Girls’ Generation Members Post Thankful Messages for ‘THE BEST LIVE’ Concert at Tokyo Dome
Posted by bhost909 on December 18th, 2014

On December 17th, the members of Girls’ Generation posted several photos on the group’s official website with messages conveying their appreciation to their fans for the recent Tokyo Dome Concert. [From Taeyeon] — Being able to perform at the Tokyo Dome.. Because it isn’t a common opportunity, all the members promised to enjoy it to the […]

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Naver Starcast Recaps Girls’ Generation’s ‘THE BEST LIVE’ Concert at Tokyo Dome
Posted by bhost909 on December 12th, 2014

[Starcast] “‘Wall You Can’t Overcome’ Girls’ Generation Is Doing Well” The Moments Of the First Tokyo Dome ‘2014, many different things that happened, but we’re really happy to have been able to end this year with good people here. We won’t be able to forget 2014. Thank you’. The last words at Girls’ Generation’s first […]

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modelpress Reports on Girls’ Generation’s ‘THE BEST LIVE’ Concert
Posted by moonrise31 on December 11th, 2014
snsd the best modelpress

Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation, held their first solo Tokyo Dome concert, “GIRLS’ GENERATION ‘THE BEST LIVE’ at TOKYO DOME”, where about 50,000 fans were caught up in a whirlpool of frenzied excitement. Great excitement of the long-cherished Tokyo Dome concert Having debuted in Japan about four and a half years ago in August 2010, […]

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Sohu Fashion Interviews Jessica
Posted by moonrise31 on December 11th, 2014
jessica sohu

Sohu Fashion: Hey, Jessica. First let’s say hello to all of our Sohu Fashion friends. Jessica: Hello friends of Sohu Fashion, I’m Jessica. Sohu Fashion: Is this your first time in Shanghai? What do you think of this city? Jessica: I’ve been to Shanghai before, but last time I didn’t have the opportunity to walk […]

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Yoona Posts Photo and Message After Returning from Beijing: ‘This is Im PangPang~’
Posted by kt9823 on December 1st, 2014

On November 30th, Yoona posted a photo and message on Girls’ Generation’s official website after arriving back in Korea. This past weekend, Girls’ Generation held its Beijing stop for the “2014 Girls’ Generation 1st FANS PARTY”. [From Yoona]: This is Im PangPang¹~ I returned safely from the fanmeet~ Thanks to all the SONEs still cheering […]

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Girls’ Generation Posts Photos from ‘2014 Girls’ Generation 1st FANS PARTY’: ‘Thank You♥’
Posted by kt9823 on November 26th, 2014

On November 26th, two new photos of Girls’ Generation from the Nanjing and Chongqing stops of the “2014 Girls’ Generation 1st FANS PARTY” were uploaded onto the group’s official website. More pictures from the Nanjing event on November 21st and Chongqing fanmeet on November 22nd can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section. A short message […]

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