Taeyeon Interacts with Fans on Instagram
Posted by moonrise31 on February 26th, 2016
taeyeon rain was too depressing

On February 25th, Taeyeon posted a photo and began to interact with fans in the comment section. The original replies are listed below, with the English translations in italics. Subsequent related posts are also included. Taeyeon: 레인포스터 넘 우울해서 바꿨어요 (Rain poster was too depressing so I changed it) Taeyeon: 얼른 씩고자라 (Wash up quickly […]

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PlayDB Interviews Seohyun about ‘Mamma Mia!’
Posted by moonrise31 on January 14th, 2016
seohyun 1

“Being Wrecked? I’m Good at It!” Seohyun Transformed into Sophie, who Searches for her Dad in “Mamma Mia!” Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is looking for “Dad”. As a well-made jukebox musical that incorporates the group ABBA’s hit songs, [“Mamma Mia!”‘s] popularity domestically has not cooled off, and has been performed since 2004. On stage in February […]

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Cosmopolitan Features Hyoyeon for Photoshoot and Interview
Posted by bhost909 on December 19th, 2015

The website of Cosmopolitan Korea recently featured Hyoyeon and Rebecca Louise, an exercise, nutrition, and fitness personality, for an interview. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and Rebecca Louise, who is most famous for the Miley Cyrus exercise, met. The common thread between the two people, who are becoming healthier and even prettier on a daily basis, are […]

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Sunny Talks with Fans on Instagram
Posted by bhost909 on December 5th, 2015

( Go watch bank president Sunny’s inaugural ceremony~ #SunnyBank) Sunny: 사진이 약간 여름 느낌이긴 하다..ㅋㅋ (The photo feels a bit like summer..ㅋㅋ) Sunny: 써니 뱅크에 오시면 이런 행장 만나실 수 있습니다 찡끗 ^.~ (If you come to Sunny Bank, you can meet a bank president like this, wink ^.~) Sunny: 일단 이름부터 대박감 아닙니까 녜녜 […]

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‘BEAUTY+’ Magazine Features Tiffany for a Photoshoot and Interview
Posted by bhost909 on November 28th, 2015

Tiffany said this. ‘I think pink has become a color that shows my identity.’ Ahead of <‘BEAUTY+’>’s 2015 year-end edition’s cover shoot, dozens of images she sent were full of pink. A woman who is hugging a pink colored teddy bear while wearing a cream pink fur coat, a woman who matched her pastel pink […]

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Yuri Talks with Fans on Instagram
Posted by bhost909 on October 26th, 2015

On the night of October 25th, Yuri uploaded a photo of her dog, DooE, onto Instagram and began talking to fans in the photo’s comment section. The photo is captioned, “Sunday #DOOE”. Yuri: 우리 얘기하자 ..^^ 모여봐바.. 나 잠이 또 안오는거 같애 (Let’s chat..^^ Gather around.. I don’t think I can sleep again) Yuri: […]

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