ocean that happened during the tokyo dome. Thank you very much to the fans that helped to create such unforgettable memories.


A4: Maybe pork cutlet sandwiches~ Originally, I really like meat, but in Korea they don’t really put cutlets with bread, so the first time I ate it I was really surprised.



A1: We get excited when we sing and dance together, and when we see venues of pink oceans.


A2: I think it’s Yoona. My ability changes depending on the day.


A3: I’m happy that the Tokyo Dome concert that we’ve always dreamed of concluded without a problem. I was worried and nervous while preparing for the concert, but the moment I got onstage was so moving and I got goosebumps. Also, when the concert ended and I got off stage, I was happy and cried. I believe it’s all thanks to the many fans’ support that we were able to have such a great performance.


A4: I love Japan’s ramen so I absolutely have to eat ramen when I come to Japan. If you know a delicious restaurant, please recommend it to me ^^



A1: Of course, we’re most excited during a concert. Especially when we stand on stage we get excited, but because we get too nervous, on the contrary we’re the most excited right before we get on stage and do our chant. When we sang ‘Reflection’ at Tokyo Dome, it was very fun.


A2: Hyoyeon. She likes bowling and often goes to bowling alleys. She always gets a good score. She probably knows how to skillfully throw the ball~ I also like bowling, but I’m not good at it so I don’t really go...


A3: Even now I look back on the Tokyo Dome concert. As I thought, that time was like a dream. Also, I brought home the T-shirt that I wore during the encore. When I see that T-shirt, I remember the time at Tokyo Dome! Then I get energized ^^ I feel proud to be an artist who stood onstage at Tokyo Dome.


A4: I have to have sushi! Before, I was the type not to spend money on food, but since I’ve come to like sushi I eat it even if it is expensive. I believe I get happy when I eat delicious foods, so it’s not a waste of money. Also, recently I’ve been hooked on yuzukoshou*. When I go to a Japanese restaurant to eat, I always ask for it.


*a type of Japanese seasoning



A1: I also get excited when I’m at the concert! My heart pounds the most when the opening song starts to play~ I think it is because of that energy I can do my best while having fun all the way to the end!


A2: I think everyone’s skill level is about the same, but among all of us, if I had to choose, I think it would be Hyoyeon~. And when Yoona is having a good day, she won’t lose to anyone! (laughs)


A3: Even now I still haven’t forgotten my feelings and impressions from that time. If the opportunity comes up, I want to stand on the Tokyo Dome stage one more time!


A4: When I visit Japan I have to have ramen! I have lots of other foods I like [to eat], but Japanese ramen is not something that I can easily savor in Korea, so when I go to Japan, I will eat ramen. ^^


Translation by: arghninja@soshified.com, redsunset@soshified.com, taengsion@soshified.com, SeraphKY@soshified.com


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chibisara chibisara
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Posted 17 June 2015 - 11:43 PM

Thank you for these translations! It's so nice to see that they answer questions from some of their Japanese fans. It really makes that fan club worth it.

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naxiiz naxiiz
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Posted 30 July 2015 - 06:51 AM

Thanks a lot for these translations! 





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maritashae maritashae
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Posted 21 September 2017 - 01:21 AM

thanks for the translations! really appreciate it for my untalented one language speaking self lol
it's nice to see how each girl has their similarities and differences even being together for such a long time
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