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Hey there writer-noona^^ Just dropped by to tell you that I loved every word of your two fanfics, though they made my heart bleed at times. I'm glad to see you're updating again :) Every free moment I got this week, I would snuggle into my bed, blanket wrapped around myself, listening to Damien Rice with a glass of Redwine in my hand and your fanfic displayed on my LED TV^^ Love your writing and your unique style, hoping that you'll find the time to update regularly again. I ho...
Dec 29 2012 05:52 AM
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    wow you read the fic on a LED TV? haha I tried it once but the characters were so small my eyes wanted to bleed lol Thanks for sharing your unique reading pose, I can totally imagine you (though I don't know your face) doing this =) I'm trying to find time so I can finish FMW. It's about time that fic has an ending =P
    Mar 14 2013 07:18 AM